Article from the:
St Louis Post-Dispatch
July 3, 1947

        WASHINGTON, July 3 (UP)- Army research experts can't
explain the " flying saucers" reported seen in several western states,
but they are investigating, they said.

        The Army air forces has checked all of their research
authorities and contractors, but none of them knew or could suggest
anything concrete about the "saucers.

        At first, Army officers laughed off the reports. Now they are
beginning to take them at least a little seriously. At any rate, the Air
Research Center at Wright Field, O., is looking into the reports, and
all service intelligence agencies are at work on them.

        Army experts suggested-as a bare possibility-that some civilian
inventor has been making experiments of some kind.

        The possibility that the discs might be of foreign origin was
indirectly put forward by an A.A.F. spokesman who said:

        "If some foreign power is sending flying discs over the United
States, it is our responsibility to know about it and take proper

        Meanwhile eight more names were added to the list of persons
who say they have seen strange objects in the sky.

        E. E. Unger, meteorologist in charge of the United States
Weather Bureau at Louisville, Ky., said today he saw one of the
mysterious discs objects last night when leaving a Louisville theater.

        In Boise, Lt. Governor Donald S. Whitehead revealed that last
June 24, the day Keneth Arnold of Boise, Idaho, said he saw speeding
objects wavering through the air along the slopes of Mount Rainer, he
and Head Justice of the Peace, J. M. Lampert observed a strange,
comet-like object hanging in the western sky.

        Dick Rankin, a former Portland (Ore.) flyer with more than 7000
hours air time, declared he saw the mysterious discs over
Bakersfield, Calif., going 300 to 400 miles an hour June 23.