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The Belgium UFOs

Is it Us or Them ?

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Welcome to The Belgium UFO Folklore section of UFO Folklore. There is certainly a fair amount of information on this event. Some say it has all been Military craft others defend that indeed it was extraterrestrial visitors. What I want to do at this point is provide a summary, some pictures and then many articles both pro and con to the event. As always, I want to provide all sides of the issue and let you, the educated reader, make your own decisions.

 One last point. I have gone to extreme lengths to make sure all sources and pictures and articles are given full credit. If anyone encounters incorrect or incomplete credit for any items, please contact me at so that credit can be given where credit is due !

I also want to take a moment and personaly thank Kathi Hennesey. Without her help, allot of this material would not be here. Great work Kathi !

Lets start the ball rolling with FOIA docuements, gathered by Clifford Stone in his great book "UFO's: Let the Evidence Speak for Itself"

Department fo Defense
DOI (U) 900326
Report Classified

 Summary (U) Numerous UFO sightings have been made in Belgium since Nov 89. The credibility of some individuals making the reprots is good, some are unsophisticated while others are well educated and prominently placed. Some sightings have been explained by natural/mamade phenomena, some have not, investigation by the BAF continues.

The Petit-Rechain photograph was apparently taken during April 1990, by a young Belgian who did not seek any publicity or financial gain. It was examined at the Royal Military School, Brussels and was not considered to be a hoax. This computer enhancement indicates that the object is not strictly triangular shaped, as may appear to observers, but delta shaped.

Article Section !

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