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08/13/02 Report casts light on UFO triangles
08/02/02 Jets Scramble to Chase UFO

Michigan UFO Incident: JUL 29th 2002
Today we need your help. We are looking for UFO witnesses which have
been in the near of Davison and Troy, Michiganon Jul 29th 2002, about
3am. At that time, a young woman watched a spectacular UFO sighting.
Please click the link below to read the LUNA UFO report written by
the only known witness at that moment, Mrs. Cora Smilkovich Taylor.

We believe that there are more witnesses, so please contact the LUNA
United States office at: if you know people
who have seen the same phenomena as Mrs. Smilkovich Taylor

08/02/02 SETI's Holy Grail found in Deep Space?
08/02/02 Crop circles baffle Naperville farmer
08/02/02 There could be life in Europa's ocean
08/02/02 Stunning Video of a UFO?(offsite links)

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