Well folks, yet another theory of NASA &  Earth's Reality Shift.
While I may not agree completly with what Goro Adachi speculates, I found much inside that I could agree with. So I thought I would put it here for all of you to enjoy and decide for yourselves. Another great piece of possible future events scenarios ! Dan

PROPHETIC INSIGHTS: Event Analysis 8/13/96

LIFE ON MARS: Why now?

1. The NASA Announcement
2. Artificial Structures On Mars
3. Life On Europa?
4. Conspiracies Surrounding Mars
The Mysterious Disappearance Of Mars Observer
5. Continuing Conspiracy
- Hyperdimensional Physics & Mars Pathfinder
6. Overview of the Possible Hidden Plan


On August 6th (1996), around 3 p.m., while I was just casually watching CNN, suddenly the anchor woman started talking about life on Mars with a nervous face (it could have been the first report that CNN did on this news item). She reported that NASA has found the compelling (but not conclusive) evidence that there was life on Mars 3 billion years ago. "This must be a dream!", was my first reaction. I could not believe my ears! Not because I didn't think life might have existed on Mars, but because of the fact that NASA is coming out with this information publicly at this particular time. This was surprising, in a way, because from listening to Richard Hoagland on the radio, I had actually been expecting this kind of move from NASA for several days before the news came through CNN.

The next day (8/7), NASA held an official news conference and told the whole world about their earth-shaking discovery which would answer one of the big questions that mankind has been asking for so long... "Are we alone?" The 'potential' evidence that points to the possibility that a primitive form of microscopic life may have existed on Mars more than three billion years ago was discovered by scientists studying a meteorite that they determined came from Mars some 13,000 years ago. They found organic molecules in the rock from Mars that are described as the fossil trace of past biological activity. This is the very first time in history that we may have found the scientific evidence of extraterrestrial life. Many scientists are now calling it the biggest discovery in the history of science! This was huge!


I was really stunned by this announcement. Why after all the denial and disinformation campaign regarding extraterrestrials / UFOs, did NASA decide to disclose this INCONCLUSIVE discovery that was certain to lead the general public's attention to intelligent ETs and UFOs? Some people speculated that this was done to revive the public interest in space exploration to promote NASA. I don't think could be the only reason, if at all. Because they had been able to present equally strong "circumstantial" evidence of ET life a lot before the recent announcement, only if they wanted to. In the announcement NASA made it clear that their conclusion was not conclusive, but based on strong 'circumstantial' evidence. Is it not true that the controversial artificial structures on Mars (and the Moon) are supported by strong circumstantial evidence? Of course, NASA says it's not strong enough. But how different are those circumstantial evidences really?

Richard C. Hoagland (founder and principle investigator of an independent space research group called "The Enterprise Mission", author of "The Monuments of Mars" etc.) among others has been strongly pushing the idea that there are structures on Mars (and the Moon) that seem to be artificial ("The face on Mars", the "pyramid", etc.). But despite his (and some others') very detailed and logically sound analysis, NASA has always basically ignored or ridiculed his claims. Then, in 1993, Stanley V. McDaniel (Professor Emeritus and former Chairman of the Philosophy Department at a California State University) concluded in his "The McDaniel Report" (a 200-page analysis of the methodology employed by researchers studying enigmatic objects on the surface of Mars, and also an analysis of NASA's policy regarding these objects) that the researchers' claims are very sound, and what they did, according to McDaniel, was how science should work at its best. He also concluded that:

	"NASA's "evaluation" has consisted largely of initial impressions
	from unenhanced photographs, heavily weighted by faulty
	reasoning.  NASA has failed to apply any special methods of
	analysis; it has relied upon flawed reports; it has failed to
	attempt verification of the enhancements and measurements made by
	others; and it has focused exclusively on inappropriate
	methodology which ignores the importance of context. There
	remains no scientific basis for NASA's position regarding the
	- (excerpted from The McDaniel Report - Executive Summary)
Prof. McDaniel had no reason to personally favor either of them (i.e. NASA or the independent researchers), and the overall integrity of his report was confirmed by many scientists in various fields including geology, physics, and astronomy. Here are some of them mentioned in the report:
	Dr. Robert M. Schoch, Associate Professor of Science and
	Mathematics (geology), Boston University; Dr. Horace Crater,
	Professor of Physics, University of Tennessee Space Institute;
	Dr. David Webb, Professor of Space Education, Research, and
	Technology at Embry-Riddle University, Daytona Beach, Florida;
	Dr. Thomas Van Flandern, former Head, Celestial Mechanics Branch,
	U. S. Naval Observatory; James Berkland, former Assistant
	Professor of Geology, Appalachian State University; and L. J.
	Angstrom, the great-grandson of the famous physicist A. J.
	Angstrom and Director of the prestigious Angstrom Foundation in
	Stockholm, Sweden.

So, my point is, it appears that there is enough circumstantial evidence, that the structures on Mars are artificial, that is as strong as the one used in their recent conclusion regarding the meteorite from Mars. So why the double standard? And why did NASA decide to go public with the 'circumstantial evidence' that there WAS life on Mars _now_... right before the launching of two probes to Mars (Mars Global Surveyor in Nov. '96 and Mars Pathfinder in December '96)? It seems that the timing is the key to this thing...


It is likely no coincidence that this issue of life on Mars is becoming big news at this precise time. It appears to be part of a bigger plan by NASA and/or someone in the government that Richard Hoagland very recently (late-July '96) talked about. According to Hoagland, NASA was probably about to make a major announce that they discovered life on Europa (one of Jupiter's moons) very soon when the spacecraft Galileo again approaches and probes Europa (Galileo's close flybys of Europa will occur Dec. 19, 1996, Feb. 20, 1997 and Nov. 6, 1997. Additional non-flyby observations will be made during this September and November, and in April, June and September of 1997). The first time Galileo was close to Europa (late last year), NASA somewhat mysteriously canceled its scheduled report regarding the probing of Europa. Then just recently on July 18th, Professor Steven Squyres, a NASA planetary scientist, suddenly discussed at the Meeting of the Committee for Space Research, in Birmingham, UK, the possibility of life on Europa USING HOAGLAND'S LOGIC (i.e. "Europa Concept") from 16 years ago (1980). According to the Enterprise Mission press release, Squyres, speculated in his presentation that "[in Europa's ocean] biological activity may ...be powered by geothermal heat at the center of the planet -- much like the thermophilic, heat-loving bacteria and isolated biological communities recently discovered near submarine volcanoes on Earth..." In Hoagland's 13+ page "Europa Concept" paper from _1980_ (published in Star & Sky magazine, and mentioned in Arthur C. Clarke's sequel to the famed "2001"), almost exactly the same concept is presented:
	"During the last few years the development of deep-diving
	submarines has opened the floors of Earth's deepest oceans to
	exploration. Several miles down, in eternal darkness and under
	crushing pressures, living creatures exist, sustained by a
	constant rain of dead organisms that drift down from the
	abundance of life at the ocean's sunlit surface. Without such
	sustenance from above, life in the depths was assumed to be
	impossible -- thus apparently ruling out Europa as an abode of
	life because of its solid casing of ice.  But recent findings
	have overturned this concept...

	"Near the rift systems that lie along divisions between plates
	in our planet's crust, molten magma wells up, creating warm water
	vents ...producing one of the most fertile crucibles for living
	organisms known on Earth... about four times greater than in
	productive surface ocean waters...

	"Europa's ocean, according to the line of reasoning in this
	article, potentially has all the ingredients to permit the
	existence of similar internally nurtured oases of life. Only
	further exploration -- on both Europa and Earth -- will tell us
	if there are two life-bearing worlds in the solar system..."

	(excerpted from the Enterprise Mission press release 7/23/96
	quoting parts of "Europa Concept")

Squyres stated that his hypothesis was based on "personal examination of 16-year-old Voyager photography, under a formal contract with NASA." This is not good. Stealing others' work is a big 'no-no' in the scientific community, and it is likely that Steven Squyres was aware of Hoagland's "Europa Concept" when he basically presented Hoagland's idea as his own (In 1988, Hoagland and Squyres debated on CBS's "Nightwatch" news program). What prompted Squyres to act as he did? Richard Hoagland speculated that this weird move was probably part of NASA's attempt to get Hoagland out of the picture when they, in the near future, announce that there is, as Hoagland originally theorized, life on Europa. NASA may have found the evidence of life when Galileo first probed the moon of Jupiter, but then withheld the information... which wouldn't be surprising. Life outside of Earth is big, big news. They need to treat it very carefully. However, the bigger problem for NASA here is that the concept of life on Europa is closely associated with Richard Hoagland who happen to strongly accuses NASA of withholding information regarding artificial structures on Mars and the Moon. If they announced that there is life on Europa, the media would certainly focus on Hoagland and praise him for his insight. And this would lead their attention to the possible artificial structures on Mars and the moon, Hoagland's more recent claims. Obviously, this is not good for NASA / gov't. They can't let the public know about the big conspiracies surrounding Mars and the moon. So what do they do? They tried to let one of THEIR (NASA) people steal Hoagland's idea regarding life on Europa and give one of _their_ people credit for the theory. However, Hoagland is already aware of this situation and trying to spread the word, and since Hoagland's Europa Concept was published in Star & Sky and used in one of Arthur C. Clarke's books, it's not likely that this (possible) plan by NASA will work now.

(It is also worth noting IMO that on April Fool's day this year, America Online did a well-done fake news that reported Galileo found life on Jupiter. It created quite a buzz in cyberspace. It probably was designed to check the reaction of the general public to the idea of life beyond earth, and also to let the population get more used to the idea of ET life.)

And now, came the announcement regarding life on Mars. This could be the final stage of preparation before the announcement of life on Europa (but it's also only another step of a bigger plan unfolding). I think the plan is to let the general public know that there once was life on Mars in the past, before they announce that there IS life on Europa NOW. Because it is less shocking to be told that there was, IN THE PAST, life on another planet than to be told that there is life, RIGHT NOW, in other parts of our solar system.


It began in 1976 with NASA's Viking mission (Viking 1 & 2) to Mars. The primary mission objectives were to obtain high resolution images of the Martian surface, characterize the structure and composition of the atmosphere and surface, and search for evidence of life. It was the images from Viking of a region on Mars called "Cydonia" that started the controversy of the "monuments of Mars". The pictures of Cydonia from Viking showed some very anomalous structures such as the "face" and the "pyramid" etc. Some researchers (including Richard Hoagland and his team since 1983) investigated the images in depth and concluded that it is highly probable that the structures are artificial. However, NASA has been basically dismissing the idea as unscientific. Curiously, as I mentioned earlier, according to Prof. Stanley McDaniel's "McDaniel Report", the investigations into the anomalous objects in Cydonia are done very scientifically, and NASA's explanation for the dismissal of the those claims were baseless, misleading, and unscientific. Why did NASA decide to not take the Cydonian anomalies seriously? Or did they? Their strange reactions to this issue seemed to suggest that there was something going on behind the scenes and NASA knew more than they had told us about Mars. NASA's next mission to Mars was "Mars Observer" (launched in '92)...

- The Mysterious Disappearance Of Mars Observer

The controversial Martian anomalies of Cydonia could have been clearly verified or falsified using Mars Observer, if NASA wanted to. Of course, they didn't plan to specifically probe the Cydonian region with Mars Observer, but with The McDaniel Report published just before the Mars Observer mission, the pressure was certainly there for NASA to further investigate the Martian anomalies. What happened next was the mysterious disappearance of Mars Observer. It was very close to reaching Mars when it happened. What happened to it? No one knows for sure. It was _speculated_ by NASA that it was caused by a mechanical malfunction. But things may not be what they seem to be.

In '92, Mars Observer was launched and headed toward Mars. In '93, when Mars Observer almost reached Mars, all communication between the spacecraft and Earth was cut off for some unknown reason. The final attempt at locating the spacecraft was on 21 September '93 when commands were issued to activate the Mars Balloon Relay Experiment. The experiment contained a small omnidirectional beacon which might be detected on Earth. No response was detected. On 29 October flight controllers concluded operations, and the Mars Observer Flight Team was subsequently disbanded. Mars Observer was officially "lost".

Richard Hoagland disagrees.

:: Hoagland's Conspiracy Scenario ::

1. After the spaceshuttle, Challenger, blew up in '86, nobody was launching anything for 2 and 1/2 years. Everything was grounded. The military was as dependent upon the shuttle to launch all kinds of satellites as NASA, so they also paid because the shuttle was not working.

2. In the fall of 1988, U.S. signed an agreement with the Soviets, in the Reagan administration, to basically cooperate and collaborate on space data

3. The very afternoon the document was signed ('88), NASA headquarters turned around and told JPL then to postpone trying to launch Mars Observer by 2 years... from 1990 to 1992.

4. At the same time, fall of '88, the Pentagon suddenly says, "well, we're such good guys, we're gonna make way on the shuttle for the Hubble Space Telescope." And the Hubble space telescope was put in the cue AHEAD of a military satellite to be launched in the spring of 1990. (a civilian project ahead of postponed military projects? Hmm..) It MUST be important to them. However, when it was put in orbit around Earth, they "discovered" that the mirror/lens of Hubble was FLAWED. If it was so important, why did they wait 3 LONG YEARS to fix Hubble's "flawed" mirror?

	Richard Hoagland says:

	"The idea that NASA did not test the hell out of this (Hubble's)
	mirror and it launched it not knowing it was flawed, is frankly
	an insult to every American tax payer... a MAJOR insult!  So
	then you gotta tell yourself 'why in the world, would NASA
	deliberately lie?'  Somebody in NASA.... remember we're not
	talking about all of NASA.  Well, let me tell you what
	happened;  When the mirror problem was "discovered", the
	first thing that NASA did was to move in on the contractor...
	and confiscated, impounded and sealed all the contractor
	records of their tests.  And all we have had is *NASA
	versions* of those tests.  There has never been any independent
	review outside of NASA of what went wrong with Hubble."

	"The head of the NASA review panel... that NASA set up to
	decide what went wrong, how they blew it... was a gentleman
	at JPL, the director of JPL, L. Allen (sp?).  He just happened
	to have come to JPL from a previous post in the U.S.
	government, which was head of the most secret agency of
	government, the NSA....  This man knows how to keep secret.
	He controls that panel." 

5. In '92, Mars Observer was finally launched and later it ALMOST got to Mars. When it was ready to orbit around Mars, it was reported "lost". Of course, it is possible that it was just one of those accidents. But it is the way some officials in NASA handled the situation that makes this incident look suspicious. For example, although they apparently tried to fix the main computer after the communication between the spacecraft and earth was lost, , NASA did not reboot the computer (It's not very clear to me what happened technically) although it was even suggested by their own person in charge of fixing the problem But it was somehow ignored by those higher ranking officials. Many of the decisions didn't make much sense and it seemed like they didn't do everything they could to save/restore the spacecraft. Their reason for not doing so was that the onboard computer program could have been lost in the process of rebooting. Hoagland said that this answer was not sufficient because they had nothing to lose anyway by trying. The fact that they would not reboot suggests that there was probably a secret secondary program. Hoagland hypothesized that a secret back up program existed in Mars Observer's backup computer and someone secretly activated the program and it took over when the radio signal was turned off. Turning off the radio was a officially planned procedure, but according to Hoagland it is something you "just don't do" and was totally against common procedure practiced for years. This secret backup program probably took over the mission and it went on to survey Mars/Cydonia.

6. Because of the delay in the launching of Mars Observer, when it was launched and it got to Mars, the geometry of the earth-Mars system was such that basically Mars was almost due to go behind the sun as seen from earth (roughly Nov.'93-Feb.'94).. In the original time-frame, this would not have occurred. (This is important and will be explained in #8)

7. The Hubble telescope was probably deliberately sabotaged, and they had already planned to tell everybody that there was something wrong with Hubble's mirror, so that _3 years_ later, astronauts would have to go up and "fix" it. But there was probably nothing wrong with the mirror itself at all. It was done to justify the manned visit in Dec.1994 of the Hubble telescope by the astronauts. Had Mars Observer been in position and orbiting Mars, it would have had many pictures taken (i.e. Cydonia, Face etc. that may have proved the existence of extraterrestrial or an advanced ancient civilization) already at that time.

- How could it send the photographs back to earth?

8. Mars Observer had a rare capability of sending out laser beams/signals. It could be easily reprogrammed to code the transmission of the secret Cydonian images on the laser and beam them half way across the solar system to the Hubble telescope. And Hubble, in earth orbit, could be used as a "optical light bucket" to catch the laser signal sent by Mars Observer, using a device called the "high speed photometer" which was carried by the Hubble telescope. It could detect a flickering coded laser beam blinking at a 100,000 times/sec (= 100,000 bits/sec) The only telescope on earth that could even see Mars or see the signals would have been one orbiting the earth. No telescope on earth could intercept the signals BECAUSE MARS WAS SO CLOSE TO THE SUN, THEY WOULD PICK UP NOTHING BUT NOISE (late '93 -early '94). The Hubble telescope was the only possible receiver for the laser signal from Mars Observer, because of the sun-Mars-Earth geometry at that particular time.

9. "Coincidentally", the one instrument the astronauts physically removed from Hubble and brought back to earth from the repair mission was the HIGH SPEED PHOTOMETER. They replaced ONE instrument, and it just HAPPENED TO BE the high speed photometer. And then someone on earth probably downloaded the computer/photometer and possibly wiped the memory and then took the disk with all the information/pictures to the CIA etc. - Why Hubble? Why didn't they use other spy satellites the US military launched?

10. First, how many of those military satellites had (or needed) the HIGH SPEED PHOTOMETER that could detect a laser beam/signal from Mars near the sun? (likely none) Second, even if one of the satellites DID have a high speed photometer, how would they securely without ANYBODY knowing get the information stored in the photometer and bring it back to earth? They wouldn't want to use radio signal (to earth) because it could be easily intercepted. Why not sabotage one of the military satellite like they probably did with the Hubble telescope? Because, remember, all space projects were behind schedule since the Discovery accident, thus the military didn't want to waste any of their military satellites for any amount of time, especially when you couldn't be really sure when / if Mars Observer would be launched. So they chose a *civilian* satellite/telescope which they could waste if they wanted to. (and they did, for 3 years.)


Now in 1996, after Mars Observer, the conspiracy still seems to be going on. But the difference seems to be that NASA / government has entered a new phase in dealing with the issue of extraterrestrials. The focus seems to have changed from secrecy to controlled release of information concerning ET life. Why? That is hard to say at this time, but there are basically three possibilities:

1. They want to tell the truth, but carefully.
2. They are forced to reveal the existence of ETs for some reason.
3. They are using the information as a tool to control the masses

Whichever the reason is (personally I feel it is the combination of #2 and #3), I think the new phase has basically began with the "Alien Autopsy" film that was shown all over the world in August 1995. It created such a controversy and heated discussions world-wide. Whether the film is authentic or not is not that important, because the objective likely was to create discussions and force people to think about the possibility and implications of the film being authentic. (I feel there will be more evidence to authenticate the film in the near future.) Then one year later in July-August 1996, the film "Independence Day" (in which evil ETs try to invade Earth but counter-attacked by humans) came to movie theaters and became a HUGE hit, and NASA announced that there probably was life on Mars in the past. This again drew so much attention of the general public. ETs have now become a very hot topic and it is no longer laughed at.

So, what's next (besides the possible announcement regarding life on Europa)? "Coincidentally," NASA will launch a probe to Mars (Mars Global Surveyor) in November this year (1996), and another one (Mars Pathfinder) in December. Curiously, Mars Pathfinder will arrive at Mars on _July 4_, 1997 and land on the red planet. It would be almost exactly one year from the opening of the film "Independence Day" and NASA's announcement of life on Mars, and two years from the airing of the "Alien Autopsy" film. I now feel this 1-year interval pattern is how this controlled release of the ET information is designed. This speculation (i.e. Pathfinder being part of the "plan") is supported by some interesting aspects of the Pathfinder mission...

- Hyperdimensional Physics & Mars Pathfinder

Excerpt from Richard Hoagland's web site:

	One of the most surprising results of the continuing 14-year-old
	"Enterprise" investigation of potential solar system "ET
	artifacts," has been the rediscovery as part of that
	investigation of a little-known 100-year-old scientific
	discipline now clearly outlined in the "ruins"--

	The field of "hyperdimensional physics."

	This is a physics based on geometric and mathematical foundations
	which involves other spatial dimensions -- ergo the term,
	"hyperdimensional" physics. The field itself began over a hundred
	years ago, as part of a burgeoning scientific inquiry by 19th-
	Century mathematicians and physicists into theoretical "non-
	Euclidian" geometries (geometries involving spatial dimensions in
	addition to "length, breadth and height"), and a set of
	specifically predicted physical interactions of energy and matter
	determined by those "non-Euclidian geometries."

	In the truest sense, these early theories and confirming (though
	now, remarkably, totally ignored) 19th-Century laboratory data
	can be viewed as the first scientific attempt at a "grand unified
	theory" of physical reality.

	Imagine the shock, then, as this Investigation rediscovered -- in
	1988 -- identical hyperdimensional geometric indicators to an
	identical hyperdimensional physics... amid "the Monuments of

	(end excerpt)

Furthermore, according to Hoagland, tetrahedral geometry (a tetrahedron is a pyramid with an equilateral triangle base) which is hypothesized to be the primary message encoded in the geometry of the Cydonia complex on Mars and the Moon. This geometry, according to Hoagland, is how the "hyperdimensional" energy interacts with our dimensions. Here is roughly how it works:

Put an imaginary tetrahedron in a sphere with one of the vertices touching the north and south pole. And if the size of the tetrahedron is just right so that the other three vertices touch the surface of the sphere, the contact points will be at 19.5 degrees North/South latitude. Then if you rotate this sphere at a high speed, something weird happens that cannot be explained by our current physics. It creates energy within the sphere out of nowhere. Richard Hoagland suspects this tetrahedral form is an energy conduit within planets. At 19.5 degrees, where the tetrahedron touches the surface of the sphere, is coincidentally the area where most dramatic planetary activities take place. Those are probably the physical manifestation of the tetrahedral energy grid within planets/stars. Here are some examples (source: http://www.waldonet.net.mt/~mufor/plananom.htm):

The Hawaiian islands / MaunaKea volcano (one of the most active volcanoes) at about 19.6 deg. N latitude.

The MOON -
A unique "mare-life" lava extrusion, Tsiolkovskii is at 19.6 deg. S. latitude.

The SUN:
The peak latitude of the 11-year sunspot cycle and solar temperature emission occurs roughly at 19.5 degrees N. & S.

The solar system's biggest volcano, Olympus Mons on Mars, is at 19.3 deg. N. latitude.

Alpha & Beta Regio, volcanoes on Venus suspected to be active, are at 19.5 deg.

The Great Red Spot is roughly at 19.5 deg. S. latitude.

The Great Dark Spot is roughly at 19.5 deg. S. latitude.

So what's all this got to do with the secret 'plan'? There is a direct connection: Mars Pathfinder that arrives at Mars on _July 4th_, 1997, will land on Mars at 19.5 degrees North latitude AND the shape of the lander will be TETRAHEDRAL! What a series of "coincidences"! Here are excerpts from the Mars Pathfinder status reports that present the rationale for choosing the latitude:

	"As previously announced, the project has decided to land where
	Ares Vallis opens into Chryse Planitia on Mars (19.5 degrees
	North latitude, 32.8 degrees West longitude). The rationale for
	choosing this location is that it represents a place where there
	is the potential for sampling a wide variety of different rocks
	that make up the planet Mars in the small area accessible to the
	rover (a few tens of meters)."

	"Since the spacecraft is solar-powered, the best site is one with
	maximum sunshine and in July, 1997, the sun will be directly over
	the 15 degrees north latitude region of the planet."

First of all, I can't imagine their choice of latitude being _precisely_ 19.5 degrees is just a coincidence. It could've been 19 deg. or 20 deg. or whatever, but no, they somehow chose 19.5 degrees. And even though NASA tries to make it sound as if 19.5 is a logical choice, there seems to be a hole in their argument:

1. NASA scientists/engineers admit this mission is 80-90% engineering/testing. They could've basically landed anywhere to do the same job. It should not be that important for Pathfinder to land where it can analyze "wide variety of different rocks." 2. They, in a way, constrained themselves to choose a landing site close to 15 deg. N. latitude by scheduling the mission as they did.

So, what's really happening here? Why did they choose to land at 19.5 degrees latitude (using a tetrahedral lander)? Is some one or group in NASA aware of the hyperdimensional physics and its validity? Did they discover the new physics from the structures on Mars also? If so, what are they trying to accomplish (unofficially) by landing at latitude 19.5 deg.? Could it be that those who are controlling all this behind the scenes now want to present _definitive_ evidence of life on Mars and there is a greater possibility of finding the evidence at latitude 19.5 deg. because of the higher energy level there? Whatever it is, there likely is a hidden purpose behind the Mars Pathfinder mission.

After Pathfinder, Mars Global Surveyor will arrive at Mars around September, 1997 and will start its mapping operation in January, 1998. This mapping operation will continue for about 2 years. Global Surveyor will take images (some high resolution, some lower resolution) of the entire planet. It seems likely that the region of Cydonia will be also surveyed, and NASA will finally tell us that the anomalous structures in Cydonia are indeed artificial, and that there were intelligent beings on Mars in the past.


AUGUST, 1995 - The very controversial "Alien Autopsy" film was
aired on TV around the world, and was watched by so many people
world-wide. The authenticity of the film is still not clear at
this point. There probably will be more evidence to authenticate
the film.
JULY, 1996 - The film "Independence Day" became a HUGE hit.
AUGUST, 1996 - NASA announced that they found a strong
circumstantial evidence that there was life on Mars more than 3
billion years ago.
1996-7 - Life on Europa announcement by NASA
JULY-AUGUST, 1997 - Mars Pathfinder lands on Mars on July 4,
and will investigate the landing area for about a month.
NASA will announce that they have found more (definitive?)
evidence of past life on Mars.
1998-9 - Mars Global Surveyor that arrived at Mars around
September, 1997 and began its mapping operation in January, 1998
sends clear images of Mars to Earth.
Around August 1998 (?) NASA will announce that they have found
the evidence that the anomalous structures in Cydonia are indeed
artificial and they were designed by intelligent beings.
1998-200? - It will be announced that there are intelligent
beings living on/in Mars, and there will be an official contact
between the two races. We'll know much more about the real
history of the Earth and humans. This will also be assisted by
the new ancient discoveries made around the world (eg. the
chamber under the great Sphinx, the pyramids, etc.)

Unfortunately, it seems that this incredible revelation will first be misused by those running the 'show' to mislead and control the masses. Also, it is possible that there will be some unexpected events that will alter/quicken this (possible) plan and the final step above will be forced to occur a lot sooner (1997-9).

Nevertheless, Earth has been "pregnant" for some time, and now it is ready to give birth to a new awareness, a new age.

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