Cardinal: Adam and Eve may have been "lower animals"

New York (AP)

Adam and Eve may have been "some other form" than human and it is possible that the first living creature was a "lower animal". Cardinal John O'Conner told worshipers at St. Patrick's Cathedral. The comments Sunday by the head of the New York archdiocese came after a month after Pope John Paul II says the theory of evolution was "more that just a hypothesis"

It is possible that when the two persons we speak of as Adam and Eve were created, is was in some other form, and God breathed life into them, breathed a soul into them," O'Conner was quoted as saying in today's Daily News.

"Perhaps the spirit of God that breathed forth life into the Earth.. was a lower animal" he added.

He also stated that schools might emphasize the "spiritual dimension" more, along with the role God played in creating the human soul, which he said distinguishes man from animals.

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