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His name's Dan. He's a "90s single parent" and he collects UFO stories. Yeah, that's 90s all right. This well-done site has an appeal that should reach beyond the hardcore UFO crowd. Plenty of sighting reports as well as news about the upcoming UFO-related media events. A multimillion dollar UFO museum is opening in Japan -- funded by the government there. As unbelievable as last week's X-Files? Read all about it on Dan's site. A very enjoyable UFO site.
Review category: The Road Less Traveled -- UFOs & Mysterious Creatures

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Subject: Re: UFO Folklore. The "Buck Rogers" of Ufology sites ! Date: Sun, 3 Mar 1996 12:14:57 GMT Subject: Re: UFO Folklore. The "Buck Rogers" of Ufology sites ! From: Pirate Pete Hi Dan, I've listed you under UFO on the Oddsn Ends page. Nice page.. Cheers Peter Garriga "Beyond The Black Stump"

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Sat, 2 Mar 96 00:46:34 EST New UFO site...
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AdZe MiXXe

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Keep up the strange work. :-)

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Catnip of the Day
Monday, March 11th, 1996
This is a fun UFO site
Lots of imagination goes into the development of this interesting site.
Whether you believe in UFO's or not take a look.

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