Reported by Hildebrand Communications, Inc.
for United Press International
December 22, 1994

Kingsley, Michigan, December 21, 1994 (UPI) - A Michigan State Trooper responding to a woman's UFO report Wednesday confirmed seeing "a cylindrical mass, with a large amount of individual lights."

A 5-minute videotape shot by the woman and broadcast on local television provided additional evidence that something was indeed out there, police said.

"This one is apparently a valid report," said one of the trooper's superiors, State Police Sgt. Bill Sholten. "He is credible. I saw the tape and there was definitely something out there," Sholten said.

The trooper, who asked not to be identified because he doesn't want publicity, reported seeing three military jets in the area while the UFO was near. His report also noted that after the siting, a request for information was turned down by the U. S. Air Force for unknown reasons.

A Regional Air Traffic Control Center in Minnesota reported spotting something on radar screens to support the report.

A woman who lives on a farm near Kingsley said she saw the object hovering above her barn at 6:30 am EST, December 21st. She called police about an hour later and the trooper arrived at about 7:45 a.m. The trooper watched the UFO through binoculars until it disappeared about 20 minutes later. The woman, who got a closer look at the UFO, described the object as about three times larger than her barn, or some 60 feet in diameter. She also said it had white and blue lights and what appeared to be a haze surrounding it.

Sholten said the woman told police she saw a similar UFO on Thanksgiving, but didn't tell anyone "because she was afraid everyone would think she was nuts." --