Roswell Story Number 3 !

Yes indeed, story number 3. Fresh from the Air Force. I guess this one is the "real" story. The Truth. AMAZING ! Truly amazing that the Military still thinks people are so nieve. This new story will do nothing but add to the fuel for Government coverup !
Story number 1. The government said it was a weather ballon.
Story number 2. Congressman Shiff (New Mexico) gets the run around and then a new story of Project Mogul.

Therefore, by default, the original becomes a lie. Now, less than 3 years later, we get ANOTHER story rendering story number 2 a lie. Hmmmm. I guess maybe enough folks are nieve enough to not notice, but any one paying ANY attention has got to wonder when Story Number 3 will become LIE #3.... AND if there is NOTHING to hide, then why continue to come up with story after story ? I think in and of itself, Story #3 will do ALLOT to damage the credibility of the Military story tellers !!! Of course this does not prove aliens, but it sure makes Uncle Sam look silly. So on with the show !


From: Bill Hamilton

Well known investigator Joe Stefula reports the Air Force is coming out with another version of the 1947 Roswell alien crash. The new book being released from the Government Printing Office is called, "Roswell Report Case Solved" and is authored by Captain Jim Mc Andrew, ISBN 99791156. Jim after the diligent searching of hundreds of thousands of documents has apparently found fifty year old records that point to the real cause of the crash.

Joe has obtained information that an article will be published in the July Popular Mechanics Magazine, that provides the final Air Force explanation. Our government has always denied that an extraterrestrial crash occurred at Roswell. They claim our biggest concern at the beginning of the Cold War was to determine if the Soviet Union had the atomic bomb. Key scientists from the US, Japan and Germany were brought in to develop a new reconnaissance system. Allegedly new and improved Japanese Fugo balloons were designed using advanced materials. Horton a German engineer developed a special lifting body design for a long range experimental glider that was carried aloft by the Fugo balloon.

This craft was probably a rounded triangular design or heal shaped lifting body. The glider or lifting body was carried aloft by the balloon and fitted with cameras and instruments to detect nuclear explosions. This recce unit would float over the Soviet Union gathering information. At a key point near friendly territory, the pilot would release his experimental glider aircraft from the balloon and fly to safety with its precious cargo. New and light weight metals were used that may have included foreign markings. If a small Japanese pilot was involved in the crash, we may have a plausible explanation for the description of an alien body.

Note: We've long suspected government secrecy has been hiding disc and lifting body technology. Our Roswell witnesses had always maintained they saw a large field full of crash debris with the military police roping off hot areas of radiation. If the large crash site testimony is accepted, the previous Air Force Mogul Balloon explanation by itself did not hold up under scrutiny. The new explanation fits much closer to eye witness testimony. In early 1996, I sent out a report, indicating the most likely cause of all the secrecy was the crash of an experimental aircraft and that a Mogul balloon might also have been found. Our information as pointed to different alien crash site to the Northwest.

Source of this report - George Filer.

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From Dan Woolman

Well I simply can not turn down a mystery. I did a search on FUGO balloons which Bill mentioned in an earlier post. It seems that the concept of the Roswell UFO incident being the result of a FUGO balloon mishap was brought up in 1990 as well. Here is an excerpt from the UFO Intelligence Newsletter - February 1990,

According to John Keel in a recent article of FATE (March 1990), he has the answer to the Roswell incident-Fugo balloons! Some 9000 paper & balsawood balloons, constructed by school children were launched by the Japanese to raise havoc in the U.S. Knowledge of these launches and crashes were top secret information. "The biggest breech of this security occured in July 1947, at the height of the first `flying saucer scare' when, after a sever storm, the remains of one of these balloons was found on a ranch in Lincoln County, New Mexico." Come on now, John! This incident would have been defused many years ago by an admission by the U.S. authorities if indeed it was a Fugo balloon near Roswell. Maj. Jessee Marcel & Mac Brazel, the key witnesses, would not have had any problem denting this material with a sledge hammer! There would have been no case."

The url for this report is:

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Here is researcher Kevin Randle's take on the Fugo balloon explanation, which Dan has correctly pointed out, was proffered by John Keel a few years ago, but the new twist on this story is that it was one of our lauches of a Fugo suspending the Hortense glider (made, I suppose, out of these shape-remembering metals)...and the aliens were 2 Japanese pilots...and the hieroglyphs just Japanese characters...don't ever buy a used B-52 from the Air Force!

I just heard that the new and improved Air Force report will be out shortly and they have finally solved the Roswell mystery. No, it wasn't Mogul. It was a Fugo balloon that carried a Horten Brothers designed lifting body into the sky that could be cut lose to guide to Earth. (Insert laughter here.)

Supposedly the design was tested in the wind tunnels at Wright Field. And, the Air Force supposedly used Frank Kaufmann's testimony as part of their "proof" of this thing.

In fact, it sounds as if they are going to rely on the unreliable testimony of the major Roswell witnesses. I guess now we'll be told that their reports were accurate, we just looked in the wrong place. I can't wait to see how the media will deal with this.

Let's see if we have it straight... In 1947, you said it was a weather balloon, but you checked your records and found that you lied. It was really a Project Mogul balloon which was nothing more than a weather balloon. Now you've checked your records again, those very records you had already checked and you have determined that it wasn't a Mogul Balloon Array but this lifting body. Of course, that doesn't explain the bodies... unless there were a number of Orientals in the craft when it crashed outside of Roswell. Has this begun to stink of massive cover up yet?

BTW: Frank Kaufmann predicted long ago that if it became to hot, the Air Force would find "new" records with a new answer.


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From John Greenwald:

The following URL points to one of the Horten Experimental Flying Wings and you can proceed from the HOI thru HOXIII or better.

Im not sure if you are interested in documents about the Horton brothers, and the Flying Wing, but I have all documents from the Department of the Army online ready to view if your interested. This consists of diagrams and technical stuff. Hope this helps:

There is over 350 pages here. Some dont deal with the Horton Brothers, but it mainly does.