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UFOs in Utah 1995 !

I received these pictures and letter the other day. The contributer does not wish to be named at this time and of course UFO Folklore will respect those wishes !

It is fine if you use those two photos, but the histroy behind them is somethingi barely want to get into. No one else has copies of these photos except me.

The WWW page indicates that the pictures where taken in the Summer of 1995, though it was really in the Spring of that year as the shiny black disc cut through the sky West to East.

The top photo is a bumpy picture taken immediately after the object was sighted. Several other pictures were taken before the second photo but in these the object is out of the line of sight.

The second photo is as the object quickly moved almost directly overhead passing out of the line of sight at aabout 75 degrees south. The heightat which the object was traveling was difficult to indicate as the size too was unapparent.

One can assume from the speed and proportion that the object was probably about fourty feet in diameter, but that is really just a guess.

The speed of the object made it impossible to photograph again, and it passed beyond the mountains and denied any more visual contact.

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