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From the Webmaster of the UFO Enigma Museum ( a link can be found in Great Links) we have this interesting contribution.

Dan, If you like this stuff, I'll try to find more. Do you know about the African Dogon tribe? It seems they made reference to a star (that was the first star made by God and was the axis of the Universe) and had a map of its orbit long before the star was even discovered. Their astronomical knowledge was given to them by an anphibian king sent from the stars...Ill send you more on that if you wish.

A rubbing taken from the stone lid of a tomb in Palenque, it is Mayan, Central Mexico. More on this in Graham Hancock's Fingerprints of the Gods, which is where I got the picture, although I think this has been published in Von Danaken's book and his film of the same name, Chariots of the Gods. Hancock says of the image on the lid: " A clean shaven man dressed in what looked like a tight fitting body suit.... The man lay semi-reclined in a bucket seat ...[his head against a head rest] ...His hands seemed to be in motion, as though they were operating levers and controls...

The Mimbreno were a prehistoric sub-group of the Mogollon. There was Mogollon, Hohokam, Anasazi, the major agricultural peoples of the Southwest. The Mimbres are noted for their pottery, black on white. Most painted pots were buried with the dead after being "killed" by having a hole punched in them. For this reason, it is assumed that the art was of a mortuary nature.

Mimbres art depicts daily life, fantastically complex geometric shapes, anthropomorphic figures, and "x-ray" animals. There are many artistic references of men with bird heads, reminiscent of the Egyptian art.

The reptilian character, which I call spaceman, is highly reminicent of an astronaut. The Mythic Bird struck me in another way. One night, long after I'd designed the image, I was watching the weather channel and it hit me suddenly that the lower part of the "bird" looked remarkably like Florida, the gulf region of the USA, and the tail almost identical to the Yucatan.

Based on a Mimbres design. They depict the night sky with "stars" (?) that look like doughnuts. You can make these out in the picture above around the pyramid at the bottom.

My Special thanxz to Faeylyn Wylder for this contribution to UFO Folklore