January 01, 1997
Inside Edition Reports on the Salida Colorado UFO !
Written by Scott Rappaport, Produced by Richard Gold.

Summary by Dan Geib
UFO Folklore

Inside Edition did a 6 minute review on Tim Edward's UFO video and I must say that it was probably the most objective presentation of UFO material I have ever seen on ANY National TV Show. It was aired prime time before the evening National News.

For those unfamiliar with this video I will give a very brief description here. Details of the event with stills from the video can be found in the Colorado section of "Want to See a UFO ?" at UFO Folklore.

The video is a 10 minute segment of a 75 minute UFO sighting. The UFO (which appears to be a Cylinder) is VERY clear and lights can be seen emanating from it. It is a fascinating video, very well defined and high quality.

The important part of this program was not only the showing of a high quality UFO sighting, but the objective reporting that they gave it.

Inside Edition reports:

"We contacted NORAD Headquarters in Cheyenne Mt., Colorado and they said that they had not tracked it on radar and that it was not one of ours."

Air Force brass at the Pentagon quote, "There is no correlation for a man made object on that date".

Journalist Christopher O'Brian was interviewed and he stated that" Tim's video is one of the most impressive daylight videos I've personally ever seen. It baffles me what that object could be" Christopher O'Brian interviewed 5 witnesses who saw it over Salida, Grand Junction and Cresto. Inside Edition confirmed 3 of the witnesses.

They presented the newspaper article from August, 1917 reporting the same object, during the same week and the same place.

A very good video of the same object from Moscow, Russia in 1990 was also presented

Inside Edition not only presented the digital analysis work done by Jim Deletosa, which states the UFO is a real solid object approximately 1/2 mile long and 75,000 feet in the air, they obtained a second opinion. John Deturo, a computer scientist at the United States Military Academy who has uncovered several UFO hoaxes was interviewed. His conclusions after analysis were:

"It appears to be an object flying in the sky. They object either emanates light or reflects light. The Craft moves at incredible speeds".

Although this presentation by Inside Edition does not prove the existence of Galactic Neighbors, I find it very refreshing and encouraging to see a UFO report on TV that was as positive as this one. So much of the time devoted to presenting any UFO sightings is spent on presenting it as nonsense. This show starts out by saying that most people do not believe in UFOs but that if seeing is believing, you may find this quite interesting. I would have to agree !