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Very Interesting Video Clips

NASA Shuttle &
Apollo Missions

Many of the sts video series were originally brought to the web by Tom King & Bill Hamilton. Visit the Great Quotes Section for some great NASA & Political figures quotes

sts-48.JPG (10783 bytes) STS-48, the Space Shuttle Discovery September 15,
1991. A UFO appears just above the Earth's atmosphere and does a sharp angle turn when something appears to be shooting at it. This clip is the most famous of all NASA UFO video and broke the story of whats going on with these NASA videos. This is a good one! NASA tried to say these are dust particle or waste particles.  After this video was captured, public transmissions during shuttle flights was terminated.
Video is available on line ! Just Click the image !
sts48b.JPG (5889 bytes) UFO footage from STS-48 mission again, taken aboard the  Space Shuttle Discovery  in September 1991. A dramatic piece of shuttle footage. Several UFOs are seen moving about the atmosphere at great speed and what appears to be weapons fire, is seemingly directed toward  them. One even appears to be hit in some of the better generation video tapes of this event. Is this a secret Star Wars test? Check out this excellent footage!

Video is available on line ! Just Click the image !

sts51a.JPG (7447 bytes) UFO video from Space Shuttle Discovery STS-51a on November 14, 1984. A strange silver sphere passes by the Shuttles videocamera.This is just an insight into what is going on above our own planet. These sphere type objects seem to be turning up quite a lot in the recent NASA shuttle videos and still remain unexplained to date.

Video is available on line ! Just Click the image !
sts80.JPG (4157 bytes) NASA footage from the space shuttle Columbia during mission STS-80 above the Earth during a thunderstorm.Day 13 of the Mission on December the 1st 1996. There are well over a dozen or more "unknown" objects in this video, objects that don't appear to be city lights, stars, or satellites. There's also over a dozen objects that streak by the camera.There is one very predominant object in the video that is the "main object" of the video as others appear to come and go. Objects can be seen cruising below the clouds, rising up from the clouds, spheres of light changing shape and color, streaks or "rods" of light cruising very close by the camera, UFOs traveling thousands of MPH in orbit, objects entering the Earth's atmosphere from deep space. It is all most bizarre and NASA have kept pretty quiet about the whole thing. This is the whole video of the event!

Video is available on line ! Just Click the image !
951008co.JPG (4171 bytes) Here is an interesting video depicting a strange pod
like ufo exhibiting errational behaviour.This clip was
recorded in 1993 in the Gulf Breeze area of Florida
and is just another in a long line of  anomalous ufo
videos to stem from Gulf Breeze over the last decade
.The clip has also been shown on cable TV nationwide
on the "UFO's Best Ever evidence Fox video." This object was also seen in Mexico 1993 and captured on the film "Messengers of  Destiny".

Video is available on line ! Just Click the image !
apollo16.JPG (6448 bytes) Film footage from Apollo16. A strange
saucer is captured on film while astronaut
John W. Young, is filming out the
window.  .This footage, if it is authentic,
is quite amazing. For some astonishing quotes from Nasa astronauts and government officials, go to Famous Quotes section !

Video is available on line ! Just Click the image !


billh1.JPG (5292 bytes) UFO video from Bill Hamilton (SKYWATCH) was recorded in California USA and filmed at night time with a NightVision camera. A UFO flys by a jet at high speed, it does a severe curve and must have taken several "Gs".This particular kind of footage is quite rare as night filming proves to be a difficult and costly process for the average ufo cameraman.

Video is available on line ! Just Click the image !


timnw.JPG (4909 bytes) Ah yes, the Salida Colorado video. Thanxz again Tim !
Read the entire encounter in the Salida Colorado Section.

Video is available on line ! Just Click the image !
tampaufo.jpg (11646 bytes) Tampa Home Video Shows Details
of Large Triangle Craft

Video is here


ovnibelg.jpg (8981 bytes) Read the  Belgium Section 

Read the Triangles Section

Here is some interesting footage of what appears to be the Belgian UFO encounter of  March 30-31,1990. The film shows clearly RAI UNO in left upper corner. this stands for italian television, first channel. as a result, the language spoken is Italian. During the footage there is a clear nightime clip of an anomalous Triangular shaped craft exibiting white lights on each tip and another in the centre of the craft. There is also some good footage of what appears to be one of the "Lock-on" incidents involving the scrambled F-16's which were sent to intercept the anomalous craft. This clip displays an object/target aquired through the Pilot's Heads up display Unit or H.U.D. and the whole incident was recorded on camera.

Video is available on line ! Just Click the image !


ufovideo.JPG (3670 bytes) Again,very little is known about this clip or the cameraman.The video itself is excellent footage and clearly shows an unidentified craft crossing the daytime sky.The UFO footage is believed to have been shot from a high mountain somewhere in Japan.
A similar object was also seen in Mexico 1993 and captured on the film "Messengers of   Destiny".

Video is available on line ! Just Click the image !


These Mexico clips are fromthe film "Messengers of  Destiny".   from Brit & Bret Elders. This was a great film & I highly recommend that you visit there site and get the videos
mexico.JPG (6904 bytes) Here is another video that was shot in Mexico.The date and location are unknown but the footage itself is quite stunning.The UFO is clearly seen to be passing by a small Mexican town at quite a low altitude, and must have been witnessed by many people as it glided smoothly across the daytime sky in full view.The video was previously presented for analysis by the Village Labs in the USA.

Video is available on line ! Just Click the image !
mexico2.JPG (9686 bytes) Determined to be a fake (Last I heard)
This  clip is broken :o(

Area 51

Many of these I would imagine can be explained as Military drones, balloons and test craft
Area 51   No Picture This is only 54k and is imediately available - No request needed

Video is available on line ! Just Click the image !
nellis.JPG (7486 bytes) This amazing video footage is alleged to have been leaked from the Area 51 secret  military base in Nevada,by a high ranking Military source who worked within the complex.The UFO was allegedly captured on Military cameras and shows the mysterious object to change shape and move around erratically.At one point,the object is seen to cover 13 miles in just 6 seconds,making extensive changes in velocity and performing manoeuvres that no aircraft, that we know of on this planet,are capable of doing even with today's technology. More can be found here
Here is another link on this image
Video is available on line ! Just Click the image !
Click here for the Sighting's" TV  original investigation of the UFO filmed over the Nellis Test Range in 1994
wasp1.JPG (6329 bytes) This strange looking device is the Williams Aeriel Space Platform or W.A.S.P for short. It was built and tested by the US Military in the 1980's. As of 1993 the wasp's maximum altitude was approx 10,000 feet. It is/was powered by a 500 kg thrust fanjet engine, General Dynamics or Westinghouse engine.Approx Speed  is/was 100 KM per hour (MANNED) & the unmanned, capabilities of the WASP remain classified.According to my sources it has over 16 varients to date.This footage is unbelievable and in my opinion the WASP could well explain a few ufo reports of the past .Take a look at the two mpeg videos of ufo's below this footage. Could these two ufo's below, be various forms of the wasp unmanned perhaps?  To listen to the audio file (.WAV) that accompanies this clip,
Video clip is broken
beard.JPG (5560 bytes) UFO daylight video from Roger Beard
filmed in Henderson Nevada, USA in 1991. Roger
tapes a dull silver oil drum type UFO hovering over
the city. It came back the next day and he continued
to tape it again.This is extremely rare footage of this
type of object. One of the best videos around and still remains unexplained.

Video is available on line ! Just Click the image !

hawk1.JPG (5707 bytes) UFO video recorded by Mike Hawkins at Redfish Florida.This video shows a very interesting drone type object  silently hovering over the Florida water. The tape says there was over 1 hour of footage of this thing.This particular clip is 25 seconds long, 2.4 MEG .This clip has also featured on the Fox video "UFO'S Best Evidence captured on tape" which has already been shown around the world.

Video is available on line ! Just Click the image !