Mexico's UFOs Highlights !

These highlights are from people who have seen the video.

All credit for this work goes to:
"Illinois" & Vera Shapiro
V J Enterprises, Des Plaines, IL
They run a great Web Site called VJ Enterprises Mexico UFO News

UFOs Buzz Mexico

This section contains information on UFO sightings occuring in Mexico. There seems to be such an explosion of UFO activity in Mexico City that it is almost becoming old news. There are many videos available that contain a lot of footage shot by amature videographers. Much of this information has been picked off the news groups by my partner Illinois. We hope that the information about the videos will be useful. Continue to watch this section for more about the Mexican UFO activity. We will keep you posted as the info becomes available. Please email us any new images or information so that we may share them with everyone..............

Subject: (fwd) Mexico UFO Frenzy
From: alt.alien.visitors

The Mayans predicted that the 5th sun, or eclipse, that took place during the Cortez invasion of Mexico during the 1500's, would usher in 500 years of darkness. At this time, Mt Popocatepetl began to erupt, as the Mayans predicted. The Mayans also predicted that the 6th sun, the last eclipse in the 20th century, would usher in a new age with accompanying earth changes and volcanic activity.

On July 11, 1991, the 6th sun (eclipse) took place over Mexico City. In preparation, all of Mexico City and Puebla had camcorders ready to record the event. There was a party atmosphere as families and groups ate and drank waiting for the 1 pm eclipse. When the camcorders were turned towards the eclipse, people were shocked to see a silver disc hovering stationary below the darkened sun. A week later, Jaime Maussan, a television journalist who hosts a TV show called Sixty Minutes, ran a special on the UFO sighting. He asked for city residents to bring their videos to the TV station to be analyzed. He received over 40,000 calls. The best videos were computer analyzed and showed the same digitalized image - a silver disc, domed, showing a red glow.

After this event, UFOs began appearing nightly around the villages of Metepec and Jalixco, near Mr. Popocatepetl. Were the UFOs trying to warn the people of an impending eruption? As it turned out, Mt. Popocatepetl had indeed begun to vent steam; the first volcanic activity seen in 500 years. Sightings have continued to be numerous since 1991. Everyone in the villages from store owners to farmers to children have seen the ovnis, some at very close range.

We are gathering a group of 10 persons to go as an expedition to this area of Mexico to research this phenomena. Our group of investigators will stay at a resort near the volcanoes. During the day we will interview people who have seen the craft and at night there will be a skywatch for those interested in using light, sound, and meditation to initiate contact. Only those of you seriously interested in making peaceful contact with ETI (Extraterrestrial Intelligence) should apply for membership on this expedition.

For more information send your snail mail (postal mailing address) by return E-mail or call Joyce at 800-259-8747.

Subject: (fwd) Re: Mexico UFO Frenzy
Newsgroups: alt.alien.visitors
Date: Thu, 01 Dec 1994 19:16:45 -0500

The highlights of those events of 1991/1993 are on video. I recently ordered two videos on this flap. The first one (covering '91/92) is called "Messengers of Destiny." The footage on it is pretty amazing. The second one (covering '92/93) is "Masters of the Stars." Each is well worth the $39.95 I paid. You can check all your video sources to see if they carry it. I ordered mine from UFO Central Home Video (800-350-4639).

Definitely the kind of thing to show your skeptic friends...

Subject: Mexcio ufos
From: (Searchnet Zec)
Date: 17 Jan 1995 22:19:30 -0800
Subject: David, The Tapes, Your Response
From: [ name witheld]

Jaime Maussan gave a formal talk at the 1994 UFO Congress in Mesquite, NV, last year on Nov. 28, 1994. He showed selections from 4 videotapes that included:

SINCE JULY 11, 1991 THRU OCT 1994!

YES - OCT 1994!!!

He is an equivalent of our Dan Rather in Mexico City, and has over the last four years built an organization of "vigilantes" with donated video cameras to scan the skies and send back anything that looks interesting. He also advertises this to the Mexican people that watch his TV show(s) there. He sincerely requests their tapes.

He has received A LOT of videotapes since 1991.
(I think he said over 1,500 so far.)

Several have been sent to him by police, priests, local government officials, and the "tower of control" at the Mexico City Airport.

As an example: He relates (in this tape) the case of how two pilots (coming into Mexico City on a regular commercial flight) actually thought they were going to collide with a UFO disk, activated the official collision alarm while performing evasive maneuvers, hit something, performed an emergency landing, and had the front landing gear bent (not by the landing). Its all documented as an airport emergency, etc. The pilots are interviewed, etc.

It seems the exchange of UFO related information and videos is not suppressed by the government or by would-be marketing millionaires in Mexico. (Get It?) (Are those in Gulf Breeze listening? Get a telephoto lens!!!)

So - His 90 minute lecture (with these best videos) was videotaped by three cameras at the Congress, and is now (finally) available for $25 from:

Video City Distributors
4266 Broadway
Suite 100
Oakland, CA 94611

The total cost is $25.00 per tape plus $4.00 per tape shipping (max. shipping charge is $12.00) and 8.25% tax for CA residents. His audiotape is also available for $8.95, plus plus.

If you have ever wanted to see a good UFO video with actual physical craft that move, and are easily shown to not be Venus or swamp gas, this is the best one I have ever seen. Share one if necessary; go 1/2'ies!

Oh yeah. There is also a 20 second segment of a weird looking live ET with two antenna on his head moving in a park at night in light that is analyzed by a computer via pixel darkness differences to get a detailed profile. (Not a human, gray, cross, reptilian, mantis, insect, or other cataloged ET type.) That is also very interesting, and was videotaped by an extremely scared lady outside Mexico City at about 3 AM in late 1994. That particular sound track is great!

Lets see. There are also 42 other speakers whose audiotapes and videotapes are all becoming available at various prices. I'll post that list soon when they are available.

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In article Joanne Elsie Cooley wrote:

> For the past 4-5 years, in Apizaco, Tlaxcala (a very small farming
> community/town 100+ miles east of Mexico City) has been having a 
> *large* number of sightings -- an average of 1-2 times per month, 
> and more during the winter months.  With such a large and 
> consistent number of sightings, underground/black market video 
> tapings have begun being made and circulated.  I have seen the 
> video tape, and unfortunately, it isn't really much to speak of 
> -- all of the sightings are pretty hard to see on the screen, 
> mostly because the camera operators had trouble holding their
> cameras still.  However, there is about two hours worth of stuff.  
> There's even some news footage, too, as they caught it on 
> NATIONAL T.V.!!!!!!
> Fortunately, I know many people who have been there or are from 
> this particular town (which is how I know this stuff!) and 
> can tell you that the sightings are in fact happening -- frequently.  
> I've been waiting for something to come up about it, but it's pretty 
> much the same cover-up business there, too (I guess).  From what 
> I've heard, the sightings are pretty outrageous, too.  They seem 
> them almost consistently in the same areas of the sky -- namely near 
> the nearby volcano -- the Malinche'.  In fact, it's no longer 
> "exciting" to go out wait for them to show up 'cause its just the 
> same old thing.  I know this sounds pretty wild, but its supposedly the 
> general consensus out there.  The surrounding geography is very 
> mountaneous t (2-3 volcanos -- the Popocatple, and a sister volcano
> who's name I can't remember or find, and the Malinche -- 
> a dormant volcano where the sightings keep showing up).  
> Like I said, the town is a fairly small farming community, but 
> growing (kind of like L.A.'s Palmdale or Victorville), with 
> Puebla as it's big-city neighbor in the next state.  
> I am a brand new subscriber to this service and would like to offer 
> as much information as possible....  

Date: Mon, 24 Apr 1995 13:13:06 -0500 Subject: Mexico City And Hoagland Sender:

* Forwarded from "I_UFO"
* Originally from Jason Degraf
* Originally dated 21 Apr 95 05:53:00

After reading Monuments of Mars, and seeing Hoagland talk in front of the United nations on video, BTW Video DriveUp in Phoenix AZ has the best collection of UFO videos I have ever seen in one store, they evenclaim to be your UFO video Library. They have a lot of good stuff and bad of course.

So those sightings in Mexico City, whith perhaps the best Video evidence of unidentified flying craft to date that I am aware of, remind me of Hoaglands 19.5 latitude and longtitude theory. Meaning that Mexico City lies just about at 19.5 on my maps.

Hope this isnt old news, I find it incredible!

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From: (Gilgamesh)
Subject: Re: Mexico - look at the big picture
Date: Wed, 07 Jun 95 23:42:52 GMT (Greg Brown) wrote:

>This leaves me with one question - what the hell is so special about
What the hell is so special about America? It has been noted in many books that jets have tried to shoot down 'ufo's', that even people with shotguns have shot at ufos, and sometimes the occupants within.

If the Washington DC flyovers in '52(?) are true, we chased them away.

We don't know what kind of thought is behind these ovni's, but the first thing we do it seems, happens to be barbaric. At least with our gain in technology, prior to much earlier times, when we asked them over for dinner!

Mexico history streches farther back in time, even Native American history goes back then, 1000's of years. That may be a key to something. Because the Mayan Calendar, the Dresdex Codex, a calendar using the stars as a time piece, predicted the date of this eclipse, and describe a new age of cosmic awareness. The videos claim this is what its about, (all here are capable of doing a little research on the Mayan Calendar, that is if you have doubts) the reunion with the star people that the Mayans used to be in contact with. Take that as you may, who really knows for sure. It may be coincedence.

Another note on '52. During that same year in Utah(guess) a whole group of about 20 lights in the middle of the day were shot on film by some local. All grouped together and just floating there. This film has been around for a long while now, and you may have seen it. Well the exact same thing seemed to occur in Mexico City again, as the video segment shows. Thats on part two Masters of the Stars.

From: (Gilgamesh)
Subject: Re: Mexico Sightings, the VIDEOS
Date: Fri, 09 Jun 95 09:50:49 GMT

>I called information in AZ and asked for GENESIS III in order to 
>ask them what OTHER UFO/Sightings/unexplained phoNOMena videos and 
>books, etc. they have and there was NO listing of a Genisis III or 
>Genesis at all in the area.
>I'm apprehensive to send $100 bucks for said amount worth of videos if
>there isn't even such a place.
>I believe there is, but why aren't they listed.  (Maybe I just want to
Well try writting for the catalog. I've never called and they may indeed not have a telephone listing.

Here's another address where you could order the tape from:Mexcio City stuff;

UFO Photo Archives
PO Box 17206
Tuscon AZ 85731 USA

Telephone: 602-296-6753
Fax: 602-721-9025

They have a free catalog you could send for, they sell books, posters, vids, and a whole bunch of junk.

Genesis III may be more of a production house then really a distrubutor, who knows, i've never tried to call them.

I think its safe to say that Arizona is the UFO capital of America. Theres are a lot of happenings there, TV shows, new age groups and all manners of thought. A very postitve place.

From: Christopher Hill
Subject: Re: Mexican UFO Videos
Date: Wed, 7 Jun 1995 14:34:08 -0400

On Mon, 5 Jun 1995, Tim Shell wrote:

> G>  One vid is shot by a Priest.
> And of course, priests are known for having both feet on the ground
> and not believing in any foolish mumbo-jumbo.
Great shot! I've seen the Messengers of Destiny video, but wasn't all that impressed with the footage. With all of the hype surrounding them, I assumed the video would show close-up shots of saucers, not just dots in the sky. Although a little camera trickery could reproduce that "hyper-leap" (the only part of the video that impressed me), the rest of the shots could be a wide variety of terrestrial objects. Whether or not the Mexico City UFOs are really extra-terrestrial craft, I find their government's attitude much more encouraging than ours.

christopher hill

Date: Tue, 6 Jun 1995 19:35:28 PDT
From: pbailey@CUP.PORTAL.COM

Jaime Maussan Mexico Videos 1991-1994

It is available from:

Video City Distribution
4266 Broadway
Suite 100
Oakland, CA 94611
TEL 510-428-0202
FAX 510-654-7802

This video includes several video clips from the July 1991 total solar eclipse (where several planets were overhead, as I did a birth chart for that place at that time), and also lots and lots of these and other shots that demonstrate beyond any doubt IMHO that there have been and perhaps still are several hard, physical, unknown CRAFT flying around in the airspace in Mexico, near Mexico City Airport, and outward in the volcano areas. In many instances, comparisons to background stars prove that the objects are not stars, or planets, or other known objects.

This is a complete recording of Jaime Maussan's lecture and video presentation at the 1994 International UFO Congress and Film Festival held last November in Mesque, Nevada. It is a great presentation. I was there, and I even bought myself a copy of this tape!!!

The only problem with this tape is that the sound was not recorded for the first minute or so, and he started over anyway for the tape audience.


Patrick Bailey.

From: (Justfacts1)
Subject: Two excellent UFO videos!!!
Date: 1 Jun 1995 01:37:56 -0400

How many films or videos of UFOs have you seen that show actual hovering discs with excellent resolution? Not fuzzy lights at a distant, but actual hovering craft? A new video by Genesis III entitled Contact shows several video clips of discs hovering at close range. So close that you can make out specific details of the discs. The film also has an incredible array of still photographs of discs, probably the best resolution and detail of any photos on UFOs published to date.

I would also recommend a second film on UFO's entitled Masters of the Stars. The film is about the sightings which have occurred almost unabated over Mexico City since the solar eclipse in 1991, and have been videotaped by hundreds of Mexican citizens since they first appeared. Some of the more impressive aspects of this video include among others:

1. The Mexican government press conference during which government officials acknowledge that that the sightings are actual objects but claim that they pose no danger to the public;

2. The good quality still photos showing discs which appear to be similar in shape to those in the videos;

3. The videos taken during the daytime which clearly show solid objects (as opposed to luminesence);

4. The ongoing press coverage of the sightings;

5. The credibility of those involved in reporting the phenomena, including police, government officials, other prominent citizens;

6. The videos of luminescent "objects" which perform maneuvers strongly suggestive of intelligent, purposeful guidance (and which, consequently, tend to rule out tectonic strain luminosities as an explanation);

7. The scientific analyses performed on the video footage, and;

8. The inclusion of criticisms by MUFON that the initial sighting on the day of the eclipse was just Venus. This latter factor seems to add a balanced view of the initial sighting (although it is later refuted by scientific analyses of the videos).

I think that I can endorse these two videos as the best commercial films that I have seen on the UFO phenomena and consisting of the most photographs and actual video footage of actual UFO's in flight.

You can purchase them through:

Genesis III Publishing
P.O. Box 1362
Carbondale, IL 62903

For U.S. orders, the cost is $33 ($29.95 plus $3.05 postage and handling) each, check or money order.

While these films do not prove unequivocally that aliens are visiting our planet (after all, the discs pictured therein could, theoretically, be secret military craft), the still photos of discs and the flying characteristics of the aerial objects and luminosities in the numerous video segments certainly raise a lot of questions.

Date: Thu, 10 Aug 1995 07:21:35 -0500
Subject: (fwd) Re: Mexico,Major Hot Spot !!!
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo
Reply-To: (New Treeno)

I too was impressed by the fottage from Mexico City. Many of the films are difficult to dispute. I certainly can't. However, some of the video footage - particularly during the eclipse in '91 - is not of UFO's. The main reason the press does not take it seriously is because all one has to do is get a copy of Astronomy magazine or Sky & Telescope and lo and behold the UFO is in fact a planet. Please keep an open mind to this because it is true. I have verified this myself. This is why that particular footage is so fuzzy. The atmosphere experienced rapid temperature changes that cause the object to look bigger and to seem to "hover". The really disgusting thing is that the makers of the video "Messangers of Destiny" never bother to IN FACT point out the location of the planets that became visible during the eclipse.This oversight, to me at least, seems to indicate that the video makers take anyone into UFO's as fools.

Why not analyse the video, point out the planets present and then say "and over here we have this unexplainable onject!". The reason they dont do this is because the UFO is itself a planet. In addition on that same day there is footage of 15 or 20 luminesent dots in one area of the sky. Again, expalianable. On that day because of such a rare occurance scientists from all over the world were studying the sun, eclipse and yes releasing ballons to get data on the eclipses effect on earths atmosphere. You don't have to pick up a UFO magazine or get the "Messangers of Destiny" tape, just go to your library and get a copy of Astonomy magazine. I hope people will keep an open mind to the explainations I have presented.

I ALSO WANT TO ADD THAT THESE EXPLAINATIONS RELATE TO THE VIDEOS TAKEN ON THE DAY OF THE ECLIPSE! There is plenty of other video footage that has been taken that is much better and so far unexplainable. And before anyone gets pissed off at me, and calls me a skeptic, I do believe that something is going on with this UFO business and we need to get to the bottom of it, but we have to be thuro.

My views only.

From: (Gilgamesh)
Newsgroups: alt.paranet.ufo
Subject: Re: Mexico,Major Hot Spot !!!
Date: Wed, 09 Aug 95 13:41:59 GMT

In article <409m2m$>, (New Treeno) wrote:

>the press does not take it seriously is because all one has to do 
>is get a copy of Astronomy magazine or Sky & Telescope and lo 
>and behold the UFO is in fact a planet. Please keep an open mind to 
>this because it is true. I have verified this myself. This is why that 
>particular footage is so fuzzy. The atmosphere experienced rapid 
>temperature changes that cause the object to look bigger and to seem 
>to "hover". The really disgusting thing is that the makers of the 
>video "Messangers of Destiny" never bother to IN FACT point out
The fuzziness of the video is due to a loss of a generation or two of the video. Venus would not look at all like a disc like object. The shots are way to close. If anything is venus it would be one of the dots of light behind the floating object. The object appears much closer in some of the shots than it does in others. Venus is just to far away to account for that. Let alone how would we see with a video camers that actual dark side of venus, impossible. Do you really think Astronomy Magazine would say UFO? Have you really seen the footage?

>the location of the planets that became visible during the eclipse.
>This oversight, to me at least, seems to indicate that the video makers 
>take anyone into UFO's as fools. Why not analyse the video, point out 
>the planets present and then say "and over here we have this 
>unexplainable onject!".
They do analyze the video. If it was Venus, why is the object not round or sphere like. They use the term hockey puck, Venus does not look like a hockey puck. Espcially in all 17 camera angles. If it was Venus why would it leave when the Eclipse was over? venus could be there of course. Because the vidoe clearly shows the object, then lights that seem to appear right behind this object, 2 in fact, and one could be Venus. If the object was venus than I think the world would have been in for a big scare, thinking Venus would, since being so close, strik the planet.

>The reason they dont do this is because the UFO is itself a planet. 
>In addition on that same day there is footage of 15 or 20 luminesent 
>dots in one area of the sky. Again,
That was like a year later, it seems you really have not seen the tape.

>expalianable. On that day because of such a rare occurance 
>scientists from all over the world were studying the sun, eclipse and 
>yes releasing ballons to get data on the eclipses effect on earths 
>atmosphere. You don't have to pick up a UFO magazine or get the 
>"Messangers of Destiny" tape, just go to your library and get a 
>copy of Astonomy magazine. I hope people will keep an open mind to 
>the explainations
No balloons were released at that time. That's abundantly clear. Yes you do have to get a copy of the tape. How can you assume that Astronomy knows what it's talking about. I would doubt they have even seen the tape myself.

>ON THE DAY OF THE ECLIPSE!  There is plenty of other video 
>footage that has
Watch the tape, get it, then come here and say that Astronomy Magazine has told the truth. Do you think somebody trying to sell a science zine would say it was a UFO? Come on! They have subscriptions to fill. Popular Machanics came out with an issue saying they have solved the riddle of the UFO, that had about as much support as does astronomy magaxine.