From: (Adam Whaley)
Date: Sun, 08 Dec 1996 14:28:56 GMT

The West Wales Paranormal Group have received numerous reports of sightings of the famous Black Triangle and mysterious balls of light in the Cardigan Bay area of West Wales in the last few weeks.

We had a varied cluster of 'Balls of Light' reports in mid-September, these were typical floating and moving spheres, usually sighted at night, sometimes followed afterwards by military planes. All very interesting stuff but nothing that you could really get your teeth into! No videos, no photos, no multiple witnesses.

However, the evening of the Thursday 21st November was a different matter. A reporter phoned us to enquire if we knew of the sightings that were taking place in Brecon, Hereford and the West Midlands. We couldn't help. Then the phone really started ringing. Local newspapers were also getting reports of mysterious bright lights seen over the bay. They were variously described as brilliant flashes of white light, occuring intermittently and lasting for several seconds at a time, the phenomenon lasted for several hours.

Some of the reports that the WWPG received were as follows:

Aberystwyth/Lampeter Area.

1. Lady driving in the vicinity of Llandewi Brefi 9.45pm GMT 21/11/96 saw a very bright white light illuminate the sky and surrounding area, lasted about 1 second, almost blinded, second flash not as intense further north. Thought had come from the adjacent field about 100yds further on to the right. Had the impression of something 'rectangular'. Expected a crash of thunder but didn't come, she was left very puzzled.

2. Man driving up the coast towards Aberystwyth, 21/11/96 evening, saw bright flash of light for a few seconds, "was just like daylight, everything lit up" no sound.

3. 21/11/96 8.50pm GMT, man sitting watching tv, saw large 'thing' through window with white light on front and red light at rear, going so fast that lights seemed to merge, no sound, thought was plane about to crash as was so low as to almost be touching the chimney pots, startled and leaped to window to look, no further sign, object was travelling from inland towards sea (east to west).

4. 21/11/96 9.10pm GMT, Lady saw a flash for few seconds from front garden, column of very bright white light, seemed to light up the whole sky, ten times as high as wide, two to three miles out to sea.

5. 21/11/96 evening, Man, sub-editor of local paper, had been talking to someone who had seen a bright light in the sky overhead. Later when he was driving home from Aberystwyth, saw an enormous burst of white light to the right (seaward/west). "it was like a thousand fireworks going off at once".

Cardigan Area.

6. lady with sister and female cousin driving from Eglysrwrw to Cardigan, 21/11/96 6pm GMT, saw 'shape' with red, blue and green lights moving towards car, exclaimed "it's like a Christmas tree" it went over the car quite low, sounded a bit like a jet, very loud and travelling slowly. "there were two noises, like a jet following another".

7. 21/11/96 8.45pm GMT, lady watching tv in Penparc, heard very low rumble - "something huge", went outside to look as always observed the regular military planes, saw triangle shape heading towards Cardigan, (had three curved tips), flashes of red and blue lights on tips, quite low in sky, not fast, had some kind of shape following it as "a single flash".

8. 21/11/96 9.30pm GMT, man, bus driver, driving home from Aberystwyth to Cardigan Depot, Saw flashing lights in sky, blue, red, yellow, lit up the surrounding white clouds very clearly, approx 10 minutes duration, accompanyed by "crackling-like static".

9. 21/11/96 about 9pm GMT, 3 miles out Glandwr village, noticed bright flash outside through window, realised that it was something strange, saw intermittent very bright flashes, approx 2 seconds duration, occurred about every fifteen seconds, sighted in a northerly direction, lit up the surrounding cloud, very spectacular, was NOT sheet lightning, reminded of the sfx in Close Encounters.

There are several other reports that we are going to follow up but this should give you the general picture. Having just read the report on the Flying Triangle mystery by Omar Fowler there are so many correlations that we are convinced that we have had a visit.

Having recently learned that the Flying Triangle mystery has been 'D' noticed, it will be interesting to see if the local papers give the matter a non-biased report - if we even get one that is. The bright flashes that were reported directly to the papers were reported variously as 'sheet lightning', distress flares (from a military exercise) , and would you believe - The Northern Lights!

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Adam Whaley
The West Wales Paranormal Group

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