Roswell Press Conference...

From Jilian

Hi all :)

I attended the press conference in Roswell today, the one giving proof of
the ET origin of the crash at Roswell.  And I have a few comments on it.

First of all, the scientific analysis data presented by Russell Parker of
UCLA at San Diego was impressive.  The speech given by Derrel Sims was
Jessie Marcel, Jr., stating that the tested material was in appearance and
"feel" like what his father brought home that night in 1947 added credence.

However, there were some problems that left me coming away less than
satisfied with the material presented.  One was the fact that it cost 10
bucks a head to get in to the press conference. (I personally found that
rather cheesy).  Second was the fact that it was not disclosed as to where
these samples came from, only that they were verified to have been from the
original crash site.  And full disclosure of the scientific data was not
made at the press conference, pending further testing and printing of the
results in a peer review journal at a later date.  There were no questions
allowed from the floor, either.

All in all, it was an interesting press conference.  I didn't think it was
worth the 10 bucks, and I didn't come away with a feeling of satisfaction
that the ET origin of those samples had been proven beyond the shadow of a

The saga continues, it seems.....