Michigan Unsolved Mysteries


NEWSMAN: Well, something's going on in the night skys up there from Muskegon to the western states. UFO sightings are being reported with regularity in recent weeks. As Night Beats Mike Wendlind [sic] reports in this special Michigan Unsolved Mystery edition, there's a part of our state where the reports are routine.

MW: Mysterious lights in the sky, like these taken by UFO spotters in Nevada, are being reported all across the country this spring.

But there's also been a rash of UFO sightings in Michigan. Over the past year more than 40 have come from the states thumb area. Most of them centered here in the wide open farm land of Tuscola County.

In the Tuscola County seed of Caro, Undersheriff Jim Fyfie says the first call goes back to the spring of 1992.

JF: It was near Plain road and Kingston road area of our County. It was about 2:20 in the morning, and she stated that her and her husband awoke. Their house actually shook...and heard a loud noise..and they seen a orange colour in the sky, and the light sped off to the northwest. And right shortly there after within minutes, Columbia township area had another caller call in..and stated that they were awoke by their house being shook with a loud noise..and seen similar colour of lights, and it took off to the northwest.

MW: The reports have been coming in ever since. Most at night or in the early morning hours, from all different parts of the county. In February two residents of this house saw a large frisbee shaped object with zigzagging colourful lights hover over their house, and then speed off to the east.

In March, a woman returning home about 9 o'clock at night reported a triangular shaped object following her car as she travelled north down this road, and then east down this one.

And then just last month over this orchid just west of the village of Kingston, a local carpenter and his wife were startled by another UFO.

CARPENTER: ...It was just dark. Then..my wife and I was coming from the west, and I says just come past these orchids. And I said, "Look off to the left!" And there's a whole series of lights in the sky. Well maybe four or five. And they were an orange colour..you know like these orange yard lights. And I looked back on the road and she said they're gone..and I looked and sure 'n heck they was gone.

MW: All these reports have caught the attention of MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network. Their investigator for Tuscola County is Robert Snow. He's interviewed many of the witnesses, and has made a computer rendering of the March 17th sighting of a local woman.

RS: ...What she saw was lights on the..or windows..she said it was windows. These big windows, and the whole thing was sitting in the sky. These windows would move across and then they'll go out of sight. So the effect she was getting was this...slowly revolving in the sky.

MW: The Undersheriff, meanwhile, is baffled. He's checked with the Airforce, local airports and the FAA, and has found no explanation for the sightings.

JF (Sheriff): So we just chalk them up as an Unidentified Flying Object.

MW: In Tuscola County, Mike Wendlind [sic], Night Beat.

NEWSMAN: If you believe you've seen a UFO, MUFON the Mutual UFO Network wants to hear from you. You can contact them at 313-659-3340.