Here they come ?

South Bend, Indiana FOX TV news 07/31/96.

5 minute segment on UFOs in Mexico City and Arizona. I did not see it personaly. 2 minutes just of video footage from Mexico & Arizona. They are the "hockey pucks" just like the ones Tom King took in Arizona(pictured above) and just like the ones that I have on the Mexico videos. Anouncer said that they are either UFO with ET or US military flying new technology and then commented that he doubted if it was US technology. Whoa Nellie.

In July, 1996, I was contacted by Tim Edwards, who has been on Sightings and Paranormal Borderline with the Salida Colorado UFO videos. He provided me a URL with some of his pictures as well as Tom Kings pictures( who was also on the Paranormal Borderline program). When I saw Tom's picture, which is at the top of the page, I was FLOORED ! It is the SAME ships that have been on all the Mexico videos since 1992. I wrote Tom and below is his reply, with pictures !
Thanxz Tom !

Click on each picture for a full screen look. !


To: Dan
From :Tom King

Hi, I checked out your page finally and it looks great. Alot of information to read in there, and not this rumored hearsay shit that usually gets around.

I know these things I am seeing are involved in Mexico too. I have known this for along time. I have seen well over 100 of these hockey pucks in close range, with in a mile or two away. Not just a bizarre light moving rapidly in the sky, but close enough to see the surface of it. These things are real. There no balloons, or some kind of experimental military craft. It appears they are totally alien in every sense of the word. I have been in the right place several hundred damn times over this last year. It gets to be a rush, a sort of high. Waiting for the next encounter, the next video to be shot. Where will it be? Who will be with? What will happen?

Those black rimmed hockey pucks come in several sizes almost all with a dome. These are just one of many craft up there. They have different recording optics. Meaning your get different details on different craft because of distortion of light around the craft. Hockey pucks give out less distortion than the white disc. The white disc has a one to two foot parameter around the craft of TOTAL white diffusement. No matter how close it gets its just a white glowing disc. No details can be see on it.

Anyway you can use whatever images you want. Thats why we put them on the net.

Tom King

Pictures of the Salida Colorado vehicle and a write up by Tim Edwards can be found under Colorado right here in "Want To See a UFO ?"

Salida Colorado Video footage ! Great pictures by Tim Edwards, Tom King and More ! Check this one out !

Note: Picture on the left is from Tom King, Arizona, 1995, The Image on the right is from Mexico, 1993. See anything similar ? Hmmmmmm.........