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UFOs in Arizona !

March, 1997

Courtesy of Tom King

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Again, Tom King is doing a great job of providing current images of the March 1997 UFO Flap in Arizona. Following this current report from Tom is a link to other current reports and a link to Tom's current page with many, many more images of this event.

From: xalium Subject: Update on mass sightings in Arizona

It now appears that there were multiple UFOs in the sky over Phoenix. A new video has aired on Channel 10 on March 17 at 9:00 P.M. and March 16. This video shows the strange lights but in a clyinder type configuration. It appears as one object and looks like its slowly rotating. Another object is seen below the clyinder type. The cylinder type object has around 8 lights in a tight form. It disappears from the video as the object suddenly vanishes.

This is the fifth video I have seen on the local news. There probably many more videos that haven't made it on tv. Some of the videos show a line of objects as mine does, others a triangular formation of objects in the sky.

Other reports are of triangular objects in the sky. These might have been videotaped also. So far the local news coverage is continuing for the fifth day in a row.

Channel 12 news room told me at 5:00 P.M. March 17, 1997, "The strange lights over Phoenix were explained as an Anti-Aircraft experiment in a military area 50 miles south of Phoenix. They were para-chute flares.

Channel 10 has just broadcast a 5 minute piece on the UFOs over Phoenix. They never raised the question of flares 50 miles away from Phoenix. They debated over whether the objects were "E.T. or military". The guest of the show, Steve Kates, speculated that these were objects from Area 51, possibly the Aurora. Mr. Kates also stated he thought they were probably secret military objects. Channel 10 news anchor John Hook also stated that "The objects were reported in "Flagstaff, Phoenix, Tucson, and you say even as far away as Las Vegas." Mr. Kates replied, "That's correct. All through out the western states, particulary in Arizona last Thursday." Mr. Kates also said that he didn't believe aliens were visting us.

As most people will find out sooner or later the military's explanations for sightings do not come close to explaning the UFOs. I am expecting a new explantion again, as they seem to try and change it a lot, until they find a explanation the media will buy.

There is going to be many reports on the net soon from eyewitnesses, including at least one pilot. There will also be more video online for people to view. I would also ask any skeptic to download the images I've posted in OVNI Chapterhouse of these lights and computer analyize them and prove these are military flares.

In my opinion, the line of lights in the sky appeared to be about 1/4 mile long, or longer. I personally believe this is one of the most documented sightings in history.

Tom King
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