The Nazca Lines
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Two thousand years ago, ancient Peruvians drew lines and vast animal figures in the flat desert floor, figures which they would never see themselves, as they are only fully comprehensible from the air. Huge triangles, trapezoids, zig-zags, and animals. How did the ancient people of the Nazca desert achieve such geometrical precision, and what is the meaning of the drawings of giant spiders and birds? Swiss author Erich von Daniken argued in "Chariots of the Gods?" that they are the remains of a giant extraterrestrial airport. But, decades of exploration and study by German-born mathematician Maria Reiche led her to see the Nazca lines as a sophisticated astronomical observatory, created to mark risings and settings of the sun, moon and stars.

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Located on a wide, arid plain near the coastal city of Nazca, are one of the greatest mysteries known to man: a mosaic of gigantic stylized figures. A monkey, a fish, a spider and a hummingbird are among the many drawings and geometric figures visible only from the air.

The purpose of the Nazca lines has long been a subject of debate and there are several theories. Flying over the plains in a small plane is an unforgettable experience, generating profound reflection on the beliefs and abilities of our ancestors on the American continent. A visit to the aqueducts and the Sacaco fossil desert are also inspiring.

" It is not known who is responsible for the drawing of the huge drawings and markings, called geoglyphs, on the Nazca Lines. Many popular theories have an astronomical or anthropological basis. Prominent figures are the spider, monkey, bird, tree, whale, and huge trapezoids."

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