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Men-in-Black Appear In Wake of Chupacabras Activity

SOURCE: La Estrella de Loa
DATE: Wednesday, April 25, 2001
As noted in the last paragraph of an article entitled "A
Revealing Study of the Chupacabras Case" which appeared in
yesterday's Estrella del Loa, Calama UFO Center Researcher Jaime
Ferrer managed to detect - after four days of research in a
sector of El Loa province - the presence of strange individuals
who intimidate those who have had alleged experiences with UFOs
or with the allegedly alien creature known as the Chupacabras.

Although the presence of mysterious characters resembles more
closely a story drawn from the U.S. box office hit "Men In
Black", the expert claims that the events described below
faithfully coincide with the statements made by the parties
involved. He adds: "If I hadn't investigated the case myself, I
would have found it hard to believe.

Yesterday's newspaper chronicle named some individuals who
visited the ranch of a humble resident of El Loa to recover hair
samples left behind by a strange creature which had attacked his
poultry animals.

The farmer stated that areound 11:00 a.m. on the day following
his encounter with a creature that can be described as nothing
short of abominable, he saw three strange-looking but very
well-dressed men appear while he spoke to a friend who had also
seen the creature. They stood some 30 meters away from a group
of acquaintances who were busy sharing a side of flame-roasted

"We're policemen and we're here to arrest you," said one of the
men - a phrase which shocked the farmer and gave rise to the
following exchange:

Farmer: Why? I didn't do anything wrong..

Person: Look, you can't discuss what you saw last night with
anyone. If you do you'll only make trouble for yourself.

Farmer: If you're policemen, could you please show me your
badges? (he was aware that he had no outstanding matter to
settle with the law).

Person: We'll show them soon enough.

After this brief conversation, the farmer began to observe
closely the odd  behavior and equally odd garb of the unknown

"These guys were almost two meters tall. I found them very
strange. They were thin and resembled one another, especially in
their bearing and constitution. They wore sunglasses that
concealed their eyes; one of them had eyes that reminded me of
'Spiderman's'. They always kept their left hand in their
pockets - perhaps that's where they kept their sidearms. They
only withdrew their left hands when they were away from each
other to make hand signals; they surveyed the entire area, and
never once did I hear them call out to one another," the farmer
told Ferrer.

He explained that the trio wore a type of glove which left their
ring and smallest fingers exposed, whithe the rest of their
fingers occupied a single space. Their shirt cuffs - he
says - covered part of this "pseudomitten", over which they wore
a thin, shiny metal bracelet.

The farmer also describes a "prosthetic" covering the nail of
the smallest finger, and a ring placed at the tip of the ring

"Their Spanish was very strange, sloppy, as if they were drunk.
I didn't know if they were Germans or Swedes because they spoke
a language among themselves which I was unable to understand,
but I can tell you it wasn't English. After they left, we
realized that they didn't move their mouths to speak, which
impressed us even more. Pity we didn't realize it at the time.

[The farmer] further noted that the group leader wore a hat
"similar to a bullfighter's" which barely covered one of his
ears, in which he could see a "V"-shaped cut and a darker shade
of color.

He also recalls the following details: a very sharp vocal tone,
short blond hair, broad forehead, high cheekbones, straight
nose, thin neck, small mouth (except for the group leader, who
had thick lips and was wearing a safari-type jacket), a
mechanized walk, similar gestures, lined eyebrows, black ties
and tieclips the same color as the stones on their rings.

One of the men engaged in roasting the side of beef remarked:
"They approached us at one point and looked us up and down, but
said nothing at all. They appeared to walk and spin on the tips
of their feet. They gave the impression of weighing less than a
normal person."

The main witness added: "They didn't accept water from us. They
threatened me again, promising to contact us once more. I went
into the dining room and when I came back, the three men had
already gone. My friend, who is more detail-minded than I am,
says they boarded an ivory-lead colored pickup truck which made
no noise whatsoever and vanished after a certain distance.

Jaime Ferrer claims that after his first conversation with the
resident, neither he nor his friend had seen the strangers
again. A situation which, as our readers will see, did not last
very long....

Translation (C)2001. S.Corrales, Institute of Hispanic Ufology (IHU)
Special thanks to Dr. Virgilio Sanchez Ocejo.

May 2001 
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