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Amazing UFO Video from Christoffer Walther
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Here is a image of the UFO seen in the video below

Dear Sir,
My name is Christoffer Walther and I'm a danish UFO reseracher.
I am currently in contact with a British woman, who has had several sightings of an uidentified phenomena, which she and her friend has captured on video.
I have seen both day and night -time video recordings of this phenomena, and it appears to be the *same* type of object that was observed and recorded on video the summer of 2001, in Bonsall, Derbyshire England, and the same type of craft that was allegedly photographed near the NASA STS-75 shuttle.
The Derbyshire/Bonsall movie was reportedly sold and shipped to America, and as far as I know, never released to the public, except for a still photographic image of the object.
Now this object has been sighted again, during both day and night, by multiple people, in the sky over the same area, which is a suburb to London. This all happened at the beginning of January 2002. After the initial sighting during daytime, which was recorded on video, the phenomena returned at night, and was again recorded succesfully. The following early morning the object returned once again, and this time was seen again, by a team of garbage men that alerted the woman who once again sighted this object.
I would like to send you the video recordings that I have recieved, they are in quicktime digital format, and in a pretty high quality. The size of is ranging from 500 kb to 3 mb per clip. They include both day and night -time sightings, and some of it is quite frankly astonishing.
I have so far no reason to believe they are fake.
Please check out the BBC news coverage on the *original* sighting done in the Autumn 2001 in England of the "Derbyshire/Bonsall" object. It can be found at:
Christoffer Walther
UFO Research DK


This is a quick time move and requires the Quick Time Viewer from

UFO1.. Notice the object above the lamp post as it changes shape, form and direction

UFO2.. Moving away thru the clouds


For even more clips vist www.rense.com


Contact me if you want to contact Chris

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