Michigan 1994 UFO Flap --- Unveiled !
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Here is a report that is very near and dear to my heart. For one, it is the first and only UFO sighting that I ever had and it occurred literally only a few hundred yards from my house. I am very close to Lake Michigan. My experience was of three brilliant lights lined up in a triangle formation and just hovered out over Lake Michigan. By the way, for all of you that will say, "Dan, you just saw planes taking off from O'hare airport" I will head you off at the pass and tell you that I have seen hundreds of planes take off from O'hare. These were not them.

I received this work from Virginia M. Tilly , President,
(BIMUP) Bureau of Investigation of Mysteries & Unusual Phenomena right here in Michigan !
It is from their newsletter, "The Outer Connection" . After reading the article, especially the transcript of a National Weather Service employee to 911, I asked Virginia if I could do a review of the newsletter. With her permission I will give you a brief run down of the contents of the report plus a few choice quotes from the 911 transcripts. The full report is available for $5.00 and the 911 transcript is only 7.00 Order information is available at the bottom of this page.

Now on with the report.

Virginia writes:
This issue of The Outer Connection is devoted entirely to the release of a National Weather Service(NWS)-National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) document regarding the March 8, 1994, UFO encounters over the state of Michigan and Lake Michigan. During that evening 9-1-1 in Ottowa county began to receive phone calls from excited witnesses.

As they looked to the south they were seeing inexplicable displays of lights. Several police officers also witnessed these lights. In the following days, weeks and even months there were literally hundreds of UFO reports pouring in all over the state and elsewhere in the Great Lakes region. (See articles at bottom of page)

Non-Existent Documents Discovered !

By Dave Reinhart
BIMUP Investigator

This section goes on about how the radar replication reports were acquired and additional information reported that was not made public during the flap of March 8, 1994. Some of the additional highlights are:

The most exciting part of this entire newsletter is the transcript of an employee of the National Weather Service making a 9-1-1 emergency call about what he was witnessing on radar ! Here a just but a few of the quotes.

Employee at National Weather Service

Let me get on closer range......
Oh jeez! ...I'm looking at it in vertical now, and I....
That is a large return down there. Well, it disappeared. But it was up about 6,000 feet...
It's moving... I can see it move..
Well , we, we, ah, get the range stroke...
Let's see...oh ah... it's gone up ... at about 12,000 ft
Now I'm getting multiple returns. Oh my God ! What is this ! ....
It's. it's three and they're lengthwise..
They're separated by about 50 kilometers... They're spiking so it's...s-s-something pretty solid
It's not precipitation or anything. Especially at that height.
I'm seeing three ! They look like a triangle on my scope
I'm seeing three of those. They're very strong ! .....
These are huge returns. I've never seen anything like this !...
They're just popping up all over the place !....
They come together and then they separate, and they just keep doing this...
Now I'm getting four... I got four for awhile.. They're all up around um... 12,000 ft....
Okay, now they've moved position again... These are bigger than planes !

And this is only a brief summary of a whole lot more !

To order "The Outer Connection" & the 9-1-1 transcripts, or if you have any additional questions concerning the material presented here, please contact Virginia Tilly at email:
or you can email Sue Clous at email

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Any additional information regarding the 1994 Great Lakes UFO flap please contact me at geibdan@qtm.net Thanxz !