Not All Implants Are Alien !

 Intracerebral Implants
 "Perhaps the most interesting pieces of evidence surrounding the
 abduction phenomenon are the
 intracerebral implants allegedly visible in the X-rays and MRI scans of
 many abductees. Indeed,
 abductees often describe operations in which needles are inserted into
 the brain; more frequently
 still, they report implantation of foreign objects through the sinus
 cavities. Many abduction
 specialists assume that these intracranial incursions must be the
 handiwork of scientists from the

 "The abductees' implants strongly suggest a technological lineage which
 can be traced to a device
 known as a "stimoceiver", invented in the late '50s-early '60s by a
 neuroscientist named Jose
 Delgado. The stimoceiver is a miniature depth electrode which can
 receive and transmit electronic
 signals over FM radio waves. By stimulating a correctly-positioned
 stimoceiver, an outside
 operator can wield a surprising degree of control over the subject's
      - Martin Cannon, The Controllers: A New Hypothesis of Alien
 "Radio stimulation of different points in the amygdala and hippocampus
 in the four patients
 produced a variety of effects, including pleasant sensations, elation,
 deep, thoughtful
 concentration, odd feelings, super relaxation, colored visions, and
 other responses.".
      - Jose Delgado, Physical Control of the Mind: Towards a
 Psychocilvilised Society
 Of one experimental subject, Delgado notes that 'the patient expressed
 the successive sensations
 of fainting, fright and floating around. These 'floating' feelings were
 repeatedly evoked on different
 days by stimulation of the same point..." Ufologists may recognize the
 similarity of this sequence of
 events to abductee reports of the opening minutes of their experiences."
 "In a fascinating series of experiments, Delgado attached the
 stimoceiver to the tympanic
 membrane, thereby transforming the ear into a sort of micro-phone. An
 assistant would whisper
 "How are you?"into the ear of a suitably 'fixed' cat, and Delgado could
 hear the words over a
 loudspeaker in the next room. 

The application of this technology to the
 spy trade should be
 readily apparent. According to Victor Marchetti, The Agency once
 attempted a
 highly-sophisticated extension of this basic idea, in which radio
 implants were attached to a cat's
 cochlea, to facilitate the pinpointing of specific conversations, freed
 from extraneous surrounding
 noises. Such 'advances' exacerbate the already-imposing level of
 Twentieth-Century paranoia:
 Not only can our phones be tapped and mail checked, but even TABBY may
 be spying on us!"
 "Robert G. Heath, of Tulane University, who has implanted as many as 125
 electrodes in his
 subjects, achieved his greatest notoriety by attempting to 'cure'
 homosexuality through ESB. In his
 experiments, he discovered that he could control his patients' memory;
 he could also induce
 sexual arousal, fear, pleasure, and hallucinations. Heath and another
 researcher, James Olds, have
 independently illustrated that areas of the brain in and near the
 hypothalamus have, when
 electronically stimulated, what has been described as 'rewarding' and
 'aversive' effects.
"Both animals and men, when given the means to induce their own ESB of
 the brain's pleasure
 centers, will stimulate themselves at a tremendous rate, ignoring such
 basic drives as hunger and
 thirst. (Using fixed electrodes of his own invention, John C. Lilly had
 accomplished similar effects
 in the early 1950s.)" "Bryan Robinson, of the Yerkes primate laboratory
 has conducted
 fascinating simian research on the use of remote ESB in a social
 context. He could cause mothers
 to ignore their offspring, despite the babies' cries. He could turn
 submission into dominance, and
 "In his autobiography The Scientist John C. Lilly (who would later
 achieve a cultish reknown for
 his work with dolphins, drugs and sensory deprivation) records a
 conversation he had with the
 director of the National Institute Mental Health in 1953. The director
 asked Lilly to brief the CIA,
 FBI, NSA and the various military intelligence services on his work
 using electrodes to stimulate
 directly the pleasure and pain centers of the brain. Lilly refused..."
      - Martin Cannon, The Controllers: A New Hypothesis of Alien
 "Dr. Antoine Remond, using our techniques in Paris, has demonstrated
 that this method of
 stimulation of the brain can be applied to the human without the help of
 the neuro-surgeon; he is
 doing it in his office in Paris without neuro-surgical supervision. This
 means that anybody with the
 proper apparatus can carry this out on a person covertly, with no
 external signs that electrodes
 have been used on that person. I feel that if this technique got into
 the hands of a secret agency,
 they would have total control over a human being and be able to change
 his beliefs extremely
 quickly, leaving little evidence of what they had done."
      - John C. Lilly, The Scientist
 "Despite his avowed phobia against secrecy, a careful reading of The
 Scientist reveals that he
 continued to do work useful to this country's national security
 apparatus. His sensory deprivation
 experiments expanded upon the work of ARTICHOKE's Maitland Baldwin, and
 even his dolphin
 research has - perhaps inadvertently - proved useful in naval warfare.
 One should note that Lilly's
 work on monkeys carried a "secret"classification, and that NIMH was a
 common CIA funding
 "Over the years, certain journalists have asserted that the CIA has
 mastered a technology call
 RHIC-EDOM. RHIC means 'Radio Hypnotic Intracerebral Control'. EDOM
 stands for
 'Electronic Dissolution of Memory.' Together, these techniques can -
 allegedly - remotely induce
 hypnotic trance, deliver suggestions to the subject, and erase all
 memory for both the instruction
 period and the act which the subject is asked to perform.
 "RHIC uses the stimoceiver, or a microminiaturized offspring of that
 technology to induce a
 hypnotic state. Interestingly, this technique is also reputed to involve
 the use of
 INTRAMUSCULAR implants, a detail strikingly reminiscent of the 'scars'
 mentioned in Budd
 Hopkins Missing Time. Apparently, these implants are stimulated to
 induce a post-hypnotic

 "EDOM is nothing more than missing time itself - the erasure of memory
 from consciousness
 through the blockage of synaptic transmission in certain areas of the
 brain. By jamming the brain's
 synapses through a surfeit of acetocholine, neural transmission along
 selected pathways can be
 effectively stilled. According to the proponents of RHIC-EDOM,
 acetocholine production can be
 affected by electromagnetic means. (Modern research in the
 psycho-physiological effects of
 microwaves confirm this proposition.)"
  - Martin Cannon, The Controllers: A New Hypothesis of Alien
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