SAN DIEGO, On December 29, 1994 From: (Ed)
On December 29, 1994, a local tv news station, KNSD recorded an object, circular in shape, white bright lights emitting what looked like fall out from fireworks, but on a much larger scale. The object seemed to "split" into other tiny fragments, with the larger piece remaining in the same position. One moment later the object disappeared. This occurred at 11:15 p.m. pacific time.

The newscaster reported that it happened 45 minutes earl- ier that evening, and so they waited until the next occurrence. Field reporters also interviewed some local MUFON researchers, but from the evidence gathered from eyewitness and video accounts proved to be inconclusive. Anyone out there with anymore information on what's been going on in the San Diego area?

Bizarre sightings similar to this were reported December 2, 1994, and that following weekend. Sonic booms that began in November, and denied by any local government agency? The supposed "meteor" that hurdled over the Los An- geles area, later reported heading out towards the Pacific Ocean over San Diego? .