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Ed Mitchell Most Unhappy
With Greer Using His Name As Disclosure Witness

From:         Dr. Jack Sarfatti
Subject:      Astronaut Ed Mitchell on Washington Times
               story of the Greer UFO Disclosure Conference
To:           Edgar Mitchell
Organization: Internet Science Education Project


"Steve Greer... began to overreach his data continuously"
                                        - Edgar Mitchell

Edgar Mitchell) Jack, et al: The Washington Times (story) on UFO
disclosure mentions my name as a witness for the Disclosure
Project -- which I am not ...and have not been.

(Jack Sarfatti) I am not surprised at all. If you look to see
who is running that CSETI Horse and Pony Disinfo Show & Tell you
will recognize familiar names. Consider the source. As a Navy
man and NASA Astronaut who really was Out There, you know what I
mean. :-)

(Edgar Mitchell) I cooperated with Steve Greer some years ago,
but he began to overreach his data continuously, necessitating a
withdrawal by myself, and, I believe, several others. I have
requested to be removed from any web site, announcements, etc.,
but see that has not taken place.

(Jack Sarfatti) Typical of politically-based influence
operations. The real motive of the Press Club Event was the
issue of militarization of space not UFOs, on which reasonable
well meaning people can differ of course. Since many millions of
voters believe UFOs are real, getting control of the UFO
movement clearly is a top priority for all the players.

(Edgar Mitchell) Although I firmly believe it is time for
openness and disclosure by government, I object to being misused
in this fashion and acquire guilt by association with certain
claims that simply are not true.

(Jack Sarfatti) I feel exactly as you do. I think you, Don Ecker
and I see it eye-to-eye on this one.

(Edgar Mitchell) I, nor any crew I was on (I was on three Apollo
crews), received any briefing before or after flights on UFO
events, saw anything in space suggesting UFOs or structures on
the moon, etc. We did it just like we said in official reports.
My only claim to knowledge of these events is from the
individuals, mostly of yesteryear, who were in government,
intelligence, or military; were there, saw what they saw, and
now believe it should be made public. But I claim no first hand
knowledge, nor have any. Pass it on to the rest of the net, if
you will.

--Edgar Mitchell

May 2001 
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