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Shag Harbour Gets UFO Stamp

Source: The National Post
Wednesday March 28, 2001, p. A1

N.S. town's new postmark pays homage to UFO visit

Les Perreaux
National Post

Residents of Shag Harbour, N.S., will be mailing an image of a
flying saucer with every letter and package after Canada Post
approved a new postmark commemorating a visit 34 years ago by an
unidentified flying object.

The crash has become the subject of popular lore, including a
book, and has also made the town a tourist draw.

The locally designed ink stamp, used to mark and date outgoing
mail, depicts a flying saucer hovering over water with a
lighthouse and boat beneath it. The scene refers to an incident
in 1967 in which an apparent UFO plunged into the bay near the
town and sent the RCMP, Coast Guard and townspeople on a
fruitless search-and-rescue mission.

"There are so many people coming in who are interested in having
their picture taken here or having their mail stamped, I though
we needed something with a UFO design," said postmaster Cindy
Nickerson, who came up with the idea for the stamp two years
ago. The design is also being used on T-shirts, hats and
commemorative wooden nickels.

At about 11:30 p.m. on Oct. 4, 1967, Laurie Wickens and three
friends were driving home when they saw an orange light heading
toward the water, and called police.

"At first the cops didn't want to believe us, but then we found
out another cop had seen it too," Mr. Wickens recalled

He and several witnesses, including RCMP officers, watched the
light floating on the water until it sank. An all-night search
found nothing except a 600-metre strip of floating, yellow scum.

No official explanation has been offered for the lights, but
theories at the time had a Cold War influence and involved a
Russian spacecraft or submarine. Mr. Wickens believes it was a
U.S. military plane.

Canada Post has created many postmarks for communities,
including a teddy bear hugging a heart for Love, Sask., and Anne
of Green Gables for Cavendish, P.E.I.

"It's a concept that goes over very well with collectors," said
Tim McGurrin, spokesman for Canada Post.

The ink stamp will be officially unveiled in May.

March 2001 
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