AUFORA News Update
Friday, October 25th, 1996


from Aerospace Daily, 10/21/96. Article:30748
FACE TIME: While Sojourner is set to crawl around the floor of an ancient channel that scientists believe once carried liquid water, the Mars Global Surveyor will map the planet from a polar orbit that will take it over most points on the surface 26 times during a 687-day Martian year. That will include the so-called "face on Mars" touted in the tabloids as evidence of a past Martian civilization that NASA is trying to cover up. Arden Albee, Global Surveyor project scientist, says the project plans to alert the vocal face-on-Mars lobby whenever imagery from the region where the "face" was spotted is coming up, and to post the imagery on the Internet as soon as it's collected. "We think that we have done all the things that we can possibly do in the framework of this mission to try to address this question of the face on Mars," he says.

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