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New UFO/Police Tapes: Ohio Incident April 24, 2001
Kenny Young  

On Tuesday, April 25, 2001, a very strange object is reported by
civilians and law enforcement officers in the evening skies near
Waynesville, Ohio in Warren County.

 From their residence near the 4600 Block of Wilkerson Road, a
husband and wife are the first to report a circular lighted
object hovering silently in the sky to the south of their
location. The big light of the UFO, pulsating or changing in
both color and brightness, was said to be encased within a
structure that resembled gridwork or cabling. The couple advised
the Lebanon City Police Department of the object around 10:15
p.m. and the Warren County Communications Center dispatched a
Waynesville police officer to the location.

Upon arrival at the scene, the Waynesville officer confirmed the
unidentifiable nature of the object and also reported that a
second UFO was also in the area.

As other officers respond to the location and continue to view
the abnormalities, dispatchers at the Warren County
Communications Center telephone a base operator at Wright
Patterson Air Force Base in Dayton/Fairborne, Ohio and also
places a call to Airborne Express at the Wilmington Airport in
Clinton County, Ohio. Both flight control facilities deny any
knowledge of or responsibility for air traffic in the
Waynesville, Ohio vicinity during the incident.

While the Waynesville police officers view the object from
Wilkerson Road looking south, a police dispatcher also observes
the same object from her position at the Warren County
Communications Center in Lebanon, Ohio, looking north toward
Waynesville. From review of the police tapes, it can be
estimated that the primary object may have been in a general
location between Waynesville and Lebanon near the intersections
of Pekin Road and Route 42.

An officer with the Caesar's Creek State Police also notes the
UFO from his location to the east of Waynesville. A third UFO is
sighted in the area during the event, and the police witnesses
repeatedly affirm a cogent distinction between the suspected
UFOs and routine stars and airplanes. The objects move off by
receding further into the distance as other officers from the
Ohio State Patrol arrive on the scene.

Dispatchers at the Ohio State Patrol and the Warren County
Communications Center express frustration at having to handle
this situation and their inability to address the reports and
eyewitness confirmation from their officers.

The next evening, Wednesday, April 25, UFOs are again reported
in the same area at 9:48 p.m., viewed from Wilkerson Road and
also by officers observing from a location near the Waynesville
Airport. Disturbingly, another unusual object is seen in the
area seven hours later and reportedly pursues a motorist near
Genntown, Ohio (about 5-miles from Waynesville). A female
complainant advises the Ohio State Patrol of her 'extreme
concern' regarding a triangular object with "super bright
lights" that pursued her automobile while traveling on Route 122
at 5:00 a.m., April 26.

These and other details were acquired from eyewitness
interviews, analysis of various police reports and evaluation of
police tapes acquired through the Warren County Director of
Emergency Services. Additional data was gathered through field
investigation conducted on April 27th and April 28th.

Consideration has been given to the possibility that this
situation was engendered by a misperception of routine stars and
planets by both civilians and police officers on both evenings.
This theory was first advanced by Peter Davenport of the
National UFO Reporting Center, who was advised of the incident
by the Ohio State Patrol while the sighting was in progress. The
star 'Sirius' was identified by Davenport as a likely candidate
for misperception, but after sober review of the police tapes
acquired from the Warren County Department of Emergency
Services, this attempt at explanation is not looked upon

(NOTE: These entries will appear on the website URL listed below
when finalized)

        Initial Investigation
        Interview with primary witnesses
        Correspondence and additional police inquiries
        Field Investigation
        Transcript of police tapes
        Correspondence from O.S.P. regarding videotapes
        Map of area
        Photographs of area
        Drawing of object



Note: The police tapes of the April 24th incident were acquired
on May 15, 2001 from Carol Sigler, Warren County Director of
Emergency Services after written request to her office. The
tapes were assembled from the various 'tracks' and edited for
brevity and privacy considerations, and also arranged in
presumed chronological order.

Section ONE: Initial call

WCCC Dispatcher #1: Warren County Police and Fire, this is Jesse?

LEBANON DISPATCHER: Hey this is Lebanon, P.D.

WCCC Dispatcher:    Hey.

LEBANON DISPATCHER: Did you get any reports of UFOs in the area

WCCC Dispatcher #1: Not yet, how about you?


WCCC Dispatcher #1: Oh really?

LEBANON DISPATCHER: Actually from a lady on Wilkerson Lane in
                     Waynesville, to the far, far south of her,
                     she sees a bright colored disk.

WCCC Dispatcher... oooh!

LEBANON DISPATCHER: And I'm not sure where Wilkerson Road is but
                     I'm going to let my guys know about it to
                     see if they see anything but I wondered if
                     you had any reports.

WCCC Dispatcher #1: Wilkerson Road, did she give her address

LEBANON DISPATCHER: 4636, she said it's been there for awhile
                     and it's not doing anything.

WCCC Dispatcher #1: She said she's seen a disk in the area?

LEBANON DISPATCHER: It's a bright... she thought it was a plane at
                     first but she says it's a bright colored disk.

WCCC Dispatcher #1: Okay.


WCCC Dispatcher #1: I'll send the officers out that way to look.

SECTION 2: Dispatch

WCCC Dispatcher #2: Two-William-Thirty a UFO!

Unit #2W30:         ...Go ahead.

WCCC Dispatcher #2: 4-6-3-6 Wilkerson Road, 4636 Wilkerson Road,
                     the complainant apparently called the
                     Lebanon P.D., advising they see a bright
                     colored disk in the sky.

Unit #2W30          (laughing): ...clear!

WCCC Dispatcher #2: So you're clear at 22:17.

Unit #2W30:         This is Unit #2-William-30, what was the
                     address on that UFO?

WCCC Dispatcher #2: 4-6-3-6 Wilkerson Road, 4636 Wilkerson Road,
                     this is back a long lane straight off of
                     Wilkerson Road between South Main Street and
                     the dead end. Unit #2W30: Clear.

SECTION 3: Citizen complaint

WCCC Dispatcher #3: Warren County Police and Fire, Tonya?

COMPLAINANT:        Oh, this is Warren County?

WCCC Dispatcher #3: Yes Ma'am.

COMPLAINANT:        I had just called Lebanon, we were wondering
                     if anyone had reported anything in the sky,
                     there is a light over to the south here and
                     it's not moving and we were wondering if
                     anybody had reported any strange thing.

WCCC Dispatcher #3: You're at 4636 Wilkerson?

COMPLAINANT:        Yeah, you got it.

WCCC Dispatcher #3: Okay, Lebanon had just called us with the
                     information and we've got an officer on the
                     way out to check it out. It's in the sky to
                     the south of you?

COMPLAINANT:        Yeah, it's still there. Is he coming out

WCCC Dispatcher #3: He's coming out to the area to see if he
                     can't see what you're seeing.

COMPLAINANT:        Oh, well okay.

WCCC Dispatcher #3: Allrighty.

COMPLAINANT:        Sure, thank you. Bye bye.

SECTION 4: Verification by officers

WCCC Dispatcher #2: Two-William Thirty, Two William Thirty-One,
                     3-7 @ 22:23, Unit #2W30 break. We've "public
                     service" the residence and they advise the
                     object is stationary in the sky. Unit #2W30:

WCCC Dispatcher #2: Just south of the residence, in the sky.
                     Unit #2W30: Hey Brad, check back in there to
                     see if that's 4636.

LOCAL:              William 30, Robert 50 local. William 30,
                     Robert 50 local.

Unit #2W30:         Go ahead local.

LOCAL:              Okay, I gotta ask.

Unit #2W30:         Okay, uh... yeah. Are you tied up?

LOCAL:              WHAT IS IT!?

Unit #2W30:         I have NO IDEA, and you wouldn't believe it
                     if you came out and saw it! There's two of
                     them, just sitting stationary and blinking,
                     I mean about five different colors, right
                     here on Wilkerson, just off of South Main

FEMALE OFFICER:     This is 480-16...

Unit #2W30:         I'm not kidding! ...Go ahead.

FEMALE OFFICER:     Okay, we're on the backside of that, here in
                     the lot because I couldn't stand it no more.
                     Where is it at, is it in the air?

Unit #2W30:         In the air! Okay? He's got... the owner of the
                     house has some binoculars and we're looking
                     at these things and uh, it's just... I don't
                     know what they are! They're high up, they
                     look like... uh, they're up there... but with
                     our binoculars though, the ones he's got
                     here, you can see them pretty clearly.
                     There's probably five different colors,
                     there's two of them and they've stayed in
                     the exact same spot the whole time. They're
                     not stars, I can tell you that.

FEMALE OFFICER #2:  This is 480-16, can we come back there with
                     you? We are enroute and have spotted what
                     you're talking about.

Unit #2W30:         I have no idea what it is.

LOCAL:              Okay, I'm looking that way from the office
                     and I can't see anything from up here.

Unit #2W30:         Okay, now there's a plane flying over right
                     where it would be, I don't know if you could
                     see that or not.

LOCAL:              Does the plane have flashing red lights?

Unit #2W30: right behind that, or to the left of it
                     a little bit, that's it.

LOCAL:              Would it be below the plane?

Unit #2W30:         Well the plane is directly overhead of us
                     now, so I can't really tell.

LOCAL:              Okay, I can tell the plane you are talking
                     about but from up here I can't see anything
                     else but a star.

Unit #2W30:         You wouldn't believe it.

LOCAL:              Can you see that with your eyes or do you
                     have to use binoculars to see it?

Unit #2W30:         I can see the flashing and everything with
                     my eyes, you get the binoculars and you can
                     really see it.

LOCAL:              ...I think I know what you're talking about,
                     I'm going to see if I can see it with my
                     pair of binoculars.

Unit #2W30:         It looks like an orange, kind of a blue, a
                     purple and a red almost with a green.

FEMALE OFFICER:     Are you straight back toward the house?

Unit #2W30:         Come all the way back here, way back on the
                     right, you'll see us standing here on the

FEMALE OFFICER:     All the way back by the picnic?

Unit #2W30:         I see your lights now.


LOCAL:              You've got some pretty lights, anyway.

Unit #2W30:         You see it now?

LOCAL:              Affirmative, I've got a small pair of
                     binoculars, I can definitely see the
                     different colored lights anyway. Unit #2W30:
                     Yeah, that's really... uhhh... the
                     resident's told me they've never seen it
                     before so it's not like it's been there

LOCAL:              Okay, there's two of them, right?

Unit #2W30:         The other one is just a little higher to the
                     right of the one that's low, or right by the

LOCAL:              I'm not going to call it.

Unit #2W30:         I'm not either, I'm not going to even go
                     there. But I... I don't know what it is.

LOCAL:              I can get blue, green, red and white lights
                     is what I'm seeing.

Unit #2W30:         That's what I am seeing.

LOCAL:              But we're not really seeing anything.


WPAFB:              Operator?

WCCC Dispatcher #3: Hi, this is Tonya, I'm a Warren County
                     Police and Fire dispatch?

WPAFB:              Yeah.

WCCC Dispatcher #3: We've got a Waynesville officers out in the
                     area of Wilkerson Road and they see an
                     object in the sky... a disk shape with
                     multi-colored lights that is stationary in
                     the air. Do you have somebody doing
                     maneuvers down here?

WPAFB:              And where are you?

WCCC Dispatcher #3: Warren County. He's in Waynesville and I'm
                     in Lebanon.

WPAFB:              No, we don't have anybody out there as far
                     as I know.

WCCC Dispatcher #3: Okay.

WPAFB:              Allright.

WCCC Dispatcher #3: Okay, thank you. Bye bye.

SECTION 6: O.S.P. Dispatch

WCCC Dispatcher #2: We called Wright Pat, they don't have
                     anybody in the area doing maneuvers or
                     anything. Okay at 22:35.

Unit #2A51:         Two Adam 51?

WCCC Dispatcher #2: Two Adam 51.

Unit #2A 51:        I'm out here with him.

WCCC Dispatcher #2: Three-seven, 22:35. Two-William Thirty?

Unit #2W30:         Two-William Thirty, go ahead.

WCCC Dispatcher #2: For your information, we also notified
                     O.S.P. in reference to the incident.

WCCC Dispatcher #3: I got "The State."

O.S.P. Dispatcher:  State Patrol, this is Taylor.

WCCC Dispatcher #3: Hi, it's Tonya over at 'the County'. I've
                     got a UFO for you.

O.S.P. Dispatcher:  LAUGHING.

WCCC Dispatcher #3: I'm serious.

O.S.P. Dispatcher:  I know you are, I've been hearing stuff on
                     the scanner.

WCCC Dispatcher #3: They say if it's in the air, baby, it's

O.S.P. Dispatcher:  So where's it at? (Laughs)

WCCC Dispatcher #3: 4636 Wilkerson Road.

O.S.P. Dispatcher:  Has it landed? WCCC Dispatcher #3: No, it
                     hasn't landed. The only 'little green man'
                     is the Waynesville officer that's out there.

O.S.P. Dispatcher:  Has he seen it?

WCCC Dispatcher #3: Yeah, they're adamant... it's in the air and
                     it's got multicolored lights & stuff on it.
                     There's two of them. We've called Wright
                     Pat, they're not doing maneuvers. We don't
                     know what it is.

O.S.P. Dispatcher:  All right, I'll send them.

WCCC Dispatcher #3: But it's yours!

O.S.P. Dispatcher:  Like what are we going to do if it is a

WCCC Dispatcher #3: Hey, I can call the National UFO Reporting
                     Center, or better yet, give you the number.

O.S.P. Dispatcher: "MOO-FOO!" It's "Moo-Foo" or something like
                     that, isn't it? "Moo-Foo!" Hah! Allright,
                     I'll call them in just a second.

WCCC Dispatcher #3: Allright, bye.

O.S.P. Dispatcher:  Bye.

SECTION 7: Inquiry w/Wilmington Airport/Airborne Express

WCCC Dispatcher #2: Two William Thirty?

UNIT 2W30:          Two William Thirty.

WCCC Dispatcher #2: Do you have any update on your UFO? Post
                     83 is responding and they're requesting an

UNIT 2W30:          Okay, ahh... they're still there.

WCCC Dispatcher #2: That's clear. Are you seeing two objects?

UNIT 2W30:          Affirmative.

WCCC Dispatcher #2: Okay, that's clear.

        {WCCC contacts AIRBORN EXPRESS located in Wilmington,
        Ohio (Clinton County) and listens as the call is routed
        through a push-button voice menu selection before being
        transferred to an attendant)

AIRBORNE OPERATOR:  Airborne Operator?

WCCC Dispatcher #3: Hi, this is the Warren County Dispatch
                     Center, I need to speak with your Air
                     Traffic Controllers, please.

AIRBORNE OPERATOR:  One moment please.

LISA:               Flight Control, this is Lisa.

WCCC Dispatcher #3: Hi, this is Tonya, I'm a Warren County
                     Police and Fire dispatcher. I need to know
                     if you've got any planes in the area of
                     Waynesville that are stationary.

LISA:               Um, probably not, but if you hold on I'll
                     let you talk to the "Supe."

WCCC Dispatcher #3: Thanks.

BILL:               Flight Control, Bill.

WCCC Dispatcher #3: Hi, I'm a Warren County Police and Fire
                     dispatcher and we've got two unidentifiable
                     objects in the air, in the area of
                     Waynesville. Do you have two planes or any
                     planes that are stationary?

BILL:               Let's see here, just a second. (steps away
                     from phone to check either radar or other

WCCC Dispatcher #3: Wright Pat is denying everything, they're
                     saying they don't have anything up there.
                     Like they're going to tell me, yeah right.
                     "This is a Stealth Bomber and we're going to
                     blow Corwin to blazes!"

BILL:               Ah, no. Right now we don't have any aircraft
                     over that way. We have them east of
                     Wilmington so we don't have anything over
                     that way.

WCCC Dispatcher #4: Dispatch, Lori?

O.S.P. Dispatcher:  Did you guys call anybody about the UFO?

WCCC Dispatcher #4: Who's this?

O.S.P. Dispatcher:  State Patrol.

WCCC Dispatcher #4: Yes we did.

O.S.P. Dispatcher:  Who'd you call?

WCCC Dispatcher #4: Airborne and Wright-Pat.

O.S.P. Dispatcher:  I mean like... UFO people?

WCCC Dispatcher #4:

O.S.P. Dispatcher:  I'm embarrassed to call them.

WCCC Dispatcher #4: Robert Fisse (sp?) the Park Ranger just
                     called and said he can see them just fine.
                     He said they appeared to be a great distance
                     off but he could see them. He named the
                     colors he could see.

O.S.P. Dispatcher:  Blue and green.

WCCC Dispatcher #4: And red and white.

O.S.P. Dispatcher:  I guess I better call somebody then. Oh

WCCC Dispatcher #4: All right. Bye.

SECTION 8: Further  Observation

Unit #2W30:         They just contacted O.S.P. I guess and
                     Wright Pat doesn't have anything in the
                     area. I don't know, this is weird.

UNKNOWN OFFICER:    You got any tape on it?

Unit #2W30:         I don't even want to say. It's definitely
                     round. Did you copy that?

UNKNOWN OFFICER:    Yeah, we got it.

Unit #2W30:         (laughing) Hey, I'm just telling you!

UNKNOWN OFFICER:    Yeah, they're definitely not moving.

Unit #2W30:         Well, the one is now. It's moving farther
                     and farther away... well there it goes. It
                     just stopped again.

UNKNOWN OFFICER:    I don't want to know.

Unit #2W30:         Okay.

UNKNOWN OFFICER:    I was just up here at the office doing
                     paperwork and I had to check on it.

Unit #2W30:         No problem. I have 16-Robert-50 on local,
                     ah, Paul Rohrer (sp?) just spotted one right
                     above you. It's coming real close. (breaks
                     into laughter)

UNKNOWN OFFICER:    Okay wonderful. Ah, all I got's a plane
                     right up here that I can see.

Unit #2W30:         It's a plane and then it's... I don't know.
                     I don't know. I thought I'd let you know.

UNKNOWN OFFICER:    I can still see the other two, but I don't
                     see any third one.

Unit #2W30:         This is actually coming from where you're

UNKNOWN OFFICER:    All right, I don't see that one. Ah, I
                     called the Com-Center on the phone and told
                     them that if they went outside they could
                     probably see it.

Unit #2W30:         Okay, are they seriously sending O.S.P. out

UNKNOWN OFFICER:    I assume they are. O.S.P. has contacted
                     Wright Pat apparently. (NOTE: Incorrect,
                     WCCC contacted Wright Pat)

Unit #2W30:         Okay.

UNKNOWN OFFICER:    They checked with them, I don't know if
                     they're actually going to have them come to
                     your location or what.

SECTION 9: Continued discussion

WCCC Dispatcher #4: Dispatch, Lori.

OSP DISPATCHER:     Hey Lori, this is Lori.

WCCC Dispatcher #4: Yep.

OSP DISPATCHER:     What's your latest update, are they still

WCCC Dispatcher #4: Yeah, they're still there and they still
                     have a visual on it.

OSP DISPATCHER:     Damn! You know, I've called just about every
                     number I could find on UFOs but these
                     numbers are so damned old!

WCCC Dispatcher #4: Have you got a unit enroute up there?

OSP DISPATCHER:     Yeah, I have two.

WCCC Dispatcher #3: Tell them to capture it, tell them to lasso
                     it and pull it down.

OSP DISPATCHER:     Well what they're going to do is to film it
                     so we can see it later.

WCCC Dispatcher #3: Okay.

OSP DISPATCHER:     Okay, bye.

LISA:               This is Lisa.

Unit #2W30:         Lisa...

LISA:               ...yes....

Unit #2W30:         ... this is Two-William-Thirty...

LISA                ...yes...

Unit #2W30:         ...what is going on?

LISA:               Well I don't know, you're out there looking
                     at it, what is it?

Unit #2W30:         Ahh... I couldn't tell you.

LISA:               Is there really something there though?

Unit #2W30:         I can tell you it's not a plane and it's not
                     a star.

LISA:               It's not a plane and it's not star...?

Unit #2W30:         No, it's round and it's got... wait a
                     second, O.S.P. is on the scene.

LISA:               Anything in the air.. I don't know if you
                     know this or not, but anything in the air or
                     falls from the air is State Patrol's
                     jurisdiction. Evidently you didn't know that
                     because we could hear your side traffic but
                     we had to tell that that's procedure.
                     Anything in the air or falls from the air is
                     State Patrol but that's... where are you at
                     where it you can see it? Is it like right
                     over you or...?

Unit #2W30:         No, it's in the distance toward Hamilton.

LISA:               Towards Hamilton?

Unit #2W30:         Yeah, O.S.P.'s here, I'll have to give you a
                     call back.

LISA:               Okay.

SECTION 10: WCCC dispatcher observes UFO north of her location

OSP Dispatcher #2:  Highway State Patrol, Dispatcher Hussman (sp?)

WCCC Dispatcher #5: Hey Kim...

OSP Dispatcher #2:  Yeah.

WCCC Dispatcher #5: What are they saying about that UFO?

OSP Dispatcher #2:  I don't know yet.

WCCC Dispatcher #5: I can see it from here. It's got a light
                     blue light, a yellow light and a red light
                     alternating, flashing on it and it looks
                     like it's in a line. If I step out... not
                     the door that we normally come in but that
                     other basement door... walk to the top of
                     the steps and look at (Route) 48, it's to
                     the left way up in the sky up like toward my
                     house... toward Waynesville.

OSP Dispatcher #2:  We're still trying to find phone numbers.

WCCC Dispatcher #5: For what?

OSP Dispatcher #2:  To get a hold of somebody.

WCCC Dispatcher #5: We've got the UFO numbers.

OSP Dispatcher #2:  Tell me what you've got, because everything
                     we've got isn't any good.

        (Radio traffic from other police officers heard in
        background, they assure the object is not a plane
        and not a star)

OSP Dispatcher #2:  It's not a plane and it's not a star,
                     they're saying, and it's not moving.

WCCC Dispatcher #5: It didn't move when I was looking at it.
                     (calls out for Tonya to find UFO number)
                     Here it is, National UFO Reporting Center,
                     206-722-3000. That's in Seattle.

OSP Dispatcher #2:  That's who we're on the phone with and they
                     said if it's only one, it could be a Sirius

WCCC Dispatcher #5: It's got a light blue, a yellow and a red
                     flashing light on it.

OSP Dispatcher #2   (Repeats to attendant in room to convey to
                     NUFORC): She said it's got a light blue, a
                     yellow and a red flashing light on it and
                     they're in a straight line.

WCCC Dispatcher #5: Well, if it's like in a circle, I'm only
                     seeing... it's not the same light
                     alternating flash, it's in different
                     locations, like the light blue is in the
                     middle, the red flashes on the right and the
                     yellow flashes on the left of the light blue
                     light, and the light blue light stays

OSP Dispatcher #2:  The light blue light is in the middle.

WCCC Dispatcher #5: Correct. And from where I'm looking at it,
                     the red is on the right and the yellow is on
                     the left, and they flash. The light blue
                     light flashes but it's almost like it's
                     flickering. The other one's you just see
                     alternately. Trying looking at it, it's
                     different! I mean they're not flashing, it's
                     not the same light changing colors, it's
                     like three different locations on a straight
                     line. Right on the same thing, you can tell
                     it's the same thing. And it doesn't look
                     like it's up as far as a star would be but
                     it's higher than a plane would be, and it's

OSP Dispatcher #2:  [Laughter]

WCCC Dispatcher #5: What?

OSP Dispatcher #2:  We just talked to them at that national UFO

WCCC Dispatcher #5  ...yeah?

OSP Dispatcher #2:  They just told her that last January several
                     departments in Illinois chased after a
                     triangular-shaped UFO for several miles...

WCCC Dispatcher #5: ... and then...?

OSP Dispatcher #2:  ...nothing.

WCCC Dispatcher #5: It disappeared?

OSP Dispatcher #2:  There's nothing they could do!

WCCC Dispatcher #5: Well what good are they? So we can't get
                     anybody to see if they can get this on radar
                     or anything?

OSP Dispatcher #2:  Our guys are filming it.

WCCC Dispatcher #5: Oh, they are?

OSP Dispatcher #2:  They're trying to.

WCCC Dispatcher #5: Okay... well, I just wondered what your
                     status was with it.

OSP Dispatcher #2:  So far, that's it.

WCCC Dispatcher #5: So the UFO Center is thinking it is
                     possibly a Sirius star?

OSP Dispatcher #2:  Yes.

WCCC Dispatcher #5: With those color lights?

OSP Dispatcher #2:  Yes.

WCCC Dispatcher #5: I don't think so, but okay.

OSP Dispatcher #2:  They said if it's one, it's a Sirius star,
                     but if there's two, it's not a Sirius star.

WCCC Dispatcher #5: Okay, bye.

SECTION 11: Final conversation

LOCAL:              William 30, Robert 50. There's also one to
                     the north.

Unit #2W30:         Okay, you see one now?

LOCAL:              Yeah, I see from our direction from you and
                     to the north a little bit.

Unit #2W30:         Yeah, that's the one I think we're looking
                     at and I have no clue what it is.

LOCAL:              Well at first I'd say it was just stars
                     through the atmosphere but the ones that are
                     lower than that doesn't look like those.

Unit #2W30:         No, from where we're at with the binoculars
                     that we got, this isn't a star, I can tell
                     you that much. And it's not a plane, I can
                     definitely rule out those two.

LOCAL:              Yeah, I've got some real small glasses up
                     here and can see all the colors but can't
                     make out any form.

Unit #2W30:         I'm calling Com-Center now and see what's going on.

LOCAL:              Okay, so what have you got? William 30,
                     Robert 50. William 30, Robert 50. William
                     30, Robert 50. What's he ending up with?

UNKNOWN OFFICER:    I think it's wishful thinking, I don't think
                     it's much. It's some sparkling lights, I
                     think it's a plane or something, but I don't

LOCAL (laughing)    Okay, you're clear.

Unit #2W30:         16 to Robert-50, he just needed to get his
                     eyes re-examined because - like I said -
                     this isn't a plane and it's not a star.

LOCAL:              Yeah, I sat up here watching it for awhile
                     and if it's a plane it's not moving.

UNKNOWN OFFICER:    You guy's have been watching too many
                     X-Files movies.

Unit #2W30:         16 to Robert-50, do you still have a good
                     visual on it?

LOCAL:              I'm up by "4-3" now and I can't see anything
                     from up here. When I left the park over
                     there I could still see two of them, anyway.

Unit #2W30:         Okay.

LOCAL:              I'll leave them into your capable hands and
                     trust you'll keep it safe tonight. I'm going

Unit #2W30:         Okay, I'm going to leave this to The State,
                     to O.S.P. to handle, so I'm "A.W" also.

LOCAL:              You're clear.

Report and transcript prepared by Kenny Young
May 24, 2001
      U F O   R e s e a r c h

May 2001 
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