By : Santiago Yturria 2003-SANTIAGO YTURRIA

March 5, 2003 Dear Dan,
I'm glad to say hello to you again and I would like to share with you some fascinating UFO images taped in England recently and for the past months. For more than a year I have been involved in a research of strange and unprecedent UFO incidents that have been taking place over a small british community named Bedhampton in Havant, England.

This quiet and peaceful town has been the main scenario of an insolit and intense UFO activity for many months since 2001 and I may say that in all my years of research this Bedhampton UFO wave is certainly a complete enigma in wich I have followed every incident involving several respected and reliable witnesses I still have not a reasonable explanation to the intense degree of sightings reported and taped by these witnesses, reports that confirm these strange and mysterious presences above this once unknown place to the ufologic scenarios.

These are some images videotaped recently by UFO experiencer Abby Parker, a 26 years old girl that have been deeply involved in this enigmatic phenomena for a long time and her encounters have been taking place regularely in the field near of her home in Bedhampton as well as other places in the area. I have studied and analyzed these videos for many hours and have not found any trace of manipulation or tampering.

The images present solid and consistent objects present in the enviroment and their characteristics and behaviors are not conventional to our actual technology. These are structured crafts that denote intelligent behavior and the characteristics they display defy our physic laws. Like the polymorphism, an amazing property displayed mainly by certain ufos over Bedhampton. There has been also a recent night time activity experienced and reported by Abby Parker where strange entities have been interacting with her in the field and she has been cautious to videotape these encounters with an infrared camera, evidences that represent a valious contribution to this research. This will be the subject a special report after the tests and analysis of the evidences are concluded.

Meanwhile take a look at this images and receive my best wishes for this 2003.

Santiago Yturria
OVNI Investigaciones

Video Coming Soon!

Abby Parker UFO
Abby Parker UFO
Abby Parker UFO