Mexico's UFOs !
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New Images From Mexico 1999 Right up front I want to state that although this is a facinating video, it proves no existiance of what or who is inside. Could it be US Military test flying new Technology ? Yep ! Could it be ET putting on a show and deliberately trying to be seen ? You betcha ! What this video does prove to me, is that dozens of Mexico City residents all videoed the same thing. Many many times, These things are in flight and it is all live video. They are not planes, helicopters or any technology that I know of.

The above pictures are the ONLY stills in the entire video. ALL of the other flying machines pictured are taped In Flight ! What makes the above pictures very good is that of the reddish-orange object was given to the investigators by the Supervisor of Police , Miguel Cruz and his deputys, in the city of Puebla, Mexico. They reported that they had had reports of these lights over the last several nights and thought that it was drug smugglers. they set up a stake out and thought they were watching a DC-10 landing, but the pictures revealed another story.

Note: Picture on the left is from Tom King, Arizona, 1995, The Image on the right is from Mexico, 1993. See anything similar ? Hmmmmmm.........

Special note: The image on the right is being shared with UFO Folklore from Genesis III videos & the film "Messengers of Destiny" These are magnificent videos and I highly encourage anyone with genuine interest to investigate these films.

This is what did it for me. These ships were video taped flying and hovering in many different locations in Mexico City, Mexico at the same time during the 1991 Solar Eclipse. They have been been videotaped ever since and the video contains footage as late as 1994. Currently, the ship I am using is from Tom Kings footage from Arizona. Our video imaging software hit the wall after we got the reddish-orange images up above, so we couldn't finish getting all of the above flying machines. The interesting part of this is these are the SAME vehicles, both in Mexico and Arizona. We plan to complete the rest of Messenger of Destiny ships before the end of time. Or September.

Highlights of Messengers of Destiny

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