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With all the accurate and easily obtained maps and 
images on the Internet concerning Area 51, and since 
there appeared to be no interest in the maps that were
here, I replaced them with some real pictures of the area (or so the story goes). 

Area-51 Links !

 The Bob Lazar Story ! 

AREA-51 Research

Tom Mahood's Blue Fire

The Groom Lake Link Page

Area-51, S4 & Tonapah. What UFO Site could ever be complete without a bit of the Groom Lake folklore. There are many sites dedicated to AREA-51 and you can find many of them at the bottom of this page. In brief, this is the area within the Nellis AFB/Groom Lake test range in Nevada. This is where many people swear to have witnessed test flights of vehicles from outerspace. This is also where Bob Lazar and his host of stories come from as well as Secret machines like the SR-71 Recon or Y12 Interceptor spy plane and the F-117 Stealth Fighter & B-2 Stealth Bomber. Area-51, a breeding ground of excellent UFO Folklore ! From everything that I have read, it appears that much activity has slowed and moved elsewhere. Can you believe it ? A military installation that moves stuff out of the public eye ?
Some nerve ! 


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