Portland, Ore., July 8 (AP) - The Oregonian said today that Maj. Gen. Nathan F. Twining, chief of the AAF material command, told it flatly that the "flying saucers" are not the result of experiments by the armed services.

"Neither the AAF nor any other component of the armed forces had any plane, guided missile or other aerial device under develop- ment which could possibly be mis- taken for a saucer or formation of flying discs," the newspaper quoted Twining as telling it by telephone from Kirtland Army Airbase, Albuquerque, N.M.

It continued its quotation: "Some of these witnesses evidently saw something but we don't know what er are investigating."

Meanwhile, Air National Guard squadrons flying from Portland, Boise and Spokane bases patrolled Pacific Northwest skies late yes- terday, landing after sundown, without observing any of the ob- jects.

Col. G. Robert Doddson com- manding the 123rd and 116th squadrons, said camera-equipped planes would take the air twice daily from the three fields.