12/23/96 .. Could you forward this news to the list for me. Much appreciated.

Bill Hamilton

Dear All,

I just received video footage taken from the space shuttle Columbia (STS-80) which, in some respects, is more interesting than the previous STS-48 footage and will be harder to explain in terms of so-called "ice crystals".

For about a 4-minute interval, all kinds of anomalous objects traverse the earth above the clouds and out into orbital space. One particular object appears to be a glowing disc that moves from right up the screen to about the center and "parks".

A few seconds later, a second object bursts through the storm clouds below and starts treking across the screen. Meanwhile, the first parked object begins to move back along the way it came, and rises out of the earth's atmosphere and looks like it comes up to meet a "blinking" object that seems to be moving in orbit.

Other objects are seen that are dimmer, and blinking objects are seen moving above the clouds. Fast moving objects with tails (presumably meteors) are seen streaking every which way.

The STS-80 was in orbit 220 miles above the earth and passing over areas of the earth where there was a lot of thunderstorm activity on December 1st.

This footage was recorded off the NASA channel, channel 22 in Sacremento, California by my friend, John Maxfield on December 1st.

Last night I took this tape to Jim Dilletosso at Village Labs in Tempe and had him upload it to his computer for later analysis. He also made an S-VHS copy from my VHS copy. We showed it to a producer from Strange Universe. I am sure that everyone will get to see this fascinating footage soon.

Also, a copy will be sent to Dr. Jack Kasher who evaluated the STS-48 footage. Then we can await NASA's imaginative explanations. They will have to come up with more than just "ice" crystals.

Bill Hamilton
Ass't State Dir

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