Sightings from Salida Colorado

Hi Everyone

The skies above Salida Colorado have been abuzz with military activity again. Low flying Airforce jets, helicopters etc. Last Sat. March 9, 11:00 am Cheryl Edwards and Laray Chappell, Wade and Ryan Swift, and Cathy Rauter witnessed a large object flying north that all said was escorted by 6 triangular shaped objects flying in v formation. 3 were on each side. I need to get the witnesses together to get a more accurate description of the very large center object being escorted.

This was viewed from 3 differant locations by 3 sets of witnesses. Wade described the large center object to be cylinder in shape. All witnesses were blown away by the Sighting and said it was totally bizarre.

The thursday before this we seen a return of the Venus like objects hovering very distant over ridges north and east of town. Thru binoculars they appear to have triangular panels of red and blue lights. They are really beautiful. Even with the naked eye you can see a white spotlight or light rays shining out spinning around the circumferance.

These were very common in the fall of 95 and they seem to be some kind of a probe. Distance and size are hard to calculate. While they spend most of their time hovering numerous witnesses including myself have watched them fly at slow speeds and incredible speeds to hover in another part of the sky.

The fall of 95 had sometimes 8 of these objects stationary one night and then the next alot of times moving about 30 mph to another part of the sky. The skys after dark are abuzz with a mixture of all kind of lights, alot of them non blinking. Its hard to tell whats military or whats alien.

This appears to be following the trend in western Colo. [activity that has been going on there before Christmas] and reports fielded to Todd at Riskers Organization of the Venus like objects being reported from locations east of Salida of the objects visible to the west of them.

The solar phenomenan is visible at times with balls of light shooting out moving at great speed against the jet stream at a tremendous altitude. Getting alot of feedback on new people filming it in Cali. and Michigan.

Tim Edwards

This report just in from Tom King.

Orange globes or large balls of light have been videotaped and reported across Arizona since last monday. At least 3 videos were taken last night between 8:00 to 10:00 pm and one shown on tv showing 6 in lined up in a row.

Reports have been fielded by one airline pilot but did not show up on radar. News report 1000s of witnesses. It is already being called the most documented mass sighting the last 10 years. Hovering very slow and 5 moving in a line Tom King of Phoenix also captured footage[estimate on size of 30 feet minimum, flickering orange lights and moving in formation, low altitude-1000 feet and 2 to 4 miles distance, no visible structure] At least 1 news station, Tom and numerous other people are doing a stakeout 4 miles south of Phoenix.

The objects were reported last night in Phoenix, Tuscon, and Prescott and other locations. Objects were also witnessed by Bill Hamiliton. Extensive media and press coverage is ongoing. Steven Greer is also in Phoenix.This follows a trend of a tremendous esculation of orange globes worldwide. I'm working on a followup of the Salida sighting last Sat. From: Tim Edwards

And this report from Bill Hamilton:

To: National UFO Reporting Center

Yesterday, on a tip from Joe Trainor who does UFO Roundup on the web, I contacted a Steve Blonder who had sightings of the yellow-golden to orange ligts over the Gila River Indian Reservation. I called Tom King who video tapes many anamolous aerial objects and together we arrived at Steve's around 9 pm. Many of his neighbors were milling around the house as all of them had sighted these objects over the previous three nights between 9pm and 10 pm.

Steve greeted us and told us that we were a little late as they already had a sighting. He showed us a video tape from his Panasonic 8mm camcorder which showed the anamolous lights. He had some of this out of focus because he used "autofocus" instead of manual for night taping.

He and his wife volunteered to show us from their viewing spot, the second-floor balcony, where they were seeing the lights. We went to the balcony and took a look around.

You could easily see air traffic on approach to Phoenix Skyharbor airport. They pointed to the southwest toward a group of low hills in the direction of the reservation. As they were showing us, one of the glowing lights came on in the pointed-out direction. Tom immediately went to his car to get his camcorder and wide-field telescope.

When he came back and set up, five of these lights were now glowing brightly in the southwest. They did not appear to be the color of flares and were not conventional aircraft lights. Through the scope they appeared to be spherical. Four of these formed a horizontal line. Tom videotaped this formation for about five minutes until they went out one by one.

We left the house and went to the boundary street next to the reservation to find a spot to stakeout tonight when we will return with more videocams. All of Steve's neighbors were very excited when they saw these lights and no one had a conventional explanation for them. They told us that there was virtually nothing over that area of the reservation.


Bill Hamilton

And another report from Tom King !

On March 13th 1997 a very unusual event occurred over Arizona and thousands of people were witness to it.

As stated in a early post from Bill Hamilton, we were out doing a field investigate about a local sighting. The man, who wishes only to be named as "Steve" was claiming to have been seeing UFOs every night since March 10, 1997. The sightings were taking place between 9-10 P.M. Steve has captured what he was seeing on videotape on three separate nights. He invited us over to see this for ourselves and we gladly went to investigate.

Needless to say the large bright orange objects did appear during the time Steve predicted and I captured them on videotape. This night there were 5 orange balls instead of 1 or 2 as usually spotted. Four of these orange balls appeared one at a time and formed nearly a straight line. The sighting lasted under 10 minutes and was really exciting. We seen this at about 9:45-10:00 P.M.

I would say about a dozen people were coming in and out of Steve's house as they witnessed the lights. Among the witnesses were my girfriend Rhonda and UFO research/author Bill Hamilton. Bill probably had one of the best views of the sighting. I was busy trying to document the lights and mostly was looking thru a B/W viewfinder while trying to keep my balance while standing on a ledge to tape it. Its was under tree top level (viewing perspective) and may have went behind the mountaint next to the Gila Indian Resevation. Bill Hamilton had seen some of this thru the spotting scope probably had the best look at it. Also noted was airtraffic was heavy that night with jets and helicopters in the sky constantly Infact a small aircraft was seen by us flying possibly over the 4 objects and was captured on video.

One pilot reported as he took off from Sky Habor Airport he looked up and seen them above him. He contacted the Skyhabor and asked about the objects. Skyhabor reported that they had no objects on radar in that area. I would like to add that there most likely was dozens of pilots that had seen these lights as they were seen directly over Phoenix and later over the south area, heading back to Phoenix area.

The next day we found out that our group that had seen and videotaped the objects that night weren't the only ones who witnessed it. Something had cruised all over Arizona that night as of now the details are vague on times and locations. Phoenix, Tucson, Prescott, Glendale, Tempe, Scottsdale, Paulden, and Ahwatukee have reported UFO sightings that night.

Details are also sketchy as on exactly how many videotapes were made. I know for certain of 3 but its appears on the local news there may have been more. One of the shots from the news shows the lights of part of the Phoenix valley with 3 lights in a row. Others showed 5, 7, 8. Each time the video would run someone would have it with more objects in a row.

Nearly every newschannel in town was running the story as the "top story" of Phoenix. Many of the news stations had called nearly every UFO researcher in town asking for information and interviews. Stations were competing with each other to out scoop the other station with better footage or witnesses. The stations were reporting that "thousands" of people had witnessed the March 14 sighting.

It was also reported that the local military had no explanation for the sightings and also reports or military claims they were parachute flares. Speculation and rumors went wild as most people wanted a Earthly explanation for the sighting. I had concluded that because of the alignment of the objects (four in my video 6-8 in others) that it would be impossible to launch flares and align them in this fashion. Taken this theory combined with the fact that these objects were seen over a 2 hour period that spanned well over 200 miles. Most imporant was they didn't look like any kind of flare.

I am going to be watching that area for a while since the ufo activity may return as it started with 4 days in a row. Also for those interested I will post images for the videos on the OVNI Chapterhouse web site on March 15.

Tom King