No Crash Dummies Until 1950's !

From: Stig Agermose 

As it is well known, the USAF has completely reversed its position
concerning the alien bodies that some witnesses have related to the
Roswell crash. In a new report, due to be released in a week, the Air
Force takes their testimony at face value. They just mistook the date by
at least three years. For what they saw was not alien bodies, according to
the Pentagon, but dummies dropped in parachute tests in the early fifties.

The report is edited by Colonel Weaver from USAF Intelligence?, and this
morning at 8.26 local Danish time (GMT + 2 hours) CNN broadcast the first
interview that Weaver has accepted, with comments by CNN and Elaine
Douglass from the Mutual UFO Network.

According to the feature Colonel Weaver has discovered that the bodies
"were really vinyl plastic dummies that dropped from balloons to test the
impact from high altitude parachute jumps."

Full transcript:

Weaver: "And these dummies, of which there were several different types,
had these kinds of non-specific features. They were dressed in flight
suits, and there's a good table of comparison as well. There are lots of
photographs in this book that will show the comparison between the people
who claimed they saw something strange and what was actually being tested
in the desert at that time."

CNN: "But these tests didn't take place until the early 1950's. Three
years after the Roswell sightings. Colonel Weaver, who edited the report,
says the Pentagon believes witnesses simply got the year wrong. UFO
researchers don't buy that."

Douglass: "I think it's nonsense. It's absolute nonsense, but I don't fault the Air Force people that are putting out this
absolute nonsense because they don't have a choice. They have not been
told the truth. They are not in the loop."

CNN: "The Air Force report comes as yet another explanation appears in
Popular Mechanics, that the Roswell wreckage was an incendiary balloon
piloted by Japanese. With the latest flurry of UFO sightings in Arizona
neither Douglass nor Weaver believe the new Air Force report will end the

Weaver: " (sic!)...certainly not gonna dissuade everybody, and the
report was never intended just to finally prove to everybody that they
were wrong."

Douglass: "Roswell is not going to go away because the UFOs are not going
away. Apparently!"