German Flying Saucers !
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The Ho-IX 
                     Maximum Speed 600+ mph 

Current Stealth 

Kevin Arnold with Drawing of His Sighting 

 German UFO?

Here is an interesting page, check it out. If you can see the simularities in this pic then realize the difference in age between the crafts is 40+ years and both were radar stealth! Amazing. The Horten HO9 is also the first composite aircraft .  ! 

Hitler's stealth

German Secret Technology
Could there have been a link to some early UFO reports?

Norio Hayakawa 

Readers Responds to Views on NAZI UFOS !

Nazi Saucers Described In Atom Bomb Classic

Excellent Bibliography on German Technology and UFOs !

UFO Folklore comments: 
I have to wonder with all this talk of Nazis and flying saucers, 
why didn't they use it and win the war ? Got an idea ? Let me know at

Mussolini's UFO Files

The web site in the USA containing information about the dossier

January  1999

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