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UFOs in the Great State of California (Los Angeles)

The first two are from Martha Brimer. Her footage is from Van Nuys, Ca., which is approximately 8 miles from where John Bro shot his. She was also in the segment of "Hardcopy" that was recorded on August 2, 1996. The other four are from John Bro, whom together with Tom King and Tim Edwards have been supplying the bulk of Current UFO Footage from the United States. If you'll notice the pictures Martha2 and Pall are two different pictures, two differnet places , two different people, SAME Object. For further information you can email John Bro. As with ALL articles at UFO Folklore, until proven fact, all data is just that, Folklore !

Martha 1
Martha 2

John Bro 1995

Dear Dan, September 4, 1996

These are images (Pall, 504 & Gyro) of UFO's recorded over Reseda, California by "John Bro" on June 29, 1996. As the camera lens was set at full-telephoto zoom, the indication is that these truly unidentified objects are very large, indeed.

The fact that these images are not indiscernible streaks of light, but have detail and apparent structure is increasing intriguing.

The titles that I have given the images either reflect the exact time of when the UFO's were recorded, or a nickname that I have given them.

"Pall" reminded me of a Pleadian beam ship, so henceforth, the reasoning for the name.

"Gyro" moves around around as if it were the wheel spinning inside a gyroscope. It apparently spins on it's axis. I have seen this one come to a halt before my eyes. It is approximately 100 yards long and some 50 feet in heigth.

What many of these pictures are showing are interconnected craft. The "GYRO" is three or four smaller craft, hooked in together like on a trailer hitch. From there, it just seems to get wierder and stranger.

You will see that one of the first images that I took out here was of a stereo-typical "flying saucer (John Bro 1995)." It is same image that prompted "SIGHTINGS" to do a segment on my discovery of "The Technique." As Tim Edwards soon found out, there is a lot more out there than just saucers!

If I had much more information about the hypersonic objects flying over L.A., they would no longer be UFO's and I would be very famous, indeed.

In a letter I received from Whitley Strieber he stated;

"They ( the UFO pictures) are magnificient and incredibly, incredibly strange. I have talked to some scientists about it and people see it on the web site, but nobody knows where to begin. It's as if your camera is pointed into another reality."

As I earlier stated, when I did the segment for "SIGHTINGS," they forwarded some of my video footage to the same place where Tim Edwards had analysis of the "CYLINDER CRAFT" done. The facility is in Pheonix, Arizona and is called "Village Labs." They do computer analysis for many network shows and are respected in the industry.

The man that runs the place and does the on-camera interviews is Mr. Jim Dilettoso. His phone number there is (602) 921-9988. Please look back to my earlier correspondances for more info. He would only tell me that the objects were solid and sizable, but declined to divulge any more information, because he was on contract with Paramount studios, involving the analysis and reports on my footage.

Hope that I have shed some light on the subject, "JOHN BRO"