Is this another Bob Lazar story in the making ? I think it best to call it more folklore until proven otherwise !

Another Scientist Reveals UFO Secrets ...
At least 9 Alien Craft at Area-51

Virtually every UFO researcher on the planet is familiar with the name of Robert Lazar, who claimed to have worked on projects that consisted primarily of 'back-engineering' alien craft while based at the super-secret Area 51 in Nevada, USA. As usual, opinion has been divided as to the credibility of his story. But now, another scientist has come forward who pretty much confirms most of Lazar's story, and goes a lot further.

Dr. Michael Wolf, Emeritus of New England Institute for Advanced Research, Member of the New York Academy of Science, and Patron Member of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, has decided to go public with his knowledge of alien contact, abduction experiences and technology. Now in his 50's, Dr. Wolf is dying from a degenerative spinal condition, and wishes the truth about UFOs to be known.

When American UFO researcher James Courant, in a taped interview, asked Dr. Wolf why he was going public with this information at this time, he replied: "I'm going public at this time for the people. I've been encouraged by people in the government. You know, there's a whole new generation of bureaucrats now; they're younger. The older people are retiring--I wouldn't say dying off, but technically they are retiring and they're out of business. A lot of young people come in and are saying, "Why does our government have to keep lying?"

During the interview, Dr. Wolf told of working as a security consultant for the National Security Council, and also of working at Area 51 as a Team Leader, in terms of scientific teams trying to 'back-engineer' alien technology. When pressed for specifics on the number of alien ships, etc. Dr. Wolf replied: "Well, I think we have nine or more...not in working condition,

not to mention the pieces of one we've had. But I've always wondered a very basic question, which no one has really been able to answer, and that is "Have they deliberately given us this technology, to see what we're going to do with it? Is it a test?" The crashed ships and dead bodies--are they waiting for the day, if it hasn't occurred already, that we're going to combine human and alien DNA and try a hybrid of our own?

Courant invited Dr. Wolf to comment on Bob Dean's claim to have seen an "Assessment" classified Cosmic Top Secret, and Wolf's own claim to have seen the same document" "You saw the similar 'Assessment" documents that Bob Dean saw?" asked Courant. "NATO Assessments, Blue Border Reports--yes, I did," replied Dr. Wolf, and added: "Bob wasn't too far off the mark. I did see some 'interrupts' of the governments-- which, don't forget, makes its own copies of UFO films...they go around, videotapes...and I had people who would send me copies of those tapes. I saw five minutes of Bob Dean at a MUFON [Mutual UFO Network] conference; and I looked at it and I said 'I want to find out more about this guy' because what he'd read, I'd read, What he was talking about--I had read the same thing."

Dr. Wolf insisted that the US Government "...has had relations with aliens, whether you want to call them informal treaties or real treaties. I don't know what the alien understanding of that is, but I'm sure if they were trading technology for abducting a few people to take sperm or eggs... I think that was more than a few." "Is the treaty just done with one group of aliens?" asked Courant. "No," said Dr. Wolf, "I think it was done with several. I know the Nordics are pretty much involved with the Greys, but I nave never met a Grey I didn't like. But the fact is that the only Greys I have ever come into contact with, have dolphin-like skin and personalities to match...physical effects are just like the dolphins, they want to be touched and cared about."

"But there are people writing books about their traumatic kidnappings and abductions," argued Courant. "Well," replied Dr. Wolf, "you have got to understand and put yourself in the place of the first-time abductee. It is a shock. You are being exposed to a world that you don't know even exists; everything is, if you'll pardon the pun, 'alien' to you. You're suddenly separated from your comfortable existence where you know most of the things that are going to happen to you. Here, it's a situation where you have no idea what's going to happen next. Of course it is going to induce post-traumatic stress disorder. There are 35,000-40,000 starving children a day dying on this planet and there are a lot of Hollywood stars and a lot of other people who are very, very concerned with what we're doing to this planet, and what we're doing to the children who are the hope and future of the world. Which is why I'm going public...I've offered a well-written book, a good book, and all the proceeds go to a children's charity. I'm not making a nickel," said Dr. Wolf.

The book mentioned above is titled "The Catchers of Heaven" Reprinted from UFO Magazine UK--Nov/Dec 1996 and Nexus Feb/March 1997

Bob Lazar caused a sensation in 1989 with the claim that he had been involved in a super-secret government project to study the propulsion system of an alien spacecraft held by the military at a facility called S4 near Groom Lake, Nevada. He first appeared as a black silhouette labeled "Dennis" on a Las Vegas television news program in the spring of 1989, then came forward undisguised as the star attraction in a nine-part special report, "UFOs: The Best Evidence," anchored by Las Vegas newsman George Knapp for CBS affiliate KLAS-TV Channel 8 in October of the year. Knapp stated on the air that he thought Lazar was telling the truth. Later, in UFO magazine, Knapp emphasized that Lazar's story has stayed consistent from the beginning, that he had worked for Los Alamos National Laboratory as claimed, and that a recently-acquired W-2 form showed he had also worked for the Office of Naval Intelligence, his alleged employer on the alien project.

Bob Lazar: As for going out to S4, I originally didn't even know there was an S4. I thought I was going to be at Area 51, where an awful lot of projects are done, including a lot of the black projects such as the SR-71 and so forth. In fact, I know of several people who worked at Area 51, so I didn't think it was going to be any extremely secret project, anything along the lines of the alien technology. In fact, the way I learned there was an S4 was the first time I got out there. We landed at Area 51, and moments later we got on a bus and started driving and driving. And I realized, gee, I don't work at Area 51. Then, about fifteen miles south of there, I was told that S4 was the designation. In any case, I went out there because I thought I'd be involved in an interesting project.

Question: Did you have any sense during the time you were there that this research was being conducted with any kind of cooperative agreement with aliens?

Lazar: There's a possibility of it, if one document I read was true. Now, I have no reason to suspect it was disinformation or untrue anyway, but there was reference in it to an incident. At one time, there was apparently some exchange of information between living aliens and either scientists or engineers, whoever was working on the craft; and there was apparently a conflict at the time. That, I believe, was in 1978 or '79.

In either case, the document did go into a brief explanation. I don't know if it was really even an information exchange, but the document claimed that there were living aliens working on something there, and I can only assume that there was an interaction. If this is true, that brings to light the possibility that maybe the craft was given to us. Maybe it was not a crash retrieval. But it also brings up other questions: How come they haven't returned? Why isn't this continuing today? Why is the S4 project there to begin with? Why should we have to back-engineer something if we were given it? They didn't give us the instruction book on how to operate the craft, the technical specifications or whatever.

Question: You said you read in the document room some rather strange references to human evolution and the aliens' role in human genetics. How did that come up, in what context. What was it you saw?

Lazar: I hate to repeat this stuff. I say this every time I mention it, because I have no other proof that it's true, other than the fact that I read it; and I always follow that up by saying, yes, everything I read about the propulsion system turned out to be fact. But it's really far-fetched, and even though I did work with alien technology on flying saucers, I still find it difficult to come to grips with the physical alien thing in itself.

But as far as where that come from, yes, there was a book that was almost like a history of the development of the human race. It was written from a different point of view. I don't think that particular thing had a title to it. But that's where we were referred to as "containers." Any time the word "human" came up, it was always replaced with the word "containers." Earth was referred to as Sol 3 instead of earth. It was a strangely written report.

Question: The book you're referring too--are you saying this book was of alien origin?

Lazar: I'll tell you exactly how it looked. It was certainly odd, in that it was written from another point of view. It was like a history book of us, like someone had been looking at the earth and written a brief history of what had happened, and how everything living here looked, so on and so forth. If you remember the old Collier's Encyclopedias, in the section on anatomy they had the clear pages that you could turn, and there's the circulatory system, the organs, and so forth.

OK. This was one of the most fascinating things in the briefings, other than the information itself. As you turned the page--it would be a picture of, for instance, an adobe house--and as you moved the page up, you'd see though the different levels of the house, almost like those little 3-D things you bend and see different views, but it was very smooth and clear, much higher resolution. I'd just never seen anything like that. I don't know if it actually exists anywhere, or if we're talking about something of alien origin, but as you turn the page, you can see the superstructure, and then down to the wood itself, then the foundation. It was fascinating. That's how all the illustrations were. There again, there were no references to people. Everything was "containers."

Question: What was your attitude about extraterrestrials before you got involved with this program?

Lazar: I was the greatest skeptic of all time. I just thought it was ridiculous. Now I always look back at that, because I remember, though I had nothing to stand on....It just shows me how close-minded I was. And you continue to fight it along the way, too. The day I got off the bus at S4 and walked into the hangar, and as soon as I saw the edge of the sport model, the edge of the craft, it was kind of an overwhelming feeling. But immediately I thought, this explains all the UFO stuff.

Question: How about genetic hybridization?

Lazar: The only mention of anything genetic in relation to humans was that there were apparently 65, or maybe 63, instances of what they called externally corrected evolution--65 or 63 genetic alteration made along the development of the human race.

From "UFOs and the Alien Presence: Six Viewpoints" by Michael Lindemann. Generally regarded as one of the top books in the UFO field and one of the top ten books about the alien presence of all time. ISBN# 0-9630104-0-9