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Filer's Files #11 -- 2001,
MUFON Skywatch Investigations
George A. Filer, Director, Mutual UFO Network Eastern
March 13, 2001, Sponsored by Electronic Arts;
Webmaster Chuck Warren

UFOs are seen in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania,
Illinois, Oklahoma, Washington, Mexico, Honduras and Norway.
Senator John Glenn says objects are seen in space. Our shuttle
flights including STS 102 continue to video tape anomalies.
Everyone knows their out there, the question is who are those
guys? Its either ours or other intelligent life. Why does NASA
keep attempting to hide the truth? Did you know the first
photos from the Mars Viking Lander were destroyed because they
showed a beautiful blue sky and green patches on rocks? Why was
the Japanese fishing vessel Ehime Maru operating at full speed
chasing the US submarine USS Greenville?


SACRAMENTO - Jeff Challendler writes, "Things are changing in
the way I get my footage during NASA Shuttle missions. There is
a man in Wanamingo, Minnesota, named Les Wille, who has been
taping Shuttle missions for the last four years. He is very
well known in the UK as LL Wille. He has, in the past, shared
with the world such incredible footage as that of anomalous
objects near the Russian space station Mir. These seen live
during the un-docking of STS-84, filmed in zoom mode from 2800
feet, in May 1997." Les Wille and Jeff Challender are now
working together as a team to tape and scrutinize Shuttle
mission STS-102/Discovery. As of this writing, we have captured
several anomalies, which will require further investigation.
This cooperation adds the new dimension of having raw tapes,
(Source; NASA live feed) from two separate locations at the
same time. Mr. Wille has his own forest of seven satellite
dishes, which he uses to intercept NASA feed directly from the
Tracking Data & Relay Satellite System. He gets his signal
BEFORE it goes to Houston for censoring. Les often sees live
payload bay camera feed that is not shown through the public
NASA channel.

Les taped an unexplained bright, strobing, object seen through
the overhead cabin windows of Discovery during ascent to orbit.
Both Les and Jeff taped an unusual object on Friday 9 March
which described a very convoluted, path off the tail of the
Shuttle before disappearing off screen to the left. During the
spacewalk on Saturday evening 10 March, an object literally
shaped like a saucer was seen in an S-band slide show sequence.
Recently, it has been said that NASA uses so much S-Band slide
show TV, in lieu of the full motion Ku-Band, because during
rendezvous and separation, the Ku antenna is being used for
"radar ranging". If so, it was not done in flights of years
past. This writer has investigated the allegation, and found it
wanting. Multiple sources, including discreet sources inside
NASA itself, assure me that this is not, and has never been,
so. Add to this the fact that S-Band frequently dominates
spacewalks, module installations, fly-arounds, and low priority
Earth views, where "radar ranging" is unnecessary. So the
question remains why so much more S-Band downlink during
missions? One possible explanation is selective editing, and
deniability. If nothing is being kept from the taxpaying
public, who by the way fund NASA 100 percent, the Ku-Band
television should be in use to the fullest extent possible.
Thanks to Jeff Challender and Les Willie.


Astronaut John Glenn appeared on the "Fraser" nationwide
television show on March 6, 2001, where Fraser and a female
character are arguing, while Glenn faces the camera and
delivers the following speech:  "Back in those glory days, I
was very uncomfortable when they asked us to say things we
didn't want to say and deny other things. Some people asked,
you know, were you alone out there? We never gave the real
answer, and yet we see things out there, strange things, but we
know what we saw out there. And we couldn't really say
anything. The bosses were really afraid of this, they were
afraid of the War of the Worlds type stuff, and about panic in
the streets. So, we had to keep quiet. And now we only see
these things in our nightmares or maybe in the movies, and some
of them are pretty close to being the truth." After Glenn
finished delivering the speech, he returned to the control room
where Fraser and the woman were arguing. At this point he
realizes that he was being taped and says that he needs to take
the tape; he was unaware that he was being recorded and this
information "can't get out to the public." Thanks to
Ambrovista, David Wilcock, and Joe Stefula.


NASA states, "No branch of the United States Government is
currently involved with or responsible for investigations into
the possibility of advanced alien civilizations on other
planets or for investigating Unidentified Flying Objects
(UFO's). The US Air Force (USAF) and the National Aeronautics
and Space Administration (NASA) have had intermittent,
independent investigations of the possibility of alien life on
other planets; however, none of these has produced factual
evidence that life exists on other planets, nor that UFO's are
related to aliens. From 1947 to 1969, the Air Force
investigated UFO's; then in 1977, NASA was asked to examine the
possibility of resuming UFO investigations. After studying all
of the facts available, it was determined that nothing would be
gained by further investigation, since there was an absence of
tangible evidence." See
Editor's Note: I suggest NASA start watching the videos their
taking in space. The key Air Force Study to deny UFOs and alien
life was conducted at the University of Colorado under the
direction of Dr. Edward Condon. By 1968, there was a near
mutiny of the scientific staff, when two Ph.D.s were dismissed
and the administrative assistant resigned because they strongly
felt the evidence pointed to the existence of UFOs. Dr. David
R. Sunders and R. Roger Harkins book "UFOs Yes" tells the story
where the Condon Committee went wrong. Dr. Saunders one of the
three key principle investigators blasted the project as
unscientific, biased and preconcluded "findings." He cites the
evidence, the specific cases, that have led him along with the
majority of researching scientists -- to conclude that UFOs are
likely to be vehicles from outer space. Although, the Condon
Committee concluded UFOs were not worth further study, those
scientists who disagreed were fired. The official government
policy is based on false conclusions. Virtually every
pronouncement by NASA is based on this falsely biased study.
Many fine people at NASA have open minds and see the UFO
evidence, yet are forced to keep quiet. Some have contacted me
and are very frustrated by the narrow minded thinking at NASA.
I have learned there are always two answers from NASA, the
official government releases and what the scientists really
think off the record. From Daniel Goldin on down there is the
private truth and the official denials. Those who stray lose
their job. I salute Senator John Glenn for explaining the


We spent millions of dollars sending the Viking Lander I to
Mars in 1976. The world waited in great anticipation to see the
first color images of Mars. At about 2:00 PM PDT on July 21,
1976, the first color image from the surface of another planet
arrived at JPL in wonderful color. Mars showed its beautiful
blue sky, brown and reddish soil and rocks with patches of
green. You, I and the world never saw the true images.
According to the men who worked at the Viking Image Formatting
and Processing section of JPL. Mr. Van der Woude says, "Both
Ron Wichelman and I were responsible for the color quality
control of the Viking Lander photographs, and Dr. Tomas Mutch,
the Viking Imaging Team Leader told us he got a call from the
NASA Administrator asking that we destroy the Mars blue sky
negative created from the digital data." The images were then
falsely reddened to make it appear there was no life, no green
algae or lichen on the planet. See "Mars the Living Planet" by
Barry Digregorio, Dr. Gilbert Levin and Dr. Pat Straat. Page

The book also explains how the tests for existence of life on
Mars were rigged to deny life, despite the relatively favorable
conditions. Dr. Gilbert V. Levin who was in charge of the
Viking Lander experiments revealed that when the Mars soil was
examined by on board instruments in a miniature laboratory
there was a startling positive response. THE VIKING HAD FOUND
EVIDENCE OF LIFE. The tests, and follow on samples showed the
evidence everyone had agreed on prior to the mission that would
confirm the presence of life. Dr. Levin and his team were proud
for they had discovered the first proof of life on another
planet. Dr. Levin strongly believes they found life on Mars in
1976, but NASA insisted the instrumentation must be faulty. The
official NASA answer was to deny the existence of alien life
despite strong scientific evidence. All reasonable arguments
against the Viking Mission Labeled Release life detection
system had been over come except for the claimed absence of
water. Yet many scientists knew the images also showed evidence
of water such as the ice cap. Until recently the discovery of
water on Mars, that includes waterspouts and geysers was also
hidden from both scientists and the public. Some NASA personnel
even claim UFOs were air brushed out of photos. Assuming
Senator John Glenn's statements are true, a deliberate policy
has been in effect to hide the possibility of intelligent life
in the universe. Billions of taxpayers money have been spent
and only recently are the true findings coming out. Do you
remember that the first Viking Lander also imaged an infinity
symbol or a figure 8 on one of the rocks? On the Pathfinder
July 4, 1997, the Sojourner rover buggy sent back images of
strange symbols on the ground? Many insiders are discussing
many other strange anomalies on Mars. Why are we not told?


STAMFORD - The National UFO Reporting Center received a report
from a witness who saw six bright lights on a triangular shaped
object. Driving west on Long Ridge Road on February 23, 2001,
the witness saw a series of six bright white lights hovering in
the sky. The witness stated, "I stopped driving to get a closer
look since I didn't want to cause an accident, but as I looked
around the road, at least four other cars had stopped to look
as well." Upon closer inspection there were blue triangular
lights between each of the six white lights. The object
appeared to be triangular in shape and seemed to be stationary.
After studying it, I continued driving. Peter Davenport says he
spoke at length via telephone with this witness, and we found
her to be exceptionally lucid and credible. The case is under
investigation by MUFON Connecticut. Thanks to <A


BECKET - Peter Davenport is filing this report on behalf of
four eye witnesses who observed three dish shaped crafts with
lights. This report is reflecting what the caller stated: Three
dish shaped disks with lights were noticed through a picture
window on February 27, 2001. The color of the lights started as
white then changed to red. They were hovering over a pond and
chasing each other in the sky. The police were notified and
came to the scene, just as the crafts left. The officer stated
he did not see the crafts. However the caller stated, "She saw
the officer turn off his lights and back up on the road near
her driveway near the pond." So it is likely he saw them. The
caller stated that she saw these crafts on other occasions.
Thanks to <A HREF="">National
Reporting Center</A>


SOUTH PHILADELPHIA -- In the August of 1997, my aunt, my
sister, my cousin, two friends and I, were sitting in my
grandmother's backyard, at about 5:30 in the morning. We had
been up all night talking because my aunt and my cousin had
just moved back to Philly from Florida. My cousin was telling a
story and out of the corner of my eye, something in the sky had
caught my attention. I'm not one to believe in UFO's, ghosts
and other paranormal activities, so I turned my head and
continued to listen. a couple minutes later, I still seen the
gleam in my eye, so I looked up again and in the far distance,
there was a round object lingering in the sky. I don't know
exactly how far up in the sky it was but it had white and red
lights all around it. I didn't say anything because I didn't
want my aunt or anyone to think I was crazy. I turned my head,
thinking "maybe it would go away," but then I noticed my sister
looking at it too. We looked at each other and both of our
mouths dropped, and everyone was looking at us. By the time we
could get the words out of our mouth, it was gone with the
flash of light. I never seen anything move so quickly. Thanks
to Jillian Romano ALLuEVaWaNteD26


CHICAGO --"Hank Spranza" writes "Did anyone see the three
triangle shaped objects in the sky over Chicago on Sunday,
March 4, 2001. They went over the center of the city flying
from east to west at high altitude at about 12:05 AM. They were
displaying light orange lights, looked to be large objects
traveling at a high rate of speed at what appeared to be a very
high altitude and created zero noise. My hobby is astronomy and
I'm very familiar with the night sky and this is the first time
I've seen anything like this in the twenty or so years that
I've been observing the Chicago area sky. Thanks to Hank
Spranza, HANK01@TELO


OKLAHOMA CITY -- Jim Hickman reports that KFOR-TV news in
( ) reported March 7, 2001, that a large bright
object was seen last night by hundreds of people in central and
northern Oklahoma. The newsroom's phones were flooded with
calls. The object was described as being an orange sphere with
a red/blue "streak" of a tail. It was seen from the Oklahoma
City area to the Kansas border. The National weather service
was contacted and they advised that the object was more than
likely rocket debris... I will have a follow up report on this
sighting as more facts become available. Thanks to the Hickman


PUYALLUP -- I would like to start-out by saying that I am an
expert on aircraft and flying, and can honestly say that this
object was not an aircraft, helicopter, or meteor, or any other
man-made object On March 2, 2001, my two friends and I were
driving north on Highway 161 near Puyallup when we saw a
bronze-colored object fly overhead at an elevation of about
5500 feet above sea level at 8:24 PM. The object was traveling
at a very high rate of speed, around 700-750 mph, but showed no
signs of it's propulsion system such as an afterburner flames,
exhaust, etc. I could detect no noise being emitted from the
object either. Aircraft that fly that fast are most often VERY
loud at low elevations. We followed it until it disappeared
from sight 65 miles away. It followed a straight path and did
not change altitude or speed. The object "blinked-out" at about
70 miles away. One interesting piece of information is that it
flew directly through the upwind leg of the landing pattern of
Seatac Airport at a very dangerous altitude, violating FAA
regulations. It most likely violated the airspace of McChord
AFB also. The AM radio in my car had slightly more static
during the time when the object was overhead. Thanks to Peter
Davenport <A HREF=""> NUFORC</A> <A


POPOCATEPETL -- March 6 (EFE) . Residents of the Popocatepetl
area, some 60 kilometers east of Mexico City, reported seeing
lights that "fly" over the volcano, which has been erupting
since December 1994, according to local media. The lights were
seen last night over the Popocatepetl and tens of residents
from adjacent communities called radio stations to make this
known, according to the "Buenos Dias" program broadcast on the
ACIR network out of Puebla, 125 kilometers east of Mexico City.
According to reports received by Puebla stations, the alleged
sightings could be seen particularly from an area near the
volcano, well-known for its accumulations of energy which
interfere with the proper operation of compasses. Eyewitness
Guadalupe Carriillo told a local station that the lights "had
movement, passed over the volcano, turned around and rotated."
A resident of Totimihuacan pointed out that one of the lights
remained fixed in the sky while another spun around it. Another
person claimed to have captured it all on videotape and made it
available to the public. Popocatepetl, with an elevation of
5,452 meters, is one of the places in Mexico where there is
talk of suspicious lights or unidentified flying objects
(UFOs), although the number of accounts has increased since it
entered its eruptive phase in December 1994. Special Thanks to
EFE Translation (C) 2001. by Institute of Hispanic Ufology and
Gloria R. Coluchi


THE LA TIGRA NATIONAL PARK -- La Tribuna News, March 9, 2001,
-- Without having quite recovered from having concluded that
the National Park harbors a mysterious attraction for UFOs, or
may be a "magnetic vortex " or "window area" for said activity,
dozens of persons yesterday saw another starship over the
Honduran capital. It was around 11:30 a.m. with the sun almost
blazing in full noon glory when an oval, unknown artifact, grey
in color and occasionally vibrating with intense whiteness,
appeared over a region of the city's periphery on a contrail
which seemed to come from the "Cristo de El Picacho" area. Two
telephone technicians, Gerardo Aceituno and Juan Mairena,
informed us of "the experience of their lives," noting that the
starship was perhaps searching for a power source (since some
400 meters down the road, there is an electrical substation).
The UFO was at an estimated altitude of 300 meters. Similarly
surprised were college student Ivan Flores and amateur
photographer Juan Carlos Molina, who managed to snap
photographs of the two different UFOs, near Cristo del Picacho
and La Tigra." Both were surprised to learn that certain
extraterrestrial beings power their starships to earth using
the magnetic force of the areas they wish to reach--in other
words, the so-called "magnetic vortexes" or "window areas." One
such area could be the entire mountainous massif which includes
"La Tigra" up to the El Picacho hill, which appeared to be its
point of origin. "Upon looking ahead, we saw something moving
back and forth, up and down, some 300 meters up. We clearly saw
it was a flying saucer," states Gerardo Aceituno. "We stopped
the car and saw that the UFO was grey, oval and with a whitish
intensity, and while it was far away, it could have easily
measured some five meters in diameter, " he described, while
Juan Francsico Mairena corroborated the three minute event. A
row of 20 cars formed behind the Siemen's vehicle and their
occupants stared at the UFO's erratic movements in sheer
amazement before it vanished southward with stunning swiftness.
"It's velocity was amazing, perhaps faster than sound. Thanks
to Gloria R. Coluchi and Institute of Hispanic Ufology


Ralph O. Howard, Jr., MUFON Georgia's Deputy Director for
Science writes, "There is some interesting work going on in
Hessdalen, a small valley community in Norway where UFOs are,
and have been for decades." They are part of the residents'
lives and routines. There is hard scientific evidence of a real
phenomenon here, with several investigations over the years
getting intriguing results that include EM (light, radar) hits
mostly, plus numerous high quality recorded observations. Most
sightings are balls of light in similar fashion to MUFON and
CUFOS Investigator Greg Long's observations from the Yakima
Indian Reservation in Washington state in his book- 'Examining
the Earthlight Theory-1990'.

Massimo Teodorani, Ph.D., Stelio Montebugnoli, MScEE, Jader
Monari MscEE.  ABSTRACT follows: In August 2000, a team of
Italian physical students, working in collaboration with
Norwegian scientists from Ostfold College, carried out a
instrumental expedition in Hessdalen, which was just the first
of a series of future scientific missions planned by the joint
Italian-Norwegian EMBLA project. The employed radio spectrum
analyzers, which were automatically in function all the time
for 25 days, permitted the discovery of highly anomalous
periodic signals which were characterized by a spike-like and a
doppler-like morphology. Moreover, during the many planned
skywatching sessions, it was possible to sight repeatedly
luminous atmospheric phenomena in various points of the
Hessdalen valley. This paper represents a preliminary report on
this mission, in which both radio ad visual phenomena are
described. A speculative model explaining some aspects of the
recorded anomalous radio signals is also discussed. (End
Abstract)  Note: This is exactly the type of scientific
approach desired and described by Ralph in his excellent
presentation at our last general MUFONGA meeting . We have
personnel with the expertise to do some of this type field
work, but currently none of the funds to develop or obtain the
instruments. Thanks to Ralph Howard from the abstract at the
website and Tom Sheets, State Director


HAWAII -- Robert D. Morningstar asks "What was the Ehime Maru,
one of the world's most advanced (and 'stealthy") high tech
fishing vessels, doing in a U.S. military operations area
warning zone on February 9th, 2001, resulting in the collision
with the attack submarine, U.S.S. Greenville. He says, "I'm
writing in regard to the recent accident which occurred off
Hawaii recently and which is the subject of a current NTSB
investigation. I really hate it when the Navy makes a captain
swing in the wind to save face in international politics. On
behalf of Commander Waddle getting a "fair shake", I would like
to point out that the Japanese government often disguises
spying operations and R&D operations as "fishing explorations"
or student projects." The development of stealth technology at
sea is not unheard of in our day and age. The fishing vessel
could very easily have been "stalking" the submarine. Was it
really correct for the Japanese fishing vessel, an advanced
oceanic laboratory, to be operating in a U.S. Navy military
operations area warning zone? However, the major point I am
going to make is in regard to the type of propeller on the
fishing vessel. If this propeller was milled using an advanced
propeller milling technology, which our country shared with the
Japanese in the 1980's, it is possible that the frequency
produced by such a propeller could be stealthily quiet.
Furthermore, if its frequency was a harmonic of that of the
submarine's screw, its frequency could have been cancelled out
by the frequency of the submarine's propeller resonating
through the sea at harmonic levels. It is possible that the
Japanese were testing an undersea noise-canceling technology
similar to those we have in aviation headsets. The sound of the
screws of the sub and the fishing vessel could have been made
to cancel each other out. it is known that the Ehime Maru was
moving at nearly top speed when she struck the submarine. All
these avenues should be investigated before condemning the
captain of the USS Greenville. Thanks to Robert Morningstar


BORDENTOWN -- March 31 and April 1, at the Days Inn on Route
206 at the NJ Turnpike Exit #7. Jan Aldrich will talk about his
Project 1947 investigations, Don Ecker will discuss the Dark
Side of the Moon, Viki Ecker's talk concerns "In Search of the
Secret Keepers," Dolores Cannon discusses The Soul, Between
Death and Life, Richard Cassaro will speak on the truth
concerning Ancient Egypt, , Bob Durant's talk is about The
Ramey Memo, and Nancy Talbot talk is on the Physical Evidence
regarding plants, soils at crop formation sites. Call Pat
Marcatillio for reservations at 609 631-8955


Jeff Challender has prepared a new tape of various UFOs that
were caught on recent Shuttle video footage. Jeff has over an
hour long tape of UFOs shot in space. Jeff spends hundreds of
hours watching the shuttle broadcasts from space and is now an
expert on NASA missions and even those onboard the shuttle are
unlikely to see what Jeff does. Using Jeff's directions you
will be able to learn the difference between space junk, ice
crystals and real UFOs. I feel confident we could go into a
court of law and convince any jury that there are UFOs moving
at high speed around the Earth. Send $25 to: Jeff Challender
2768 Mendel Way - Sacramento, California 95833-2011


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most of these are initial reports and require further

March 2001 
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