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Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

New UFO Events in 1996

by Richard J. Boylan, Ph.D.

An abundance of leaks and disclosures pertaining to UFO reality are occurring this year. The following examples are but a sample of recent developments.

1. On January 30, WRFX-FM, Charlotte, North Carolina featured an interview with a NASA scientist, Dr. Norman Bergrun. His book, The Ring-Makers of Saturn, reveals that NASA's Voyager I (1980) and II space-probes of Saturn's rings took photographs of an estimated 7000-mile-long elliptical (cigar-shaped) craft orbiting in the rings. Dr. Bergrun said that "portholes" could actually be seen in the side of this huge spacecraft. Confirming data was published in the February issue of Science News (V. 149, No. 5, p.71), which reported that the Hubble Space Telescope photographed a large elliptical "satellite" orbiting Saturn's rings in one photograph, which disappeared in a follow-up photograph. Two other very big and very bright orbiting objects were photographed May 22 and August 10, 1995, but had disappeared by November 21, 1995.

Dr. Bergrun dubbed the craft EMVs, electromagnetic vehicles. They are truly machines on a planetary scale. A small EMV measures in length from California to London. Large EMVs are on the scale of one and one-half Earths. When asked why NASA had not managed to get a photograph of these craft previously, Dr. Bergrun said that "they have a tendency to hide." The NASA scientist said that it appears that the giant craft is doing something, possibly laying or taking up Saturn's rings. One photo shows an EMV emitting a lightning bolt six miles wide and 470 miles long.

When asked why NASA and other governmental agencies haven't released this information before, Dr. Bergrun answered that the 1958 Space Act states that the public will be informed regarding results of space photos and data only if it is determined that such data is not a threat; and that a craft this huge would have been considered a threat and deemed to have great military significance. Thus, it would fall under "top black-budget military intelligence agencies".

Operation Right To Know, a civilian organization dedicated to ending the UFO cover-up, has relayed a report that a military-intelligence agency now controls NASA.

2. Three days before the U.S. Fourth of July, 1996, the Japanese were scheduled to declare Independence Day from the U.S. Government's UFO cover-up, and release the facts of UFO reality and extraterrestrial visitation to their people. On July 1, Japan's Hakui City Municipal Government was scheduled to open a multi-million-dollar Cosmos UFO Museum, created with federal government funds. NATO/SHAPE Command Sgt.-Major Bob Dean was invited to address the opening ceremonies crowd. Dean was convinced to come when the Japanese officials implied that the Museum contains, among other evidence, physical artifacts from UFO crash retrievals, and proof of extraterrestrial corpses found. But in mid-June Dean learned that the Japanese were not going to put the UFO artifacts and evidence of ET corpses on display. In an apparent quid pro quo, the Japanese Government was granted generous trade concessions by the U.S.

3. In September, 1995 a report was published in UFO Magazine that the Central Intelligence Agency will issue a history of CIA's involvement with UFOs. However, it now appears that the CIA will acknowledge its study of UFOs only indirectly and in stages.

Stage #1 was the wire service reports (January, 1996) that the CIA had for decades used Department of Defense remote-viewers (clairvoyants) to spy on various intelligence targets of interest, (such as locating Saddam Hussein's hideout during the Gulf War.)

Stage #2 was the February, 1996 publication of a revealing book, Cosmic Voyage, by Courtney Brown, Ph.D., Emory University professor and military intelligence-trained remote-viewer. Professor Brown's book reveals that remote viewers in the Defense Intelligence Agency/National Security Agency/Army Intelligence and Security Command, (such as Major Ed Dames, Gen. Wm. Stubblebine and Col. John Alexander,) broadened their viewing targets to focus on extraterrestrials visiting Earth, including a humanoid Martian race and a spindly "Grey" extraterrestrial race.

A Washington, D.C. informant I call "Beltway Throat" reports that Major Dames, Dr. Brown's trainer, provided remote viewing briefings to U.S. Congress members as long as 10 years ago. Those briefings involved future events which had been spied upon by Department of Defense remote-viewers.

Stage #3 may be an upcoming public admission by DIA, NSA, INSCOM or CIA that their remote-viewers have amassed impressive details about our extraterrestrial visitors.

4. Awareness of visitation by extraterrestrial intelligences has become widespread internationally. The former Acting Surgeon-General of Finland, Rauni Kilde, M.D., announced the convening of the First Scandinavian Conference on Extraterrestrial Intelligence and the Human Future, November 10, 1996 in Helsinki, Finland. Invited speakers include: Colin Andrews, Drs. John Mack, Steven Greer, Leo Sprinkle, Mohammed Ramadan, Bob Dean, Michael Hesemann, and Dr. Kilde.

At a December, 1995 international congress in Nevada, Dr. Kilde talked about attending a recent conference in Switzerland, where she heard a German astronaut speak. Dr. Kilde also made the startling revelation that "we go to the Moon all the time since 1972," the year when the Apollo Moon Program ended. She has also heard from European astronauts that secret launchings into space happen semi-weekly.

5. Among documents recently obtained from the White House under the Freedom of Information Act is an interesting piece of correspondence between former Naval Intelligence Commander and Human Potential Foundation director Scott Jones, Ph.D. and White House Presidential Science Advisor John Gibbons, Ph.D. In a February 17, 1994 letter, following up on a February 4 White House meeting between Lawrence Rockefeller, Dr. Jones, and Dr. Gibbons, Scott Jones wrote:

"Whatever Roswell [UFO crash revelation] turns out to be, it is only the opening round. I urge you to take another look at the UFO Matrix of Belief that I provided you last year. My mention of mind-control technology at the February 4 meeting was quite deliberate. Please be careful about this. There are reasons to believe that some governmental group has interwoven research about this [mind-control] technology with alleged UFO phenomena. If that is correct, you can expect to run into early resistance when inquiring about UFOs, not because of the UFO subject, but because that has been used to cloak research and applications of mind-control activity."

6. According to a poll released by Newsweek magazine June 30, 1996, nearly half of all Americans think that the government is hiding proof of UFOs from the public. The poll found that 48 percent of those interviewed believed that the Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) which people report seeing are real. Forty-nine percent thought that the government was hiding information on the subject. One in eight said that they personally had seen objects which they thought were UFOs. These figures concur with a Scripps-Howard Newspapers poll taken last year, which asked similar questions.

7. A report by Peter Sorenson states that on June 17, 1996, at England's ancient Alton Barnes site, a spectacular crop circle appeared. This enormous crop design 648 feet in length consisted of a "double helix", twin DNA-like strands made from 89 circles of varying sizes.

Three weeks later on July 8, south of the famous Stonehenge monolithic monument, an elaborate crop circle appeared, comprised of a series of Julia sets. The crop design was 900 feet in length and 300 feet wide. The Julia Set is a pictorial representation of fractal mathematical relationships within a Mandelbrot set, related to Chaos Theory. This crop design appeared during a fifteen-minute period between two fly-overs by planes in the area.

8. It is my analysis that the ending of the official government's UFO cover-up began August 7, 1996, the day a well-orchestrated NASA press conference made the announcement that evidence for life on Mars had been discovered, closely followed by remarks by President Clinton and Carl Sagan. The President called the NASA announcement a major event in our history. Dr. Carl Sagan, prestigious astrophysicist and a former skeptic about evidence for extraterrestrial life, labeled the NASA announcement as representing a paradigm shift in our understanding of our place in the universe. Given the ambiguous evidence which NASA trumpeted to the world, it appears that the actual significance of this globally-hyped announcement was not so much about evidence of life on Mars, but that the attention of everyone in the country and the world was being focused on the fact of extraterrestrial life.

Six days later on August 13, NASA made an announcement that reconnaissance spacecraft pictures indicated that conditions favorable for life existed on Jupiter's moon Europa. The President announced that there will be an intensified effort immediately to explore Mars and search for further signs of life, in view of this striking evidence. The President also announced that he was convening a Space Conference before the end of the year (1996), to look at what America's objectives should be for space in light of this new evidence of extraterrestrial life. Within a week, two Mars explorer craft were in place at Cape Canaveral, being prepared for launch.

It appears that we may expect further announcements related to UFOs and extraterrestrial life, after the November 5 election, as the Administration proceeds with the holding of a public Symposium, "Life In The Universe", on November 22 in Washington, DC at George Washington University. It will deal with public response to the government announcement of extraterrestrial life (on Mars), and the "cultural, intellectual, theological and policy implications". Following this Symposium, the vice-president will preside over a National Space Summit in December, at which prestigious scientists will be participating to discuss what should be America's directions for space in view of the discovery of extraterrestrial life.

9. Our extraterrestrial visitors are not idle either. Apparently they have begun a campaign of "outing" the governmental cover-up of UFO reality by systematically overflying the capitals of increasing numbers of nations. Since their semi-permanent flap over Mexico City starting in July 1991, followed by an overflight above Alma Ata, capital of Kazakhstan (former USSR), this year the ETs have overflown the following capitals: Brasilia, Brazil (August 22), Pretoria, South Africa (August 29), Tel Aviv, Israel (September 7), Amman, Jordan (September 8), Canberra, Australia (late September), and London, England (September through October). We can only wonder what will happen when they overfly Washington, DC. Surely that will spell the end of the UFO cover-up.

Richard J. Boylan has a doctorate in psychology. He is a certified clinical hypnotherapist, researcher, lecturer, and author of four books and numerous articles. His research investigations have included human encounters with extraterrestrials, parapsychological functioning, and the societal implications of contact with cosmic cultures. Dr. Boylan has lectured widely at national and regional conferences, and has been interviewed on numerous radio and television programs, including Sightings and Paranormal Borderline. You can reach Dr. Boylan by email at rich.boylan@24stex.com, or by phone at 916-455-0120, or by mail at 2826 O Street Suite 2, Sacramento CA 95816. This article is copyright (c) 1996 Richard Boylan.

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