Shuttle Stories

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It is published by a group called ORTK. This work comes from the original work of ORTK.


by Dan Pinchas

On Oct. 21, 1995, at 2:05 a.m. EST, NASA mission STS-73 aboard Space Shuttle Columbia apparently encountered a UFO in space. As viewed on cable television transmissions from the mission, a female astronaut is clearly heard saying, "We have an unidentified flying object." This is then followed by nearly 15 minutes of silence, while a female astronaut (either Kathryn Thornton, Payload Commander or Catherine (Cady) Coleman, Mission Specialist) is shown in lab view by the camera.

A call to the public information office at Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Maryland, elicited the response that no one in that office was aware of any such comments made during the course of the STS-73 mission. ORTK Board Member Don Ratsch (who taped the relevant transmission) has written his Congressman and Senators to find out more about the circumstances of this revealing quote. He reports having made no progress thus far in this effort. A copy of the tape was also forwarded to a researcher in Houston to be shown to personnel at the Johnson Space Flight Center.

An investigation into this apparent NASA UFO encounter in space is continuing. We will report any further developments concerning this case as they develop.


by Donald Ratsch

On April 5, 1991, space shuttle mission STS-37 was launched from the Cape in Florida and landed on April 11, 1991. During the mission, as the Orbiter was approaching the west coast of South America, a dramatic event occurred. As the video camera was rolling and aimed at the viewing window recording the daylight side of the colored earth below, suddenly the orbiter rocked and wobbled as a round UFO appeared outside the viewing window. When the slightly ovoid object first came into view, it traveled from the left to right very fast, changed course to the left and then stopped and hovered.

In September 1994, a gentleman named Marc Whiteford from Arlington, Virginia was attending and speaking at the Wyoming UFO Conference where certain scientists were giving presentations. Mr. Whiteford knew I had in my possession the original video recording from NASA Select of the Starwars UFO event known as STS-48, previously shown on TV shows such as Hard Copy, Encounters, The Larry King Show, etc. Upon his request I agreed to send him a good copy of the STS-48 event, as well as video recordings of other events from other missions. I included the STS-37 UFO footage.

In the audience was Paul Davids, Executive Producer of the Showtime movie, "Roswell". He seemed impressed so the NASA footage was turned over to him. The STS-48 and STS-37 footage was included at the very end of his two videos called, "The UFO Coverup Continues...Volume 1 & 2. When Mr. Davids was making his movie, "Roswell", he already had poorer copies of STS-48 and STS-37, which he included in his "Roswell" movie at the very beginning of the film.

The STS-37 UFO is seen moving dramatically into view from left to right as (former Air Force Intelligence head) General John Samford is video dubbed in on the right side of the screen stating, "We can say that the recent sightings are in no way connected with any secret developments by any agencies of the United States." Then as the closeup is shown of the STS-37's movements, another military man on the right side of the screen is heard saying "...there is nothing to hide at all". Unfortunately the close-up STS-37 UFO is seen traveling from the other direction through technological manipulation. At any rate, the viewer can see the round ovoid shape when watching the film.

Where does Mr. Oberg fit into this? Remember that the STS-37 UFO comes into view as the shuttle is on the daylight side of the earth. Well, believe it or not, Mr. Oberg, while in the Mission Control Center, had watched that UFO make its appearance yet another time, when the shuttle was on the night side of the earth. In 1992, Mr. Oberg and I exchanged snail mail and in one of his snail mails dated July 14, 1992 he states:

"Last but not least is a page from my personal log written during the STS-37 mission last April, when I was in the Mission Control Center for the deploy of the GRO science satellite. While watching a long stretch of NIGHTSIDE video I saw a bright ovoid image cross the screen from left to right. Although I was sure there was a rational explanation, it was an impressive apparition. I personally never thought it was an alien spacecraft but you are welcome to follow up on it. And I'm presuming you have been taping the NASA Select video since STS-48."

I put the above article in the newsgroup alt.paranet.ufo, and it wasn't long before Mr. Oberg replied. It was apparent that he was beginning to back pedal and now said that what he saw on the big screen at Mission Control was a lighted city passing by the screen. Well, that explanation doesn't wash! During a typical shuttle, Mr. Oberg sees hundreds of lights from cities as they slowly appear to move across the screen due to the rotation of the Earth and the orbiting of the shuttle, nothing out of the ordinary, just routine. But he obviously observed something that startled him, for he used the words, "...While watching a long stretch of nightside video I saw a bright ovoid image cross the screen from left to right"..."it was an impressive apparition."

To prove his case, Mr. Oberg ought to tell me which city on Earth, when lit up at night, looks egg shaped as seen from an orbiting shuttle and moves across the screen faster than the revolving Earth. Mr. Oberg really does not want anyone to be left with the impression that the STS-37 was twice visited by a UFO.