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Abydos Egypt Photographs

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The small picture on the left comes from Sheri Nakken and Earth Mysteries & Sacred Site Tours

These pictures are only small samples of some very well done originals. My thanxz for your sharing of material and information !
Also, special thanxz to Bill Hamilton and Richard F. Motzer for their work bringing Dr. Hover's picture to the Internet
The websites listed below will give you the full pictures, the proper credits and the stories behind these carvings ( or petroglyphs ) .

A good friend Koen Koster provides a question that I would like answered....

" Was the Abydos temple ever under restoration this century, if yes could this be a joke of the restorators?"

Good Question Koen !!

Also, The helicopter appears to be an Apache attack helicopter with a tail piece that is out of WWII. What does the Egyptian authorities say about this piece ? What type of verification does the Egyptians provide with these ? Have these been dated ?


Lets see if we can't get some answers ...... Mail me at

to the questions from those that took the pictures and those that have studied them !

The facts as they have been told so far ....

These pictures have been taken during trips to the pyramids and temples of Egypt. In the temple at Abydios, a wall panel in a section where an overlaying panel with Egyptian heiroglyphics crumbled and fell, revealing an older panel beneath it. They are shots of an ancient wall carving inside an Abydos temple. What makes them rare and unusual are what these carvings (or petroglyphs) reveal.

What I have been told is that this Temple was underwater and this caused the over laying plaster to fall off revealing what you see now. I am just relaying the story told to me. What I understand is access to area of the temple is cut off to any vistor now. You need to speak to those who took the photos. There contension is that the Egyptians built over this temple and the water desolved their work.

A modern helicopter, submarine and some airplanes in ancient art? You decide. I am currently looking for anyone else with input on this facinating piece of ancient UFOs and UFO Folklore

For a more complete tour of these interesting carvings, please visit these superb websites with information specifically on this subject!   In Search Of Earth Mysteries & Sacred Site Tours


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