Abducted By Aliens ?
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The Folklore of Alien Abductions has indeed been intriguing. There are so many scenarios to this entire area. Ranging from alien abductions to being abducted by military "black ops". In this area we even have Implants as alleged physical evidence. Another camp argues that the hypnotists "lead" their subject into coming to alien conclusions of abduction. Very very interesting folklore indeed. What I have compiled are a generous selection of articles and links. They are a look into both sides of the argument. Those that favor the alien abduction theory and then "other" theories.

Allagash Incident !
The Betty & Barney Hill Story !
Rebutal to the OBE Experince !
The Search for a Psycology of UFO Experience
Out of Body Experiences, OBEs, and Alien Abduction Experiences, AAEs
Many Think Bible Explains Alien Abductions
Aspects of the (UFO) Abduction Phenomenon
Abductees Aren't As Alone As They Think !
Abductee Brainwashing ?
Alien Abduction Insurance Cancelled !
Anatomy of an Abduction !
Bud Hopkins' Napolitano Case !

Abduction Links !

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