A Current Reality Shift ?

A current reality shift was originaly called NASA & Earth's reality shift. As you can see below, many of the articles are comming from the Pope and other members of religious beliefs. It is no longer a reality shift being driven by NASA, it is comming from all directions ! I choose this at this time because I believe that NASA, as well as others, will be used instrumentaly in the ever quickening conditioning process that I believe is now in place.

Briefly in 1996:

  • Possible ancient life on Mars.
  • Possible CURRENT life on Europa.
  • The Pope Endorses Evolution
  • Cardinal: Adam and Eve may have been "lower animals"
  • Pentagon announces possible Ice on the Moon !
  • Cydonia, Mars to be re-imaged !

    Well that was 1996.. How do I feel about it in 1997 ?

    Well my views on NASA have changed. A recent conversation enlightened me to the fact the Daniel Goldin, Director at NASA, has stated when he took over the job that onw of his main goals was to go back to Mars. I also found out that the meteorite that had the proof of "life" had been around for over 10 years. So what was going on ? A new opinion has been forming.
    Budget constraint began squeezing the purse strings at NASA and public interest was fading. What better way to get money and public interest up than roll out this 10 year old rock and declare possible life on Mars ! And Bingo, back off to Mars we go. Hmmmmmmm.

    First is an article "Sagan Folds" by Richard Boylan. In it he writes of possible next steps to this interesting new twist to UFO Folklore !

    Second is an article by Goro Adachi that basicaly covers the same possible scenarios but employs more use of R. Hoaglands theories.

    Now I may not agree with everything these individuals say, I agree with alot of it so much so, that I put up this section to track NASA and the unfolding story of Earths Reality Shift !

    Are we really being conditioned for some major disclosure event ?
    Is UFO Folklore soon to become reality ?
    Will I have to change the name of this site ?
    How should I know ?
    Lets just watch as history unfolds and we follow down the path to somewhere !

    Carl Sagan Folds .

    Life on Mars: Why now?

    New UFO Events in 1996 !

    12/04/96 Pentagon announces possible Ice on the Moon !

    12/03/96 NASA's Goldin comments on Mars Face !

    11/26/96 Cardinal: Adam and Eve may have been "lower animals" !

    10/26/96 The Pope Endorses Evolution !

    10/26/96 Cydonia, Mars to be re-imaged !

    10/17/96 Three Mars missions to launch in late 1996 !

    09/17/96 More excitement over Ancient Mars Life !

    09/05/96 Galileo to Make Second Pass by Ganymede

    09/05/96 Hubble Sees Early Building Blocks of Today's Galaxies 08/30/96 More Information on Life on Mars & The Universe !

    08/15/96 Two 1996 Mars Spacecraft Arrive at Launch Site

    08/14/96 NASA Prepares Us for Life on Europa !

    08/10/96 Shuttle Stories !

    08/07/96 NASA Mars Meteorite Images Available !

    08/06/96 NASA Official Statement on Life on Mars !

    08/06/96 NASA Speaks of Early Life on Mars !