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Filer's Files

Michigan, California, Washington, and England.

Dr. Greer and a dedicated unpaid staff have made a mighty first
step towards the validation of UFOs and alien life forms. I
consider it an honor to have participated with twenty former
government employees who staked their reputations on the UFO
concepts they expounded. Each of us had only a few minutes to
describe what we knew about UFOs. Many had excellent evidence
in their procession including FAA tapes and government
documentation. I had an opportunity to talk to most of the
witnesses and staff at great length. They are some of the
finest and most knowledgeable people I have had the pleasure of
meeting. Their information on UFOs far surpasses most other
Ufologists. Dr. Steven Greer should be congratulated for
finding these insiders and organizing the Disclosure Project.
The press conference held at the National Press Club on May 9th
was excellent. I talked with several reporters afterwards who
were very impressed. They had never seen so many cameras and
reporters at a pres! s conference, at least not since President
Reagan was there over twenty years ago. Furthermore, the two
hundred reporters stayed for hours applauding until the very
end. I was told that at most press conferences the reporters
leave in a few minutes. I could see a major shift in their
mindset as one after another the witnesses testified. I felt
many debunkers changed their minds about the reality of UFOs.
They indicated it would be tough to get their editors to
publish this material but they had a new respect for the
subject. Judging by the questions and interest I personally
received from the Dateline, Mexican TV, and BCC, the UFO
Disclosure is gaining powerful allies. Let us be realistic, it
is not easy to change the minds and the inherent paradigm
shattering implications of this information. These very
skeptical reporters were amazed to see credible proof of ETs
and UFOs. We made valiant efforts after the press conference to
reach every Senator and Representative in Congress! . The
congressmen are concerned about their jobs and it will be
interesting to see if even one has the patriotism and courage
of Gerald Ford who requested hearings as a congressman in 1966.
The Disclosure Project would likely have reached a much greater
audience if the FBI had not released information that thousands
of critical files in the Timothy McVeigh case had not been
disclosed to his lawyers. It seems rather strange that all this
"missing" data concerning the Oklahoma City case had suddenly
been found and was released at the most critical time when the
Disclosure Project was ready to hit the headlines. Most people
assume it is a foregone conclusion that McVeigh will still be
executed. The only purpose can be to prolong his execution in
order to control the content of all the major media. McVeigh
claims the bombing was the result of FBI action at Waco. He is
not contesting his execution, but the Internet is full of
stories indicating Iraqi involvement in the bombing.
The Disclosure Project has fired its first cannon shot heard
around the world by an estimated billion people. The main goal
was not designed to reveal any "smoking gun" evidence, at this
time but to request immunity for other witnesses and to obtain
Congressional hearings. This is a major first step. I encourage
all UFO organizations to hold similar press briefings, call
radio talk shows, and contact their Congressmen. For
information on the testimony and other events to follow, go to:

Steve Markle writes, "Thanks for your appearance at the
Disclosure Project events in DC, along with your continued
commitment in this area!" As a helicopter rescue aircrew man
and antisubmarine warfare operator in the Navy (SECRET
clearance), I too can attest to having seen something mighty
strange out in the Indian Ocean one night in the mid 70's,
along with several other individuals on my ship, the USS
Fanning! We saw a bright object, undulating and flickering with
colors. It was stationary for 30 minutes. We witnessed several
coronal discharges from object that floated down toward ocean
surface. It was much like footage of recent events in Gulf
Breeze, Florida. Within moments of final coronal discharge, the
object left its location at a very high rate of speed up and
out of the atmosphere! The departure of object created a streak
of light effect much like the computer mouse comparison!
Frankly we were all stunned and in shock at what we'd just
seen! My shipmates in our air ! detachment (HSL-35, Det.1) just
looked at one another and simultaneously asked out loud "WHAT
in the HELL was THAT? From that time on, I was convinced of
UFO's were ET craft! If that was one of ours, we clearly
conquered antigravidics in the 60's or 70's!! I too, would be
willing to testify as to what I saw that evening. Thank you for
your continued efforts, your courage, and your patriotism!
Thanks to Steve Markle, (Markle)WEB CAST JAMMING?
According to the management of, which was
airing the web cast of the Disclosure Project press conference,
they were hit with sophisticated jamming. They had never
experience anything like it in the hundreds of web casts they
had conducted in the past. It was not hacking and it was not
bandwidth problems. Although the web cast was down for about 10
to 15% of the time over 250,000 people saw the web cast of thepress conference.

YOU CAN HELPWASHINGTON, D.C. - The Disclosure Project - whose legislative
agenda includes open hearings, and a comprehensive plan for
cooperative, peaceful space development, continues meeting with
Members of Congress. If you support these goals, please begin
contacting your US Senators and your Congressperson urging them
to support Open Hearings on the Disclosure agenda. The
Disclosure Team has met with over two dozen senate and house
members and staff with witnesses present. I personally met with
three congressional staffs and one Congressman. I ask that you
write your 2 senators and their house representative and ask
for immediate open hearings on the UFO matter. Political
constituency pressure does work! You can find the name, phone,
fax, and email address of your two Senators and your
Congressperson at:
Petition forms, Congressional addresses, etc. can be found at:

TICONDEROGA -- Investigator John Thompson writes, "I got a call
from the NY witness who video taped a UFO in July 1998." He
says that he saw the same UFO again on Thursday, May 11, 2001,
and almost videotaped it but his battery was dead. It was a
daylight sighing again and he says he saw the exact same
object. This UFO is also the same UFO that was photographed in
LaGrange, GA in Feb. 1997. The New York witness says he
reported this all to Jim B., MUFON NY State Director. Thanks toJohn Thompson.
RUSSELL PARK -- Paul M. Davis writes my friends and I have been
going to the Mohawk Valley in upstate New York near Ilion. Year
after year we saw flying saucers in the night sky. They
performed incredible flight performances, step maneuvers,
hovering motionless then shooting from east to west in a split
second. I believe they were under intelligent control because
they were able to perform hot rod like movements and avoid each
other in unison. These are not just lights in the sky, but
metallic objects that seem to emit some kind of plasma trail. I
suspect that that is the reason why they look fuzzy in
photographs. My friends and I had experienced seeing strange
lights in the woods, very bright, and orangish in color.
We walked through strange hot and cold force field like pockets
of air. It would go from 70 degrees at night to be instant of
approximately 30 degrees below zero then walking out of the
zone to encounter the next patch of air that was over 102
degrees Fahrenheit. I bent down to tie my boots and noticed
strange footprints in the mud that seemed to start and stop as
if this thing was beamed up or picked up from that spot. I used
my flashlight to examine the print. I am familiar with most
animal foot and paw prints as well as humans boots, sneakers,
or shoes. This was not like any of those prints. The prints
were from an animal that must have been bipedal as it had a
curve or horizontal instep to it. It also had three toes and no
pattern name or sneaker tread on the bottom of the print. I
came back the next day after it had rained. The prints were all
damaged except for one. I got a shovel and a box and tried to
transplant the entire foot print, feeling that this was better
then ! copying it with plaster or fiberglass resin. The print
was so water logged that it fell apart as I tried to transfer
it to the box. I was very disappointed that I did not get the
print. At least it would have been some sort of proof.
The biggest mistake began when my cousin Israel DuPont and I
went into the park one night with our flashlights to poke
around looking for more alien footprints. We found nothing. We
approached a soccer field near some giant water tanks near the
main road. We were again confronted with flying disks in the
night sky flying about erratically. We decided to sit down and
watch the show. A few minutes passed. I noted that my watch
read 2:00 AM. We were to be picked up within the next half
hour. We sat across from each other and began to talk. A few
moments later my cousin Israel said, "What's that over your
head?" I flashed my flashlight up above my head in a signal
like motion. The next thing we recall is coming to slowly in
great muscular and nerve pain. I tried to focus my eyes. Some
type of blinding white light had attacked us. I could hear my
cousin moaning in pain. He was as stunned as I was. I called
out to him. "What was that?" and looked at my watch and 20
minutes had passe! d. We ran through the woods and barely caught
our ride 2:30 AM ride. (To be continued) Thanks to Paul M.Davis and MUFON HQ.

ACME -- Stan Gordon writes he has investigated a UFO sighting
that occurred on April, 4, 2001, in a rural area of
Westmoreland County. I interviewed the witness the day after
the sighting, and have obtained additional information. The
witness and her husband were watching TV when her husband saw a
light in the woods behind the house, which appeared low to the
ground. The wife went into the living room, and opened up the
sliding doors. Within seconds, a very large diamond shaped
object appeared from directly over the house, and continued to
move over the trees in the back woods. The object moved fast
and in a steady manner, as it passed only about 150 feet
overhead. The object was seen for only about 8 seconds, when it
suddenly seemed to vanish just above the trees. The object was
observed from underneath, and was described as a large solid
diamond shaped object, which made a humming sound as it passed
overhead. Non-blinking white lights were at each corner with a
red light in ! the bottom center of the object.
Immediately after the sighting, the couple drove towards the
location where the object disappeared but saw nothing. The
witness reported feeling very nervous and could not sleep well
for a couple of days. The couple had been feeding raccoons
every night for a month before this event, but they failed to
show the night of the sighting. The day of the sighting was the
first evening that the animals did not show up, but they
returned the next night. UFO sightings continue to be reported
across Pennsylvania. UFO Hotline: 724-838-7768

UPPER PENINSULA -- Several weeks ago, with the aid of 8x40
binoculars my wife, daughter, and I observed an aircraft flying
over our home. The aircraft is strikingly similar to the third
one from the left at the top of the page in the Black Aircraft
section of your site The aircraft was
flying at an altitude of about 30,000 feet and emitting two
contrails parallel to each other. The tail-section of the
aircraft is of unconventional design. The fuselage's color is a
light brown to tan color. I was a weather observer and
forecasters assistant for the Air Force for six years and have
served in the Army National Guard. The celestial dome was
nearly four-tenths covered by cumulus at the low and middle
echelons during this early afternoon sighting. The craft was
traveling from south to north, and along an airway used by our
commercial airliners. We can't see the tail-section of the
aircraft you have pictured in the Black Aircraft section of
your site. But, from w! hat we can see right now -- it matches
the aircraft we saw during its flyover, exactly. The
tail-section of the craft didn't appear to have any horizontal
stabilizers. It did have somewhat defined vertical pitch at the
hindmost or aft section. My 17 year-old daughter commented, "It
looks like a rocket." The craft was cruising at normal airliner
speed. Thanks to Randy Braun,
JACKSON -- On April 27, 2001, I noticed a contrail being made
in the northern sky at about 8:10 PM. The object making the
trail was moving extremely fast. Three or four times as fast as
a jet plane and at an altitude (guessing) of maybe 20 to 25,000
feet, It was going south when it made a 180 degree turn within
3 seconds, still leaving a trail. Then about 5 seconds after it
turned around the craft disappeared. I kept looking for about a
minute or so and saw the object again, (no trail) going west
then east then west again, all in a span of ten or fifteen
seconds. It then disappeared. Thanks to Peter Davenport

TROUT LAKE -- On May 9, 2001, John and Kim Novak, wrote that
James Gilliland, another adult witness and I saw a large, very
slow moving triangle fly nearly over head. The craft was first
spotted right underneath the Big Dipper and headed in a
southwest direction at a very slow rate of speed until it
disappeared above the trees at 10:20 PM. There was absolutely
no sound. I extended my hand out several times to gauge the
size of it and I was able to just about cover it's size with my
fist. The entire length of time it was in my view was 4-5
minutes. Either this was three independent lights each about
the size of an average star in the sky traveling in an
absolutely perfect triangular pattern, or it was one very large
triangular shaped object with a light at each point.
We tend to think it was one object based on the fact that it
appeared to be tipping on it's side several times. All the
lights moved exactly the way a large triangular object with a
light on each point would making a maneuver like this. Someone
inside the house turned on all the lights right when James got
the video camera on it. So he had to pick up the camera and run
to a shaded spot. He wasn't able to see the triangle through
the viewfinder, but just pointing the camera at it zooming in
and out hoping for the best. He was able to get a few shots of
it. Another note of interest in this sighting is that Kim and I
had our 3 year old son out skywatching with us for the first
time. We asked him to show us where the spaceships were. He
pointed right to the area where the triangle was first spotted
less than two minutes before it appeared. Thanks to John Novak
webmaster UFO Reports and Info Hotline:(206) 528-5527

ALPINE -- On April 27, 2001, at about 11:00 PM I saw the
strangest thing while looking at the night sky. At first I
thought I saw a shooting star but the light didn't fade out nor
move in a downward motion. It flew in a horizontal movement
across the sky. Then I realized I'm looking at lit up side or a
reflecting side or edge of an object. My next reaction was that
I must have been seeing an owl gliding across the night sky
trying to rationalize this when I immediately realized this is
no owl. I could make out the sides of a 3-sided object dark as
the night sky itself but the sides were just barely visible. I
felt that rather then looking at just a dark object not lit up
that I felt it was camouflaged to the night sky. I don't know
how to explain that but that's a feeling that went through me.
My reaction in a split second was "how sneaky this thing is." I
want to say it was not lit, it seemed as black and void as the
night sky, but I was able to make out the 3 sides. I'm not !
sure if it was reflections or actual lights very dim that shown
its form, but I could make out its shape. No doubt though at
what I was seeing even as quick as it was I was able to get a
clear view and take it all in. It had a three sided guitar pick
shape. When it passed in front of the stars the shape was easy
to discern as it headed east. When it was out of sight I even
thought to hold my hand out in the sky to try to judge the size
it took up in the sky. When I held my hand out I would say that
it was the size of half of my hand size. This object was flying
at the height that helicopters from Miramar Base fly. There was
no sound and it moved at a tremendous speed. It flew directly
over my head and disappear past the mountains in the east 10
miles away in 5 seconds. ((Peter Davenport says he spoke with
this witness at length, and we found him to be exceptionally
eloquent, lucid. He provided a digital image at

SANTA BARBARA -- On May 14, 2001, I got up before dawn to go
out to my car parked on Alta Vista
Road. At 4:30 AM, it was perfectly quiet and still outside and
I scanned the sky as I always do for UFOs. and I have done so
the past nine years with no results until today. I was facing
northeast, then looked up and just overhead and to my right I
saw a lumious spheroid shape, moderately bright, white and
yellowish-tinged, passing in a straight line from the Santa
Barbara Channel in the southeast, to the northeast towards
Bakersfield. It travelled in what seemed to be a course
crossing directly over the southern end of town. At first I had
to eliminate other possibilities: airplane, satellite,
meteorite, space station, etc. I felt that it was too low to be
in space and it was silent, so it couldn't be a plane of any
kind. Also the light itself was too round and uniform in shape,
and too yellowish in luminescence, from the point when it was
over my right sho! ulder to the time I watched it disappear over
the horizon of the mountains. A conventional space vehicle or
satellite would show bright white and gradually either brighten
or dim out as it crossed the terminator. This did neither. This
thing was just too big and yellow anyway and did not change
much in luminosity. It was just too big to be either a marker
light or a landing light of any kind and it was not on any
established airways. I estimate that it was at 30,000 feet give
or take a few thousand and the light was easily the size of an
airliner. I also rule out any natural phenomena such as
meteors. There was no flaming tail and no streaking. It was
just not that fast either. It cruised along at a fairly brisk
pace which I would estimate at a up to 300 hundred miles per
hour. But it was high enough for me to watch it for at least
two minutes. I noticed no fluctuations in its course, but it
did seem to fluctuate in speed and altitude slightly. I am
extremely careful about suc! h things and this is my first
report in nine years of sky-watching. I feel I have a good
sense of such objects from being a private pilot and having
spent four years in the Air Force. I have never seen anything
like it after nine years of deliberate skywatching. Thanks to
Don Robertso and Paul Walker

NORWICH -- On April 26, 2001, a silver dome shaped UFO with a
flat base was observed flying over Norfolk County in the
Eastern most area of England. The object changed shape at 6:45
PM. It glided slowly over changing shape into a teardrop the
speeded up as it was leaving. It was quite low and close, but
there were no details on its surface. Thanks to

Jeff Chalender writes, "Last week, something wonderful happened
in the world of spaceflight. For the first time ever, a
civilian who is not in the employ of any space agency bought a
ride on a spaceship. His name is Dennis Tito, 60 years old, a
self made millionaire, and former NASA employee. He spent a
quiet week aboard the International Space Station, peering out
the windows, taking snapshots, listening to opera CDs, and
helping the crew where he could. His son Michael Tito said,
"Africa is his favorite continent with it's spectacular red and
brown hues. What a thrill! Who wouldn't want to do this? My
father is pursuing his dream. He's obviously having the
experience of his life. He's sitting up there, looking out the
port hole, listening to opera music, and getting his money's
worth." In spite of disparaging comments on the whole thing,
and a negative attitude by NASA officials, Tito's Russian
shipmates, Commander Talgat Musabayev, and Flight Engineer Yuri
Barurin, who flew! with him from the Baikonur Cosmodrome aboard
the Soyuz TM-32, were satisfied that he is a good spaceman. "
is no nuisance, in fact, he is trying to help us. We have to
explain to him some things which cannot be learned on Earth as
we would do to any other novice Cosmonaut. But basically has
dealt smoothly with both crews." Said Musabayev.
NASA Administrator Daniel Goldin said last week:The current
situation has put an incredible stress on the men and women of
NASA. They are dedicated to safety, and Mr. Tito does not
realize the efforts of thousands of people in the United States
and Russia that are working to protect his safety and the
safety of everyone else, taking extraordinary means." NASA
official Thomas Stafford, who flew in the Gemini progrzm in the
1960s had this to say: "There is no question this will have an
impact on the activities up there. It should be made clear to
Mr. Tito that his activities are limited to the Russian
modules, due to his lack of adequate training on the US
modules. It is unfortunate that NASA must now take
risk-mitigating actions that will affect the productivity of
the ISS Expedition.&q Mr Tito, however, was denied training on
the US part of the NASA. Mr. Tito has had eight full
months of rigorous Cosmonaut training in Russia that should not
to be taken lightly. Spea! king in his own defense, Mr. Tito
said last week's triple computer failure had caused a slow down
of the pace of work being done. He also pointed out that the US
modules were at least 330 feet away from where he was staying
in the Service, or Zvezda module. He expressed his disbelief
that his presence was interfering with the station program. He
even helped out in the galley, preparing meals for his
crewmates, freeing them for more important endeavors. Russian
official Viktor Blagov made this statement: Everyone is getting
on with their work and there have been no complaints from on
board. Tito's presence, according to our data, has in no way
harmed the work of either the permanent or visiting crew. There
has been some speculation in UFO circles that Mr. Tito may see,
and take pictures of, something hitherto unacknowledged in
space. Sadly, that is not likely to happen. Mr. Tito signed
papers putting himself under orders, effectively silencing him
from making any unapproved sta! tements when he returned to the
ground. He returned safely on May 6, 2001, paving the way for
the rest of us. Thank you Mr. Tito. Copyright 2001 Jeff
Challenger & Sunrise Multimedia

Jeff Challenger has prepared a new tape of various UFOs that
were caught on recent Shuttle video footage. Jeff has over a
hour-long tape of UFOs shot in space. Jeff spends hundreds of
hours watching the shuttle broadcasts from space and is now an
expert on NASA missions and even those onboard the shuttle are
unlikely to see what Jeff does. Using Jeff's directions you
will be able to learn the difference between space junk, ice
crystals and real UFOs. One segment has 24 UFOs watching the
shuttle from space. I feel confident we could go into a court
of law and convince any jury, UFOs are moving around our Earth.
Send $25 to: Jeff Challenger 2768 Mended Way -Sacramento,California 95833-2011.

David E. Twitted writes, "The ancient astronaut and Biblical
UFO hypotheses are not new. However, no one seems to want to
take the matter to the next logical step. If Ezekiel's, "wheel
within a wheel," and Moses', "pillar of fire and cloud,were
forerunners of today's UFOs, then the Star of Bethlehem and the
brilliant cloud to which Jesus ascended must be treated in the
same vein. When Biblical descriptions of anomalous aerial
phenomena are overlaid on that of modern-day UFO reports, the
picture seems to meld as one. Once the evidence has been
presented, the reader is led to a conclusion that is at best
convincing and at least thought provoking. Are you willing to
risk having your worldview shaken? Read the preface free at: To order
your copy of THE UFO - JESUS CONNECTION, go to: Or Save the shipping charges
and order your autographed copy by sending a check or money
order for $13.95 (US) per! copy to: David Twichell, P.O. Box
511, Trenton MI. 48183-0511
PHOTOGRAPH BOOKLET of some of the best UFO photographs
available and data on their propulsion systems by US Navy
Commander Graham Bethune. $10.00. Send check or money order to
G. Filer 222 Jackson Road, Medford, New Jersey 08055. CD OF
FILER'S FILES for the last four years 1997 through 2000 is
available for $25.00. Both for $30.00.

MUFON UFO JOURNAL -- For more detailed monthly investigative
reports subscribe to the MUFON JOURNAL that costs only $30 per
year by contacting Mention that I recommended
you for membership. Filer's Files is copyrighted 2001 by George
A. Filer, all rights reserved. Readers may post items from the
files on their Web Sites provided they credit the newsletter
and its editor by name and list the date of issue that the item
appeared. Caution: Most of these are initial reports and
require further investigation. These reports and comments are
not necessarily the official MUFON viewpoint. Send your letters
to Sending mail automatically grants
permission for us to publish and use your name. Please state if
you wish to keep your name, address, or story confidential.

May 2001 
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