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Below are two images I received in the mail. I am not a photo expert but they certainly seem to look like the UFO from
the Disney Video and the
Haines Vancouver Island case

UFO Photographs for your Web Site

             "Phil Cockram" <Phil@cockram2000.fsnet.co.uk>

Attached are two, pictures of a UFO.
I saw the object flying around my area in smooth movements, not making any noise and not 2
quickly a few years ago now.
I rushed out with my camera, and took a few photos. I told my relatives at the time but they just
said it was a baloon or plane!
But i was not certain so i followed it to the fields which are near a wood, where i took some more
as it passed over!
I chased it for about a mile, then as it flew into the distance i took a last few.
These amazing photos i still have in my possesion, iv never seen it since. No body really believes
me, but i dont care i know what i saw, and iv got evidence! Here are a few that iv scanned in of the
object. I have more if you want.  Let me know aht you think!
Many Thanks

Phil Cockram ( 21, British )


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