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blazcvt.jpg (3217 bytes) Investigation Casts Light on the
Mysterious Flying Black Triangle
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f1.jpg (3314 bytes) f2.jpg (4129 bytes) f3.jpg (2864 bytes) Flying Triangles have been with us for some time. Here are some pics from Rick Ralston from our not so distant past 


A12 Avenger...Is this the Flying Triangle UFO ?
Pictures and articles submitted to UFO Folklore by Bill Lohmeier


A12 Hanger Prototype
Billions of dollars were spent and supposedly only the mock-up (as seen here in the hanger)






Attachment 12 -Paint

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Explanations of Triangles?

A12 Avenger


Triangles in New Mexico

The Triangle, which flies over New Mexico nightly, has these characteristics
1. Flies maneuvers with F-117s (USAF) 
2. Uses same range as C-130 laser bed aircraft (USAF)
3. Flies Silent (except climbing in altitude, then it makes quiet "jet" noise)
4. Has 4 circular convex ports on undercarriage (VTOL thrust ports)*
5. Can travel at very slow speeds
6. White strobes and normal aircraft lights
7. Flies training missions nightly (recently in 2000, with an attack helicopter)
8. Sharp wing tips under night vision viewing
9. Entire aircraft glow
*Layout of triangle's ports matches position of Harrier's 4 vertical exhaust ports


After seeing the triangle, I searched magazines, government records (John McCain's office has a 100 page FOIA USAF response waiting for me to pick up today. What timing!), I have a collection of dozens of sitings from around the world, Alberta, Canada; United Kingdom; including the Belgium sightings. I'm sure you know most of those incidents. What surprised me the most was the close similarity between the shape of what I saw and the proposed Navy Stealth A-12.
Billions of dollars were spent and supposedly only the mock-up (as seen on attachment number A12hanger...) was built.I want to send you the undercarriage view of the four circular ports. 

The June 1996 issue of Flying Safety magazine, page 25, describes the Air Force version of an air crash in New Mexico in May 1995. The date is confirmed by eyewitnesses, who were told by the Air Force that it was an F-117 that crashed one night . The article states that within hours Hammer Ace was activated, for maximum secrecy. However, air force personnel secured the area immediately, with land vehicles, according to witnesses.
Two independently interviewed USAF stealth pilots stationed in New Mexico at the time, stated they lost no stealth F-117s in 1995 from their AFB. Hello Again Dan!
I ran out of time yesterday, so here is part 2 of the F-117 pilot interviews,and how this has updated some of my New Mexico triangle assumptions: (Note: It should be noted that I also interviewed B-1, B-52, and C-130 pilots, but these pilots' answers did not reveal any new info related to the triangles, or their known exercise range. I also inquired about a related reconnaissance aircraft, the supersonic pulse plane, follow-on to the SR-71, with no results).

If the crash was an F-117, either the Air Force did not tell the other pilots, or the plane was from another undisclosed base. I informed the senior pilot that pilot disorientation was listed as a possible cause , in the F-117 crash. The senior pilot did confirm that the F-117 was the most disorienting aircraft to fly. One major reason is, he said, the pilot has to watch a small display screen much of the time, in addition to the other cockpit controls and readouts.

I asked about whether F-117s fly in the area of the reported crash.
This pilot related that the F-117s from his base, do indeed fly into this area of New Mexico, but only occasionally. They split their mission flights between other areas of New Mexico and even other states, such as Texas. They also fly day missions about half of the time. He said, they perform mock bombing runs on American cities.

I asked about how slow the F-117 could go, such as 45 mph?
The senior pilot was silent for a moment, then would only say that the computer adjusts the aircraft's operational attributes according to the F-117's flight speed. 
(I wanted to know the speed, because all of the squadron seen in the night sky, cris-cross over the area ,very slowly. In fact, much slower than the F-117 supposedly can fly.)

This training exercise information of the F-117 aircraft , helps to further define and confirm that the nightly exercises of the stealth triangle, probably do not consist of a regular mix of F-117s and triangles. My feeling now, as I watched all of the identical strobes of the nightly squadron of 3 to 5 aircraft , is that all of these aircraft are the same type. Since the one that flew overhead was a triangle, they could all very likely be triangles. 

Eyewitnesses of the crash saw a green glow from the fire at the crash site. These pilots said their F-117 fuel does not burn "green". One unclassified aircraft's fuel that burns green is the SR-71. Jane's Defence Weekly - 27 May 1995, reported that "Blackbirds Return to the Skies - The US Air Force plans to have two operationally ready SR-71A Blackbird high-altitude reconnaissance aircraft by early September."

Q's: Why didn't fellow pilots know about the F-117 crash?

Was it an SR-71? or its replacement? Why the sudden announcement of a return to the skies of the SR-71 in the same month as this air crash? If the auto-pilot system failed, and the crash was without warning, as reported by Jane's on 4 Nov. 1995, how did the ground forces know to arrive so soon? 

The Belgium triangle matches the equilateral proportions of the A-12! Maybe a European version? The large number of German pilots permanently stationed at Holloman AFB (F-117 Base), and British pilots trained right here in Tucson, seems to indicate strong Europe connections!

The NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw broadcast of August 6, 1997, aired the story about the U.S. government finally coming clean on UFO sightings, by the release of CIA documents. NBC showed actual film footage of a triangle attached to a U-2 spy plane. This triangle, filmed using night vision, had five circular ports on its undercarriage, and its wingspan was significantly greater than its length.

Articles appeared in newspapers across the country, about the CIA report, where the government lied about UFOs that were actually spy planes, including the U-2 and the SR-71. The New York Times, The Arizona Republic, and The Miami Herald articles all appeared on August 3, 1997. The USA Today article ran August 4, 1997. 

Also, you can get a feel for where the four round ports are located by going to the only A-12 site I've seen with an undercarriage view:

The problem with this rendition is the rectangular openings for the landing gear and tail hook are exactly where the circular ports are. There were no rectangular seams at these locations. The aircraft was going slow enough to give me a fairly good amount of viewing time. The centers of the concentric, convex circles I saw, were small, round and dark. * * * * * * 

My daughter was interested in aviation, so she and I took a tour of ERAU university in Prescott on a Saturday. Our guide, a student, asked us if we saw their UFOs on Thursday (March 13, 1997). An Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University student, he saw a formation of five "diamond" shaped silent stealth flying wing UFOs cross the night sky over Prescott, Arizona. (My close-up sighting in New Mexico was months later. When "my" triangle was leaving the area, I could see part of the top of the aircraft with the undercarriage profile; together, at that angle from under the aircraft as it pulls away, it can look diamond shaped!) The ERAU student, Garth Lamont, told me they glowed yellow-orange and made no noise. He felt they were some type of stealth aircraft because they flew in formation. 
You may have read or seen reports of the Phoenix lights; those same aircraft were headed toward Phoenix, and the date, time and number of lights match this flight. 
I have the actual newspapers containing those articles (Prescott Courier, etc). I'd be more than happy to mail you copies for your files, at no cost. 

Today, at the above WEB site, you can actually take an on-line tour of the same university my daughter and I visited, and where Garth witnessed the formation.
* * * 

Finally, Attachment 12 -Paint roughly details, by primitive computer sketches drawn in "paint" a year after from memory. The green color is almost what it looked like through the night vision...The triangle seems "longer" than equilateral as per the middle sketch, but the real proportions (from the original sketches I made in May 1997), are somewhere in between the left hand drawing and the middle one. The aircraft was so close, so low, with a glaring light at the front, I need a photo to measure the exact triangular ratio. The undercarriage was also slightly curved, not flat, which affected the visual dimension estimation.
Also, I was in shock, as I was told by neighbors the jumping strobes were stealth fighters (F-117s)! Then hovers directly over me, something better than Star Wars!(3D-Live!) The worst thing was, a few minutes earlier my son and his nephews had just went to bed in their tents, and missed the close fly by! The craft banked its undercarriage toward our camp, as if to take a look at us! 
Thanks again, (I'm commissioning my youngest daughter to paint a large size canvas oil painting of the triangle)