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This is a very interesting piece. It was sent to me by Tim Edwards from his friend Largebeat Gertz, who informs us that "The Bobby Kennedy letter was from an old book I have from 1971, by Paris Flammonde, called "The Age of Flying Saucers. "

The book does exist. I searched the net and found reference to it at http://www.cydonia.org/search/ucbooks-a.html

A link to a scanned copy of the letter is at the bottom of this page !

I really like this folks for several reasons.

1. It has a verifiable source in the book

2. Although it does not prove the existance of UFOs I would think it might quiet the crowds who say ALL UFO believers are nuts or idots.

If ANYONE has any other data that can prove or disprove the veracity of this letter, PLEASE contact me at geibdan@qtm.net! Thanxz !

The following is the text version of the letter:

United States Senate
Washington, D.C.
May 9, 1968

Mr. Gray Barker
Publisher, Saucer News
Box 228 Clarksburg, West Virginia 26301

Dear Readers:

As you may know, I am a card carrying member of the Amalgamated Flying Sausers Association. Therefore, like many other people in our country I am interested in the phenomenon of flying saucers.

It is a fasinating subject that has initiated both scientific fiction fantasies and serious scientific research.

I watch with great interest all reports of unidentified flying objects, and I hope that some day we will know more about this intriguing subject.

Dr. Harlow Shapley, the prominent astronomer, has stated that there is a probability that there is other life in the universe.

I favor more research regarding this matter, and I hope that once and for all we can determine the true facts about flying saucers. Your magazine can stimulate much of the investigation and inquiry into this phenomenon through the publication of news and discussion of material. This can be of great help in paving the way to a knowledge of one of the fascinating subjects of our contemporary world.

Robert F Kennedy

The Scanned version of the letter can be found here ! (10K)

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