This was sent in the other day. There is no verification, no proof, but it certainly belongs in the great realm of UFO Folklore !

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This is the text from a four page pull out which featured in a major sunday tabloid newspaper last sunday.

The headline stated that inside the article lay "definite proof" of alien existence.


AGAINST her will, the attractive woman felt the three grey creatures with dead black eyes lift her from her bed Terrified mum Linda Cortite screamed; 1 wanna shut my eyes. I dont wanna see em. Theyre taking me outta bed. I wont let them. Steve! Why dont you wake up?, My children. Whats happening to my children?" The no-nonsense New Yorker took her astonishing tale to Americas leading UFO expert Budd Hopkins on December 2. 1989. hoping he would be able to explain what had happened to her. He placed her under hypnosis and she began to re-live the moment three days before when, at 3am, aliens had abducted her from her New York apartment in front of stunned witnesses on the streets below. She said she had been sleeping next to her husband Steve in her 12th-floor flat in Manhattan when the grey creatures with abnormally large heads escorted her towards a bright blue light outside her window.

1 m standing up on nothing. And they take me out all the way up, way above the building. Ooh, I hope I dont fall. The UFO opens up almost like a clam and then Im inside", said 41 year old linda. "I see benches. similar to regular benches. And theyre bringing me down a hallway. Doors open like sliding doors. Inside are all these lights and buttons and a big long table. "I dont want to get up on that table. They get me on the table anyway. They start saying things to me and Im yelling. I can still yell. One of them says something that sounds like Nobbyegg. I think they were trying to tell me to be quiet because lie put his hand over my mouth."

The aliens then began to examine lindas body thoroughly using a silver and maroon instrument with a rectangular tip. They concentrate hard on her nose. "Theyre spending a lot of time on the right side of my nostril and Im just saying to myself, I hope I sneeze and I hope they get it right in the face. "The three of them just stand in front of me and stare at me. I feel I can drown in their eyes. Theyre blank. Theyre so big. I find them very frightening." Her memory goes blank and the next thing she remembers is waking up and scrambling through her apartment to check on her two young sons Johnny and Steven while her husband steve snores unaware of whats happened.

Chillingly she had no idea how she got back to her apartment or what bad happened in the meantime. Only when witnesses came forward with their own memories of that night would she discover the full extent of her involvement with the aliens. For Hopkins this was the start of years of investigation into the most amazing extraterrestrial ease of his life - one that would lead him to a shocking conclusion about what the aliens planned for humanity. As other witnesses contacted him, Hopkins set up another taped hypnosis session with Linda. to try to find out what had happened before she returned to her apartment. Linda returned to the night of the abduction and described the end of her examination on the UFO table. The aliens led her towards a door.

"Im not home. I thought I was going to go home." she said. "I dont know where I am but Im on a beach. "One of them hands me a box and a bright white light goes on which illuminates the whole area. Now theyre giving me a scoop. We have to dig. We have to find soil samples. "Theres something wrong with the minerals. They arent as pure as they should be and our sea life is dying. Weve got to find whats polluting the minerals.. We re going to find why our sea creatures are dying.

There are three people sitting on the sand. Its so cold and so we walk up to them. The three aliens and I look at them. " I feel an overwhelming sense of sadness And anger, then I pick up a dead blue fish lying on the sand and its their fault - the three people on the sandpeople like them kill our sea creatures. i look at them and said look what youve done, look at this creature now. One of them asks a question. I think he wanted to know who I was. One of the beings hold him who I was. It was not a name, something to do with sand.

Hopkins ended the hypnosis section convinced that lindas will had been overpowered and controlled by the aliens. He knew her as a smoking meat eating one who wore a real fur coat and was not unduly concerned about the environment. The hypnosis sessions made Linda curious about what the aliens wanted with her. She started to notice other things in her life that now seemed unusual. Years before she had noticed a bump on her nose. A doctor had checked it out an told her that it was scar issue from surgery. She asked Hopkins, who operated on my nose and why dont I remember?.

She decided to find out what had happened to her nose and had an X. ray. Linda was horrified, the X. Ray revealed a tiny cylinder buried in her nose and held in place by tiny little spurs. One week after the X. Ray Linda had another late night alien visitor in her room telepathically, words. In her head that he had come to take this out. Linda Bell A. smack and woke up covered in blood from her nose. When she told Hopkins, he was amazed at how closely the aliens were monitoring her every move.

THE two secret agents and the international diplomat they were guarding could not believe their eyes. In front of their official car was a giant UFO hovering over an apartment block in the heart of New York. It was 3am on November 30, 1989. When they contacted Americas most famous UFO expert Budd Hopkins (who again ?????) about their experiences they did not know they were corroborating one of the most amazing alien abduction cases of all time.

Hopkins was certain that in a city as busy as New York someone must have seen the giant UFO hovering over Linda Cortiles apartment block. But even he could not have expected that the first witnesses to contact him would be two US secret agents. The diplomat was known only to Hopkins as the Third Man. The car was part of an official motorcade driving to the Wall Street heliport after a late-night meeting. As the motorcade neared Brooklyn Bridge their car engines died and in silence those present witnessed the close encounter with a UFO.

The first agent to contact Hopkins would only give his first name, Richard, and said he had been sitting in the passenger seat when he noticed a fiery-red glow reflected in the silver gum wrapper he held. Richard looked up to see what was causing it. "There was an oval-shaped object hovering over the top of the apartment building two or three blocks up from where we sat," he recalled.

"We didnt know where it came from. It happened too fast. "Its lights turned from a bright reddish orange to a whitish blue coming out of the bottom. Green lights rotated round the edge of the saucer. "A little girl or woman wearing a white gown sailed out of the window in a foetal position - and then stood in mid-air in this beam of light. "I could see three of the ugliest creatures I ever saw. I dont know what they were. They werent human.

Their heads were out of proportion, very large heads with no hair. "Those buggers were escorting her into the craft. My partner screamed, We have got to get them. We tried to get out of the car but couldnt. After the woman was escorted in, the oval turned reddish orange again and whisked off." Hopkins told them that Linda Cortile was the woman they had seen.

Concrete evidence that they had not been dreaming was almost too much for the hard-headed agents to bear. It meant they really had seen a UFO. They became suspicious of Linda and began to tail her. The second agent, Dan, contacted Hopkins. He said both men were so disturbed by the incident that he slept with a sledgehammer and Richard put a shop window dummy in his bed and slept in another room. Later Richard told Hopkins they were overcome with an unexplained need to talk to Linda - and examine her feet. Finally they cracked. On April 29 1991 they kidnapped Linda, bundled her into their car in broad daylight and quizzed her for three hours. Dan became increasingly upset with Linda as she repeated she had no idea why it had happened.

"Dont hand me that shit! You are one of them, arent you," he screamed from the front of the car. "Richard, pull her shoes off. I want to see her feet." The agents counted her 10 toes before taking her home. They had no idea why they needed to see her feet but the reason became clear as they each had flashbacks of the night of the abduction. Hopkins later discovered that following the agents car and listening in on the two-way radio was the Third Man. He too would eventually write to Hopkins and confirm what he had seen. His presence that night indicated to Hopkins that Lindas abduction may not have been a coincidence.

What came next proved him right. Dan wrote to Hopkins and told him that he, Richard and the Third Man had begun having the same flashbacks. "After seeing the abduction we found ourselves sitting on the seashore somewhere. "We didnt know how we arrived there," wrote Dan almost two years after the incident. "Linda was on the beach bending down with one of those creatures. They were digging in the sand. They put their findings in metallic boxes with white Iig hts, which reflected tiny Silver particles that seemed to be stuck on Lindas hands and feet." As they looked they realised Linda was the only figure on the beach with toes. "They walked up to us as we sat there.

The girl held up what appeared to be a lifeless fish and said in a bold voice, Look what you have done. "Our first impulse was to run. Instead I asked her who she was. She didnt answer. "One of the beings replied, Lady of the Sands." Hopkins was stunned by the letter which corroborated everything Linda had revealed under hypnosis. It was later backed up by letters from Richard and the Third Man. Was it possible Linda had been temporarily taken over by the UFO occupants and used as a symbol of alien ecological concern? What was definitely not in doubt was the power of alien technology which so easily kidnapped a leading world figure and dumped him on a beach for an ecology lesson from a Manhattan housewife.

The pressure of the revelations proved too much for Dan who became obsessed with Linda. By October 1991 Dan had convinced himself linda could not be trusted because she was half human and half alien. The strain pushed him over the edge and he kidnapped Linda for the second time on October 15,1991 He drove her to a US Government safe house on the coast. There he gave Linda a white nightgown like the one she had been wearing when she was abducted. Dan began to take pictures of her in the nightgown as a permanent reminder of what she had looked like the night the aliens abducted her.

Linda ran off but Dan continued to take pictures of her running down the beach. Then he caught up with her and dragged her into the sea. He was holding her head under water when Richard arrived and pulled them both back to dry land. The Third Man could not afford news of the alien abduction to become known he would be a public laughing stock.

But Dans breakdown was putting his career, and those of both agents, at risk. Richard quietly had Dan committed. But this was only the beginning. Hopkins investigation uncovered a much bigger and sinister alien involvement in Linda and agent Richards lives. THE secret agents and the Third Man were not the only people to have witnessed the alien abduction of Linda Cortile. Many other people saw the incredible scene as the New York house-wife was beamed up to a spaceship hovering above her apartment. UFO investigator Budd Hopkins has tracked down eye~witnesses and recorded their testimony.