Foreign Technology Division - Wright-Patterson Air Force Base ?

A long long time ago in a land far far away, there once floated this very interesting but incredibly unverifiable piece of UFO
Folklore. Someone put a ton of effort into these images whether they are real or fake. At the bottom is an interview with
a Dentist that claims to have worked on part of the Alien Mandible. This is folklore on the edge of fantasy ? Fake or Fiction ? Don't know, not a drop can be verified but makes for great folklore !
The "Foreign Technology Division--Wright Patterson "Alien" Graphics"



The story comes 'unnamed' sources from 
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 Still at it eh ?

The graphic images came taken from a series of approximately 20 originally broadcast in Oct. 1988 on a 2hr show called "UFO LIVE" by Seligman Productions. 

 The symbol in the upper left hand corner of one image as "FTD-WP." This means the "Foreign Technology Division, Wright Patterson Air Force Base."

Discussion: The graphics were supplied (as mentioned above) by a man named Curtis Brubaker to Seligman Productions in
10/88 for a show called "UFO LIVE." Brubaker made the claim that he placed the logos on the graphics. But, when Brubaker was asked the question as to why practically nobody saw them he had no answer. Brubaker later said that he received them from a source at Wright-Patterson AFB. Checking with two other sources they both said that the "Alien" shown in the graphics was of the type kept at WPAFB up until 1982/83 at which point they were moved to "other locations" because of the publicity. This type "Alien" is also the same type that was recovered at both Roswell and the "The Plains of San Agustin" in July of 1947. 

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